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fish & chips?

I've had the F&C at the place at JTM (Aqua Mare?) and they were ok, I've had better but I've had much worse.

Spicy chips?

found some death rain chips at 4 freres on St-Laurent (between des pins and prince arthur) big bags with the regular chips and the small bags near the cash...

Spiciest restaurant in Montreal???

Well I finally made it out to McKibbins, and had the Rim Reapers, man they were awesome! While they were indeed very hot, I found there was some flavor to them as well. Am I crazy or did anyone else taste a hint of cinnamon in the sauce? Even though I felt quite bloated after the wings (maybe it was the Guiness !) I will definitely have them again. Thanks for the recommendation! Next stop Cuisine Szechuan!

Spicy chips?

I second Blair Death Rain chips. Not easy to find in Montreal but I've seen them at bulk food places and a few Loblaws once in a while... if anyone has seen or sees them neat Jean-Talon market please let me know!

Spiciest restaurant in Montreal???

Yeah, I really the ghost pepper, a.k.a. Naga Jolokia :) actually I enjoy painfully spicy foods lol! Will be hitting up all these places one a week. Looking forward to it. Keep em coming!

Spiciest restaurant in Montreal???

Hey, thanks for the replies. I love extra spicy food, will make a point of checking out all 3 places, will let you all know how it goes!

A1 sauce in Montreal?

try Loblaws on Jean-Talon near parc. 514-948-2600

Spiciest restaurant in Montreal???

Just curious, where have you had the spiciest meal in Montreal and what did you have?

For me it's a tie
Golden curry on St-Laurent-bangalore phal. Used to live around the corner and would ask the chef to make it extra spicy.

Om tibetan restaurant- sha ka tsa
Last time I was there I spoke to one of the owners about it, he said they had to tone it down due to too many complaints lol! I always ask them to make it as hot as possible.

any suggestions?

Anyone been to Bo'Finger downtown recently?

I ate at the Parc st. location on Monday, had wings a poutine and a pulled pork sandwich. It wasn't fantastic but it wasn't bad either. Washed it all down with a couple of pints...

Hot Wings in Montreal

I've had the burgers and fries, which was also good, and they had some decent beers on tap :)

Hot Wings in Montreal

Has anyone tried the wings at McLean's pub (near Peel Pub)? They sell them by the pound and used to have them half price on Mondays and Tuesdays I think, used to get them with 911 sauce, and ask the cook to add more spice... definitely the best I've had in Montreal, then again Montreal isn't known for their hot wings...

Peel Pub
1196 Rue Peel, Montreal, QC H3B2T6, CA