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How long will you stand in line for food?

What it all boils down to is priorities. Everyone waits in line for something, the question is what is worth it.

At the same time, how would you know if Franklin is really better unless you've tried it? I guess the question is, is it worth your time to find out.

I wouldn't stand in line for Pink's hot dog or a Voodoo donut though. I probably wouldn't stand in line for BBQ either until I discovered that I really like Texas style BBQ, specifically moist brisket, beef ribs and pork ribs.

How long will you stand in line for food?

Let's use Franklin BBQ as an example. That is the only place that I think I would wait 2 hrs or more. You know some place that has BBQ that good without a wait in line? I don't know if they'll ever take reservation, and Franklin has no off-peak times. It's not like I'd wait in line for Pizza Hut, but when I travel to Austin, I will wait in line at Franklin. You're saying you wouldn't?

Masterchef Junior Finale 2/24/2015 spoilers

People got offended because you joked that Andrew's mom looks like Krissi? I see those posts were deleted now.

How long will you stand in line for food?

This begs the question, why are you (not directed at Cynsa personally) a chowhound if you refuse to wait for unique and excellent food (in the sense that there are no close substitutes)? Maybe you don't claim to be a chowhound, or maybe there's just no occasion to stand in line (because all the good restaurants in your town takes reservations or maybe there just aren't any good restaurants in your town)?

On the other hand, maybe I'm just OCD about good food. I wonder if Obama would've waited in line for Franklin's BBQ (he didn't, because he's the President and they just let him in).

How long will you stand in line for food?

In recent memory, I've waited 1 hr. for a restaurant in DC called Little Serow (prix fixe norther Thai food, no reservation taken). It was cold and I brought a bottle of wine to share with my friend. I would wait for however long it takes to eat at Franklin's BBQ when I go to Austin (maybe later this year).

Masterchef Junior Finale 2/24/2015 spoilers

I didn't know that. And I don't know why this post is offensive.

Short trip review (including too much roast pork)

How do you find it?

Feb 24, 2015
Worldwide Diner in Philadelphia

Short trip review (including too much roast pork)

Changed much of my plans based on menus. I didn't care for Fork's dinner menu or Amada's brunch menu, so I went to Osteria Friday night. I had heard Osteria makes great pizza but I was disappointed by their overly crispy crust that didn't have the texture of Neapolitan pie. On the other hand, I did enjoy their rock shrimp crudo served in blood orange juice. Finally, the artichokes alla giudia seems rather greasy.

Couldn't find Hop Sing and my phone died (temporarily from the cold, the iPhone temporarily died once before when I was in Iceland), so I went back to my hotel.

Saturday - spent the morning shopping and eating at Reading Terminal. Started with a roast pork sandwich with broccoli rabe at Dinic's. This would be my second try at Dinic's (the first being years ago). Same result - bland roast pork - really lack salt (I ate the pork & broccoli rabe with a fork). Then I had a dozen steamed clams at Pearl's Oyster Bar - they were big clams, thus despite being well seasoned, were a bit tough. Then I had a big bowl of wonton soup at Sang Kee Peking Duck - I had a slight cough and a sore throat, which hot soup helps sooth. Unfortunately their wontons are nothing like good Hong Kong style wontons (too meaty and dense).

I then had a couple of beers at Dandelion Pub. It was bring your little babies to the pub day. I then headed east on Chestnut. At 2nd, I turned right to go to the Olde Bar but they weren't open yet so I had a couple of beers at City Tavern before going to Zahav.

Lamb Shack was wonderful. The only thing I finished though was the hummus. It was as good as I remembered and I wish they retail them (almost went to Dizengoff this morning). They gave me a piece of lamb that could easily have served 4 people. So now I have a big hunk of lamb sitting in my fridge.

Took an Uber back to the hotel after dinner (bad mistake, not many Ubers were on the street because of the snow storm so I waited forever, and the fare was tripled by the "surge" charge, a $6 ride became $18).

I left first thing in the morning on Sunday.

Feb 22, 2015
Worldwide Diner in Philadelphia

High-end steaks in Reading Terminal

Picked up 3/4 lbs today. They're PA Dutch, so only open on Saturdays. And I'm not sure they have much left after I took my cut.

Top Chef Boston – Ep. #15 – Finale - 02/11/15 (spoilers)

5 courses for $175? Holy shit, is SF really that expensive? The best restaurant around DC would not charge $175 for just 5 courses.

High-end steaks in Reading Terminal

I'll be there this weekend. Are they open on both Saturdays and Sundays?

Feb 19, 2015
Worldwide Diner in Philadelphia

Masterchef Juniors semifinals 2/17/2015 spoilers.

I gave up on this show because it is much more scripted and packaged. I think the winners are probably predetermined too. I didn't watch this episode and probably won't watch the finale. Last season, the chubby boy was the front runner but they gave the win to Logan. If they stick to the same script, then Nathan will win (Samuel was scripted as a pompous jack@ss, and we have Andrew the yeller this season).

What is your restaurant bucket list for the inner DC ring?

Unless you're moving some place more sophisticated than DC, I would revisit:

1. Fiola/Fiola Mare
2. Sushi Taro - Omakase sushi bar
3. Komi
4. Little Serow
5. Rose's Luxury
6. Rasika (if you like Indian)
7. Rogue 24

Second Tier:
1. Del Campo or Rural Society
2. Kapnos
3. Izakaya Seki
4. Toki or Daikaya (if you're a ramen fan)
5. Jaleo or Estadio

Places that I haven't been but would like to:
1. Red Hen
2. Crane & Turtle
3. Sushi Capitol
4. Ocopa
5. Mintwood

Mazatlan best eats?

I will be in Mazatlan for almost a week in May. Staying in the golden zone but willing to travel for great food. Price is not important. Suggestions on dishes to try also welcome.

Feb 17, 2015
Worldwide Diner in Mexico

Anniversary ideas with a view

Fiola Mare in Washington Harbor? Osteria Morini with a view?

Best country for food in South/Central America

I'm tempted to visit Buenos Aires. Can you recommend what to eat and where to eat it? How many days should I stay in B.A. (I can stay up to 1 week).

new BBQ discussion needed

DCity vs. Hill Country

DCity pros: cheap but excellent porks ribs and beef brisket
DCity cons: slow and small - there's a counter with maybe 6 seats, and no booze

Hill Country pros: large, fast service, excellent moist brisket and prime rib, serves booze
Hill Country cons: expensive

It sure would be nice if DCity moves to some place where they can have a dining room and a parking lot.

Short trip review (including too much roast pork)

I didn't know about that website. The location at 1218 Chestnut does carry a decent selection of lambrusco so I'm set. Thanks!

Feb 13, 2015
Worldwide Diner in Philadelphia

Short trip review (including too much roast pork)

follow up question, is there a wine shop anywhere from Courtyard to Zahav that carries decent lambrusco?

Feb 13, 2015
Worldwide Diner in Philadelphia

Short trip review (including too much roast pork)

Someone said that about Franklin Mtg last year. I had 2 drinks and my head was spinning. I think my friend got up in the middle of the night and puked. I've been to Eulogy, will defintiely go back there, and check out Khyber.

Feb 13, 2015
Worldwide Diner in Philadelphia

Short trip review (including too much roast pork)

Just to clarify, Zahav allows BYO with no corkage?

Feb 13, 2015
Worldwide Diner in Philadelphia

Short trip review (including too much roast pork)

Going back to Philly next weekend by me-self. Have some reservations.

Arriving Fri (2/20) in the afternoon, dinner at Fork, and then probably go to Hop Sing afterwards. I'm staying at the Courtyard near Reading Terminal Mkt and plan on walking for the most part (I'm considering bringing my bike but I think it'll be pretty cold). Any bars to hit in route from Fork to Hop Sing? I'm not much of a cocktail person but enjoy good beers and wine.

Saturday morning I'll stroll thru Reading Terminal but I have early lunch reservation at Amada, followed by early reservation at Zahav (been there before but in February they're doing the Lamb Shack - which allows me to eat lamb even if I'm by me-self). Any good watering holes around Amada/Zahav, or other intersting things to do/see?

Sunday, do some shopping at Reading Terminal, eat, and leave.

Feb 13, 2015
Worldwide Diner in Philadelphia

Should you tip the owner?

You're not the employer. You're a customer. A customer tips for services - regardless of who provides the service or how much that service provider makes.

Whether everyone should get a living wage is a political question. It's not your responsbility as a customer to ensure that a service provider makes a living wage.

Best country for food in South/Central America

I've been to Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, and Peru, but that was over a period of over 10 years. In Mexico, I visited the tourists towns of Cancun and Cozumel - good food but expensive and nothing special. Panama City had cheap food, but again nothing special. Similarly, Guatemala isn't expensive, but nothing special. Costa Rica was downright crappy, but that was 15 years ago. Lima definitely had the best food, but the high end restaurants can get expensive. Once you get outside of Lima, even Cusco doesn't have really good food.

I'm planning my vacation and I just need some feedback on where else to go for really good food, tasty and innovative. The reason that I love food in Lima is that they're classically trained chefs but they grew up with Chinese, Japanese, and South American influences. Nothing like a douchey celebrity chef who travels abroad for a 1 week and then opens a restaurant in the U.S. claiming he's mastered the cuisine of the country he visited (e.g., Jose Garces and Jose Andres).

Health care surcharge...what do you think?

No one is obligated to apply the sales tax separately. That just happens to be the custom in the U.S. However, you'll note that when you go to a typical bar, the price quoted is usually tax inclusive. For example, a bar will charge you $6 for a beer, not $6 plus tax. That $6 includes sales tax.

A sales tax is also different from the health care surcharge. A merchant is required to pay sales tax on the amount of that sale. If the sale is $100, and the tax is 6%, then the merchant must pay over $6 to the government. The health care surcharge in most instances is calculated as a percentage of sale but that's not required by the government. Whether you ate a $10 or $100 meal, the restaurant is still obligated to provide the same health care to its employees. In effect, the cost of healthcare is just another overhead cost like rent. Therefore, healthcare should be built into the cost of the meal. I doubt one can charge for healthcare separately and avoid paying sales tax on the healthcare surcharge.

It's nothing more than a political statement - yes, government regulations generally increase the cost of business. Higher cost means lower demand, and hurts the business. At the end of the day, it's just about who should pay for healthcare. If the business owners don't pay, then the taxpayers have to pick up the tab. ACA is about making people get health insurance so taxpayers aren't on the hook.

Health care surcharge...what do you think?

There's a discussion about this below. You should read the whole thread rather than repeating an easily distinguishable item.

DC: Final Thoughts on Iten

Good list.

Dumpling King - Muslim and Buddhist Chinese Cuisine on Spring Mountain, an experience worth seeking out

I'm pretty sure you meant Muslims, not Buddhist. Buddhists are either vegetarians or not, they don't just not eat pork.

Feb 09, 2015
Worldwide Diner in Las Vegas

Feb Long Weekend Plans - thoughts?

Le Diplomate and Central are both good. For something Frenchy, also consider Mintwood in Adams Morgan. Go with the menu that sings the most to you.

Partisan doesn't do lunch. Proof also doesn't do lunch on weekends (but they do weekday lunches).

Some places to consider for Sat. dinner (Fiola Mare, Fiola, Del Campo, Rural Society, Osteria Morini, & Rasika) - or name a cuisine for more recommendations.

And you if enjoy waiting in line for the hottest restaurant in town, Rose's Luxury.

Health care surcharge...what do you think?

Sales tax is imposed by state/local law and not by the restaurant and it applies to all the restaurants. You see the distinction?