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Greek Olive Oil

Looking for Eleofillo Greek Olive Oil. Are there any Greek grocery stores in the central CT area?

If you haven't tried this oil, please try it. It is very good!

Greek Olive Restaurant
402 Sargent Dr, New Haven, CT 06511

Apr 01, 2011
ppmaysa in Southern New England

Worst of the Cape?

Right on CCG!! I second everything in your post.

Maybe River19 should stay on that boat!!

Mar 16, 2011
ppmaysa in Southern New England

Cozy Coffee House - West Hartford Area

I would not send my worst enemy to Caffeines. I LOVE coffee houses and tried Caffeines. Most DDs have more going for it. No atmosphere, uncomfortable booths and just OK coffee.

We had lunch there also. What a nightmare! Tuna Melt on bread NOT toasted and cheese right out of the refrig. Wife ordered the burger of the day, told no longer have a burger of the day but will make a burger for you.

We live one town over from Unionville and would love a good coffeehouse near us, however this is not the place.

Mar 12, 2011
ppmaysa in Southern New England


We just stopped at Rein's on Thurs past for breakfast. What a waste of time and money.

We past that way around 5 times a month. There is just nowhere good for breakfast on the way to Boston or the Cape.

At one time, around the late 70's the place was worth the stop, but not now.

Feb 22, 2011
ppmaysa in Southern New England

Cape Cod in Winter discussion....Anything?

The next time you "travel" to Orleans, try The Beacon Room. We dined at Mahoney's a few times and found it to be OK only. The Beacon Room has a much better menu and the prices might be a little higher for some but worth the money. The room also has a nice feel to it.

Beacon Room
23 West Rd, Orleans, MA 02653

Jan 22, 2011
ppmaysa in Southern New England

Best Vermont maple syrup?

I too love Sugarbush Farms. Discovered it this past fall while leaf pepping. We purchased various cheeses and grade B syrup. Just loved the grade B syrup. Just received my order of 4 blocks of cheese on Wed. You owe it to yourselve to try this place!

Feb 12, 2010
ppmaysa in Northern New England

Craving a GOOD Margarita on Cape Cod

Hey CCG,

So thats how you get thru the winter on the cape. Good plan!

Jan 28, 2010
ppmaysa in Southern New England

Steak in the Farmington Valley

Without going to Dakota's again for just a so-so steak, where in Farmington Valley can a person get a good steak?

Dec 15, 2009
ppmaysa in Southern New England

Bantam Bread - Plainville Ct location

I have been to Bolo at least 6 times for breakfest since they opened. Both me and my wife are very happy to have this place to go to for our weekend breakfest. As a happy adder, the baked goods are quite good.

Dec 15, 2009
ppmaysa in Southern New England


Two summers ago, wife & I took her sister & husband to the Cap't Linnell for a "special night out" Such a mistake! Very small portions and food was just so ordinary. This was our "go to restaurant" when we wanted a special night out. We replaced it with The Beacon Room.


I'll suggest two of my favorites in Orleans:
The Beacon Room & Mahoney's

Both the Lobster Claw and Orleans Inn are not worth the time or money.

Cape Cod - Fried Seafood Roundup

No question, as long as atmosphere is unimportant, Sir Cricket's in Orleans wins hands down. In fact, headed there right now!

Sep 06, 2009
ppmaysa in Southern New England

Top 5 Mid-Cape Italian

Wife & I ate at the Villa Roma Sat night. First time this summer. Tried a couple of times this summer but the place was packed! She had the chicken piccata & I had the lasagna. Both dishes were very good. This place ranks has our "go to" for red sauce although wife had the piccata. Although we both are not collecting medicare yet ( pretty close however) the crowd had a nice mix of ages. Even some kids who's parents paid dearly for their dishes!!

Aug 31, 2009
ppmaysa in Southern New England

Best Fried Clams- Dennis Port to Chatham?


Right on the mark regarding Capt Parkers chowder.

After they "won" an award for best chowder four years ago, wife & I tried their chowder. Never finished either cup. I just don't get it. We drove by there last night and the place was packed! Those "awards " must be working.

Joe Pizza-Canton-Is it me?

With-in the last month, we have dined out here twice. Been going here since it opened. Until now we really enjoyed there burgers. The last two times, the burgers have had no flavor at all. The toppings are always the same but the burger is just so bland. Also, the roll has changed, it is now so dense and has no flavor at all.

Getting ready for our summer move to cape cod. Hoping when we reture in Sept. all will be right at Joe Pizza.

PS: The burgers we had in Farmington last month were better than Canton. Maybe its the location.

Jun 08, 2009
ppmaysa in Southern New England

Uncle Bob's - Plainville, CT

Thank You

Uncle Bob's - Plainville, CT

I guess we'll never know!!!

Best of the Cape 2009

The first time we went to the Villa Roma was after driving by it for at least 7-8 years! From the outside it's just not inviting. Are we glad we got over that! The place is perfect Italian "comfort food". The owner also adds color to the meal. How about that sign just outside the door.

I guess I'll have more people in line this coming summer!

Apr 28, 2009
ppmaysa in Southern New England

Monday Nights on Cape

Been to the Steak House twice. Both times with a party of 8. Food was better than "very good" 1st time just after they opened and the deal was two for one. All 8 of us ate for under 100.00. The 2nd time was for a roast beef special at 14.95. All but 1 of us had the beef and all were outstanding! The other person had tuna. Not a good choice, he said that is was only ok.

We will be going back.

New STeaK House Hyannis, MA

Your right. The Cape could use a decent steak joint. The food was quite good and as busy as they were, the service was good. Hope our visit was not abnormal.

New STeaK House Hyannis, MA

We tried the new STeaK House on North St in Hyannis Friday night. We went with 3 other couples who ate there on Thurs night also. I think the place just opened this week. The deal was 2 for 1!!

We all had TBone steaks with sides. Must say that all 8 steaks were homeruns. Some of the best steaks we had on the cape in years. Our bill for the night was 110.00 with 4 beers and 2 desserts.

The place was mobbed. I quess a 2 for 1 will do that. However, the steaks are worth the full price on the menu. The prices on the menu look to be very fair.

Look forward to our next visit.

Moving to Cape- who are the local CH's?

I agree CCG. ( Don't you just love the fact that now you're known as CCG) The Marshside was our favorite stop for many years and we eagerly awaited the opening of the new place. The place is beautiful but your right-on regarding the food. A total letdown and the portions are smaller. Jee Wez, they even got rid of Waldo!! Now their closed for the winter, when in the past some of their best deals were during the winter. Oh well, that progress!!!

Moving to Cape- who are the local CH's?


Keep an out for the "cape cod guy" on this subject. That guy knows the cape food scene like no one else on the cape.

Main Street Diner-Plainville, CT

I went for breakfest this past Monday and agree that its just not the same. Service was ok and so was my beacon, egg & cheese on a hard roll. However, its just not the same.

Somehow the feel is different now that the grill is in the back room. For lack of any other place in the area that's worth going to, I guess I'll stop there offen.

Joey Garlic's Newington,CT

I agree. They have the best burgers although a little sloppy. Pizza is OK.

I live between the Canton location & the Farmington location and for some reason the burgers in Canton are better!

Jan 19, 2009
ppmaysa in Southern New England

Main Street Diner-Plainville, CT

Sign on door stated "closed for renovations" Sure sign that its either being sold or closed for good.

Anyone know the story ?

902 Main in S. Yarmouth sold??

I understand that 902 is moving to Sandwich.

Avon, CT - Breakfast Black Hole?

I agree with ratbuddy regardinf Mo's. Went twice with my wife and both were just less than ordinary. We went twice because we thought the first time could have been just an off day. The second time was no better that the first. We had pancakes and they were just so-so. Had eggs w/ home fries, and they just not good.

Don't know why they get such a following.

May 02, 2008
ppmaysa in Southern New England

Places in Medford

Finality spent a weekend with my daughter in Medford. On Friday night we (4) went to Pastalina's as suggested by rosie17. We truly enjoyed our meals. The homemade pasta was special along with the service could not have asked for more, except they were out of meatballs and sausage. Oh well, must return to try them out although I'm sure my daughter will be there before I return to visit.

More restaurants should be BYOB. That makes a special night really afordable.

Thank you for all the suggestions. Look forward to trying out the other restaurants.

Apr 06, 2008
ppmaysa in Greater Boston Area

Places in Medford

Daughter is on the move again! Must be the leading sport in Boston. I'm now looking for restaurants in this area. Always looking for Italian and seafood. Will be very happy with a restaurant serving good comfort food ie, mac & cheese, meatloaf etc. Please and thank you in advance.

Feb 25, 2008
ppmaysa in Greater Boston Area