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Hell's Kitchen starts again tonight-does anyone care?

I changed my mind about Josh, he's a little female dog and he deserved to get the boot. I like the fact Megan, T and Milly are fairly drama free - so the next to go should be the formerly straigh Nick and bossy Michelle.

Single best restaurant in Montreal

I'm going to APDC, Le Filet, and Joe Beef (in July). APDC maybe meat centric, but it has a spectacular seafood platter (plateau de fruits de mer), not to be missed by any seafood lover. I haven't been to Le Filet or Joe Beef but I'm looking forward to visiting both. By reputation, these are some of the finest restaurants in Montreal (and somewhat unique to Montreal).

Vegas Trip Itinerary with 2 + 4 year old

Raku is very over-rated. I can't imagine that you can't get better Japanese food in CA.

May 17, 2015
Worldwide Diner in Las Vegas

i am not planning to replace the dishwasher when it dies.

Please use your dishwasher. The earth and its occupants thank you;

Have you ordered spicy hot food and then complained about it being too hot?

I've seen it happen. I don't know how many variations there are, but I'm tired of being spice-fucked by bozos, furry kitties, and female dogs who knowingly ordered something spicy and then sent it back, causing the restaurant to think that every American that walks thru the door is a clown, cat, or female dog.

Ways to eat Menudo (the soup)?

That's definitely more prevalent in CA. Here on the east coast, more specifically DC, the Mexican restaurants aren't even run by Mexicans. Our local Mexicans don't speak Chinese, or make egg rolls.

Have you ordered spicy hot food and then complained about it being too hot?

I know this happens all the time. It's a clown move, bro.

Ways to eat Menudo (the soup)?

Why doesn't China Chilcano gave that combo?

Ways to eat Menudo (the soup)?

I love menudo, but I don't get eating tortilla with menudo (other than tradition). I assume the tortilla is a filler. Like white rice is served with Chinese food, I just don't eat it.

Peter Chang to come to Arlington?

The food we had yesterday was the best Sichuan I've had in recent memory. The flavors are bold, and the spiciness was intense. As far as I know, Peter was not in the kitchen.

From their summer menu, we tried the dan dan noodles. There were like angel hair pasta topped with ground meat. We ordered this just to see how it compared with HKP. First, it was spicy - like Thai hot at Bangkok Golden spicy. I don't think the noodles themselves were anything special (as I said, looks like angel hair pasta), but the sauce was really flavorful. It was just a small bowl, so won't ruin your appetite.

Next was pan-fried sesame pancake. This thing was huge, and unfortunately pretty bland. I was hoping for more scallions inside. This was the only let down for the meal.

Next was sauteed diced chicken w/ sichuan chili peppers (rate 2 chilies). This was a really spicy dish. The chicken was not breaded/fried (like at HKP), but simply sauteed with loads of chili peppers.

My favorite dish was their mapo tofu with meat. The tofu was super soft, making it easier to eat with a fork. The seasoning was wonderful. I couldn't stop eating until everything was gone. I've never had map tofu this good.

Last dish was Steve's recommendation, pan-fried steamed pork belly. Another wonderful dish. If one's averse to fat, then you'd want to avoid this dish. The pork belly was about 50% fat 50% meat - steamed first with seasoned rice flour and then pan seared, served on a sizzling hot plate.

I hope whoever was cooking yesterday doesn't leave, and doesn't tone down the spiciness. A few weeks ago, I thought Peter Chang has dumbed down. Yesterday, it was the best Sichuan food that I can remember. I know lots of people are going to the Rockville location because Peter may be there, but I would love to hear if anyone else has been to the Arlington location recently.

Red Hook Lobster Pound DC

Had Red Hook Maine lobster roll today at McLean Day. Upon close inspection, there's nothing but claw meat. Both kids took a bite and spat out the lobster (they're picky). I tried it, it wasn't bad but I don't care much for claw meat. I threw it away after 2 bites.

Italian/American for 4 adults and 3 teens?

Carmine's, Buca di Beppo, or G Tasting. If you tell us where you are, you might get more specific recs.

Best take out lumpia or thin spring rolls, NoVa

They're pretty good at Fairfax Inn. They're really crispy and i think you can reheat in the oven to keep them crispy

Washington and Alexandria weekend May 15 to 18

Restaurant Eve's Asian tasting menu is where you should have dinner. As for brunch, the best food/bargain is Fiola Mare (in G'town). If you can't get a reservation, there are usually seating around the bar.

Hell's Kitchen starts again tonight-does anyone care?

Josh absoluted bombed on the tuna dish. He had the worst performance on the losing team, yet Gordo goes out of his way to boot Randy on the winning team. It is true that Randy doesn't have the experience (didn't pre-mix the various pans of risotto, didn't count the number of plates), but what's point of having a winning team and a losing team? I'm so tired of Nick - I think he's bitchier than all the women remaining. I think Megan is head and shoulders above her competition.

Business Trip to DC

You have to be very disciplined at Little Serow, take no more than 1 bite from each of 7 dishes, which will be hard to do as some of them are very tasty.

As for Le Diplomate & Proof, they're very good restaurants for DC - but they don't serve anything special or unique.

On the other hand, Rose's Luxury is pretty unique - it's garnering national acclaim.

Either Seki or Daikaya is fine if you love Japanese (note, Seki doesn't serve sushi, look at their menus to see which one appeals to you ).

If you love seafood/Italian, you should try to get in Fiola Mare.

Rockville Dinner Recommendations

Maybe you can sell Peter Chang as Sichuan cuisine, Bob's Shanghai as Shanghai cuisine, and Bob's Noodle as Taiwanese cuisine.

House of Fortune in McLean soup dumplings

Tried them, they were pretty good (but not as good as Bob's Shanghai, but better than A&J at Annandale). They're quite soup inside, but a couple of them broke. Unfortunately I find their stir-fried dishes too gloppy.

The Grill Room @ Capella in Georgetown

Had a very nice dinner on Friday evening. It wasn't crowded, and we sat outside, above the C&O Canal.

We had (i) rabbit porchetta, (ii) potato & nettle gnocchi, (iii) some kind of fish filet (I think it was cod), (iv) whole quail, and (v) halibut w/ razor clam & bok choy.

Everything was very good, and I think the fishes were super (best fish I've had in some time, better than the fish I had in Michelin starred restaurants in Hong Kong). It may be that the fish was sous vided first in order to cook it through without overcooking, but the end results were fantastic.

Texas style fatty/moist brisket in NOVA?

Hill Country always has fatty brisket. I've had mixed results at DCity with respect to their brisket, sometimes perfect, sometimes too dry.

Meal at Fiola Mare

Fiola Mare is one of the finest restaurants in town, and it's in G'town, more specifically in Washington Harbor, perhaps the most expensive real estate in DC. So Fiola Mare has been known to be expensive. The forecast was for a nice weekend so I thought a return was in order. Lo and behold, 3 course brunch with bottomless cocktail for only $48? 3 courses of what? Well, for me they were:

SMOKED SALMON PIADINA - Stracciatella Cheese, Baby Arugula, Taggiasche Olives, Pesto Genovese, Smoked Steelhead Trout Roe (pita/flatbread topped with all those goodies - it was delicious, I was almost full after just one dish).

TORTILLA ESPANOLA con MARISCOS - Shrimp, Scallop, Calamari, Wild Ramp Aioli (damn good tortilla espanola, slightly overcooked shrimp, but very tender scallop and calamri - I dare not eat the whole tortilla, otherwise I would probably explode after the third course).

GRAGNANO SPAGHETTI CHITARRA - Littleneck Clams, San Marzano Tomatoes
Parsley, Controne Chilies (perfectly cooked pasta, close to a dozen clams, and I was stuffed afterwards, couldn't even have a wafer thin mint).

And I had 3 mimosas....all for $48. Don't go. I don't want demand to drive up the price.

Persian Battle - Shamshiry vs. Amoo's

I went to both within the last week.

Bread - Shamshiry used to bring their flat bread out cold in a ziplock bag. It's now served in a basket but it's the same cold flat bread. Amoo's serves their bread soft and warm - probably fresh baked too.

Green Sauce - both are excellent, with Shamshiry's being a little spicier and more garlicky.

Cornish Hen - both are tender, with Shamshiry's slightly more tender. And I think Amoo's sauce is a little more sour/acidic.

Rice - both are excellent, with slight edge to Shamshiry.

I also tried some Chilean seabass kebab and hummus at Amoo's. The fish was perfectly cooked, very tender, but it had the same seasoning as the cornish hen (which was on the sour/acidic side). The hummus was nice and smooth, and tasted like there might've been some olives pureed in there as well.

At Shamshiry, I also had a kubideh, which was excellent. There was a time that I avoided Shamshiry but quality is very good now. At Amoo's, it family run and the service is fantastic.

Hell's Kitchen starts again tonight-does anyone care?

I do love the blind taste test. I wonder if there's any correlation between non-smoking and doing well on the taste test.

Hell's Kitchen starts again tonight-does anyone care?

I love it. With Meghan switched to the blue team, everyone on the red team is going to "shine" as the leader. I think the red team is going to sink like the Titanic.

The Taste's Marina Chung knows what you don't know on YouTube

I did like her. What's the show about?

Union Market in NE DC

I agree with you. It's not really worth schelepping a long way to, especially with the crowds - hence the Yogi quote.

Union Market in NE DC

Yet the place is packed on weekends. As Yogi once said: Nobody goes there anymore. It's too crowded.

Thip Kao in DC - Report

The Pla Som is definitely an acquired taste. While I enjoyed it, I didn't love it. The fried version I had a Little Serow was wonderful though.

Taqueria El Mexicano -- Hyattsville

After a corn beef sandwich at Attman's (in Baltimore), I was still looking for something else to eat. Then I remembered about this place. The menudo was a serious bowl of tripe, tendon, and knuckles, and it was pleasantly spicy. It's as good as any I've had in the DC area. They also do a pretty good lengua taco.

Washington, D.C. Trip Report [Long]

I applaud your superb selection of restaurants as well as the vast array of dishes. Brava.