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Dim Sum in Tampa?

Hello Fellow Foodies!

Bunch of us from all over the country will be descending on Tampa for fa four-day dance competition (we are all competitors) and a small crowd of us have been drooling for Dim Sum for the past six months. I know Tampa is not the best city in the country to find dim sum, but we're hoping we might get lucky.

Do any of you Floridians know of a good place? We'll be at the Tradewinds Island Grand, St. Pete Beach, in two weeks.

Anyone know where we can get Dim Sum? I will be eternally indebted!


Oct 28, 2010
lizamay in Florida

Why Jacques Pepin is a god...

How funny! I am actually having trouble watching the show because I find her SO irritating she's actually distracting. I was wondering today if Jacques didn't seem annoyed with her, too - she was just in the way, asking silly questions, her laugh is false and inappropriate. Yes, I do find her annoying. Very.

Oct 28, 2010
lizamay in Food Media & News