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Master Chef 8/26 from top 6 to top 5

I suspect Katrina's hideous wardrobe is foisted upon her by the producers, but her dopey expressions are probably innate. Stephen's crazy is probably exaggerated and encouraged by the producers. Both of them are probably still on the show for that reason (recall when Stephen bombed, they then declared a tie btwn him and Christopher thus saving his ass).

I'm guessing finale is Derek vs. Stephen, with Derek as the winner.

Master Chef 8/26 from top 6 to top 5

Even though we're at the top 6, there's still lots of dead weight, namely Hetal and Katrina. They do the kitchen takeover, with Derek, Hetal & Katrina on one team, Stephen, Claudia, and Mr. bloodshot eyes on the other team. Hetal can't communicate, and Katrina can't cook sea bass without burning the shit out of it. At one point, Gordo asked his buddy Grahamo to help Katrina with the fish. I think that should automatically disqualify that team. Nevertheless, Derek thought they had a chance at winning. Back to reality, Derek's team loses and they have to do the elimination challenge, cook manicotti, striped farfalle, and egg ravioli. The two dead weights put ricotta cheese in the ravioli. Claudia shouts from the balcony to Hetal to tell her that there's no ricotta in the ravioli. Somehow Katrina didn't hear that, so her ravioli still has ricotta in it. Katrina also has no clue how to put the squid ink stripe into her farfalle. Despite fucking up 2 dishes, Katrina beats Hetal, who apparently screwed up everything. Katrina may be a workhorse but she's a couple of cans short of a six pack.

Brine in Mosaic District

Had lunch here on Friday. The Simple Fish (comes with a large green salad on the side) of grilled croaker was wonderful. I wasn't a fan of their passionfruit ceviche - all I can taste is passionfruit juice (sweet fish is just an odd concept to me). The charcuterie plate was tiny for $18.

Who was rude here?

The cat was heard saying "I'll scoop your ballz off!" So the cops were acting in self-defense.

Who was rude here?

they shot a cat? what's the world coming to?

Who was rude here?

Didn't the cops shoot an unarmed kid? I thought that was all caught on a body camera.

Who was rude here?

Yes, how rude to embarrass Tiffany J like this!!

Aug 18, 2015
Worldwide Diner in Not About Food

La Degustation, Prague - Review

Can someone who has been there tell me if the price includes service charge? Thanks.

Aug 18, 2015
Worldwide Diner in Europe

A Brit Hates NYC Fine Dining

I tried to read it but couldn't stand the writing. It's just too female doggy and not nearly witty enough.

Aug 17, 2015
Worldwide Diner in Manhattan

Washington DC area - Dining for one

I wouldn't characterize Ethiopian, Vietnamese or Laotian as "local."

When I travel, I'm always looking for foods that I can't get at home, that means the type of food and/or the quality of the food.

Washington DC area - Dining for one

I'm not sure there's anything local that's really good. Sadly, I can't think of a lot in DC that you can't get as good as or better in NYC. Rogue 24,Rasika, Minibar, Komi, Little Serow and Rose's Luxury are a few that come to mind. Maybe Thip Khao, if NYC doesn't have good Lao options.

Great Pho at Pho Va, Eden Center

I'll defer to an Indian expert on guessing the spice.

Great Pho at Pho Va, Eden Center

The broth has something unusual...could it be cardamom? It has a slight curry flavor. In any case, the flavor did not appeal to me.

Arlington, VA -- Kite Runner Closed, Ramen Shop In

I think there's a ramen fad in this country.

Clarissa Wei's Crowdsourcing Hopes?

Does she have to return the money or is she pocketing it?

A Brit Hates NYC Fine Dining

My impression is the London pricing is the same as NYC, except they're in pounds and we're in dollars. So London pricing is 60-70% higher than NYC.

Aug 13, 2015
Worldwide Diner in Manhattan

Masterchef August 12, 2015 spoilers

Is that what happened? So all that Hetal hysteria was for nothing?

Does It Bother You to Be Photographed While Eating?

I feel for you but if that's what floats his boat, what can you do? Just delete the e-mails from him.

Best cheap and delicious, preferably Asian, near DC Union Station

If you can swing $45 for dinner, then you should go to Little Serow in Dupont Circle(no reservation, must wait in line). The reason being that you get 7 courses, rather than maybe 1, 2 or 3 dishes that you would otherwise order by yourself at Thip Khao.

A Brit Hates NYC Fine Dining

Can't be bothered to read this (it's midnight here, and the premise isn't intriguing). Executive summary? I can't imagine that NYC fine dining is so unique as to deserve to be singled out. Is this like Trump - if absurd statements garner publicity, then spew them?

Aug 12, 2015
Worldwide Diner in Manhattan

Best food road trip within 12 hrs of Washington, D.C.?

I live in the suburbs of D.C., and I go to Baltimore, Philly, and NYC regularly. I've been to Charleston, Ashville, and Montreal recently. Have plans to go back to Portland, ME in October. In November, I'm thinking about a 5 day road trip and I'm willing to drive as far as 12 hrs away from D.C. Any thoughts on where to go (and where to stop on the way)? Or you can give me some input on my ideas:

1. Knoxville, Nashville
2. Lexington, Louisville
3. Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Detroit (have been to Pitts & Cle)
4. Buffalo, Toronto
5. Providence, Boston
6. Charlotte, Savannah

My main interest is creative fine dining. I'm not going to eat a hamburger, hot dog, sloppy joe, meat loaf, or most soul food (dietary reason). I prefer seafood and offal to steak and potatoes. D.C. has pretty good ethnic Asian food so I'm not really looking for ramen, baos, kimchi, etc.

Thip Kao in DC - Report

Also, there were at least 3 tables with infants in Thip Khao (at 6 p.m. on a Fri night). Fortunately, none of them had any sort of melt-down.

Thip Kao in DC - Report

It's raw, they call it "ceviche."

Thip Kao in DC - Report

Rather mixed experience at Thip Khao.

Shrimp ceviche was fanastic. Each piece of shrimp was served with a slice of hot pepper and a slice of garlic, and whatever the garnish was, was very tasty.

The sausage was good and I like the crispy rice salad with pigs ear. The pigs ear didn't really add much flavor but it was texturally different.

LAAB SIIN DIB - Lao beef tartare was incredibly bland compared to the other laabs I've had from chef Seng. Perhaps it really was tartare and not laab.

Lastly, a special of fried snakehead in curry - the fish itself was absolutely flavorless. No seasoning at all on the fish. The curry was pretty good. I just wish the fish had some salt.

Excuse the shitty photos. Taking photos was kind of an afterthought.

Great Pho at Pho Va, Eden Center

That's what they want you to believe. In any case, Song Que was never any good for banh mi.

Great Pho at Pho Va, Eden Center


Great Pho at Pho Va, Eden Center

Song Que is closed.

Great Pho at Pho Va, Eden Center

That's the place that advertises pho for $5.99 or something. I haven't been yet but I suppose I might give it a try.

Share your Best and Worst Seafood Tower spots

Fiola Mare and Le Diplomate are good. I've had DBGB's tower in NYC, but haven't been to the one in DC yet - I would think it's good in DC as well.

So what do you think of horse meat?

Had horsemeat tartare at Joe Beef in Montreal.