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Cutting boards dull knives?

so the one thing we know for sure?? knives are the most controversial, debated, "opinionating" (my word) subject in the world of cookery. cutting boards not too too far beyond. dont stop!!

Oct 19, 2013
jwk714 in Cookware

tarrytown vicinity

We live in rockland and do our utmost to avoid! I'm trying not to go as far as portchester, which we love however. possibly south, along the river?? white plains would also be A-OK. or north!!

Many thanks

tarrytown vicinity

who has a suggestion for best local/veg/fresh near but not (necessarily) in tarrytown? anything within 10 or 12 miles is great

latest and greatest in c'town

any suggestions for chinese new year? no real preferences re:noodles/cantonese/dim sum, etc.

Feb 09, 2013
jwk714 in Manhattan

Seasoning Cast Iron Pans

i've tries several times to season my (lodge) ridged, square "frying" pan with little or no success. maybe this newer generation of pans doesn't have the same "mettle" (sic) as those of the past??

This article may inspire me to try again (and again...........and)

Aug 09, 2012
jwk714 in Features

driving st louis to knoxville, tenn


I seriously need interesting, non-chain, home-type quality, high-end (or any of those!) foods on the driving route.

5 or 10 miles off the route wont kill me if it's worthwhile.

Any BBQ, pizza, sandwiches, breakfast, diners, earthy, etc. will do.

Who has ANYTHING in Paducah Kentucky

Many thanks

Jun 26, 2012
jwk714 in Kentucky & Tennessee

sunday brunch

ideas/suggestions? uptown, midtown down to around 10th st. east or west. only caveat is my mother so not too cute or creative or packed/cramped. also, no hotels, please-we're new yorkers after all!! o and no barney greengrass or fairway
many thanks

Jan 06, 2012
jwk714 in Manhattan

Old world Food Market - Nyack - Any Opinions?

no recent visits and no plans unless i'm in the area and really famished. I'm looking forward to the fresh market in montvale-but frankly, not hopeful. NYC shoppers (like me) are so spoiled there's very few spots in the universe to compete. much less Rockland/Bergen Counties

brunch on saturday ANYWHERE in manhattan for 6, preferrably with reservations

who's got what for me??

NOT necessarily "over the top" Balthazarish, but i wouldn't mind that type of food. DONT tell me Barney greengrass, rouge tomate, bubbys or clinton st. bakng or the other "high profile" multi-starred operations.

how bout friend of the farmer?

May 20, 2011
jwk714 in Manhattan

Dear RuBo: My Name Is Not Fucking "Sweetie"

haven't finished yet, but a definite strong start. I may not be laughing, but that is definitely a v v wide grin on my face!! BTW, I've called my wife sweetie for so long, it's more than a nickname, but to do it to strangers would would just be beyond!!!

Dec 09, 2010
jwk714 in Features

Old world Food Market - Nyack - Any Opinions?

Like every other Rockland retail food establishment I've ever been to (and I have lived there most of my 57 years!!) there is a lot "left on the table here"
Is it a disaster? NO! But would it ever, possibly draw someone who had access to Fairway, WF or....damn near anything "real"??

Doubtful. NO, very very doubtful.

I wish them well. I may be a customer once in a rare while. But hopeful I'm not.

At least it's NOT in a league with that joke of a store on Rte. 59 in Nanuet near Starbucks/Modell's. That is just an insult.