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Good Indian Take Out Near Silver Lake?

We are looking for a place where we can get Indian take out for a party tomorrow night. We live in Silver Lake, but would be willing to drive a little to get decent food. Thanks for any suggestions.

Dec 19, 2009
prtla in Los Angeles Area

Restaurants Near 26th and Colorado?

I am an eastsider meeting a friend for dinner on the westside tomorrow and need some recommendations - she will be coming from work at 26th and Colorado. What can you suggest that is in the area? No more than $40 pp and not sushi please! Otherwise I'm open to anything. Thanks!

Sep 11, 2007
prtla in Los Angeles Area

Ice cream sundae in/near Venice?

I take my mom out for a hot fudge sundae for her birthday every year. She recently moved to Venice and I have no idea where to go this year. Besides the various ice cream chains, where can I find a fabulous hot fudge sundae?

Aug 19, 2007
prtla in Los Angeles Area