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Visit to Paris in December

Thank you! I love offal, so I think Amarante looks interesting. I had the sweetbreads at Pramil, which were excellent. I look forward to a different take on one of my favorite dishes.

Given that we will be there in mid-December, are there any seasonal experiences we should not miss?

Jul 29, 2015
AZ_Genie in France

Visit to Paris in December

We visited Paris for the first time last October. We had some wonderful meals (particularly loved Pramil and Chez L'Ami Jean). At the time, we thought we might not ever get back to Paris, so we packed as much as possible into our itinerary (thanks to Souphie for the assistance). Now I know we will be back many times, so we want to take a more relaxed approach on our next trip (mid-December), and experience a more casual, and less touristy food journey.

Other places we visited on our last trip included Josephine, Will, Le V, Briezh, Chez Denise, and various cafes, boulangeries, chocolatiers, etc... We rented an apartment in the Marais so we could also cook, but will be staying in a hotel this time (location to be determined!).

So..foodie tour guides...any thoughts on where to land and what to do there?

Thank you!

Jul 26, 2015
AZ_Genie in France

Cooking Courses in Paris

Hi... planning a trip to France next year, and my husband and I are looking forward to taking some cooking courses while we are there. Has anyone ever heard of this travel company:

They arrange culinary vacations, and also half day classes in various subjects. The proprieter's name is Corrine Preteur. We are considering the Alsace tour, and then 8 days in Paris, where we may take a pastry course, or a market tour/cooking class.

We are also looking at Cook'n with Class.

If you have any feedback on either, I would greatly appreciate it. My husband speaks no French, and I have a basic proficiency, but would not consider myself fluent by any means.



Oct 27, 2010
AZ_Genie in France