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Nagoya - Cochin Chicken shashimi

The place I went to was definitely on the "nicer" side, with private tatami rooms for the set dinners.

certainly not a 'counter'.

about 13 hours ago
weedy in Japan

Nagoya - Cochin Chicken shashimi

Last time I was in Nagoya, I had a multi-course 'set menu' Cochin chicken dinner, that started with a sashimi course.

does anyone know, or recommend, any restaurant that does this?

I've, sadly, lost the name of the place I went to, which was terrific.


about 14 hours ago
weedy in Japan

Kitchen Inferno?

I almost started to find Curtis Stone tolerable, for the first time, in his role on Top Chef Duels.

This should fix that...

about 14 hours ago
weedy in Food Media & News

Supermarket relabels "choice" and "select" USDA meat grades as just "USDA-graded"

there is only one reason to avoid labeling (of any kind whether "natural', "organic" "GMO free" or "choice"),
and that is deception

they're betting that if you know it will influence your choices, and they clearly don't want you to have that choice

What cookbooks have you bought lately or are you lusting after? October 2014 Edition.

It's pretty premature, but I'm definitely excited looking forward to Wylie DuFresne!


Oct 13, 2014
weedy in Home Cooking

Why Is Carla So Loud On The Chew?

The Chew, which is a Network show, not a FoodNetwork show.

I find The Chew completely unwatchable.
Even in comparison to some of the worst of FoodNetwork.

and I actually like the three chefs involved.
It's just that I want to see them cooking and educating, not chatting with celebrities.

Oct 10, 2014
weedy in Food Media & News

Pressed Duck in Westchester?

I've seen a kind of 'pressed' patty of ground duck in San Francisco restaurants, but that's not Wor Shu Opp, which is I believe braised, not pressed.

Learn me on cooking grass fed korean style short ribs

that's what I do

sous vide with a rub for 12-24 hrs at 135-140, then a dip in the spicy sauce and a quick fry or sear to burn it on.

Oct 08, 2014
weedy in Home Cooking

Anyone watch "On the Menu"?

no, because it had "Ty Pennington of Extreme Makeover"

Oct 08, 2014
weedy in Food Media & News

Antibiotics in Livestock: F.D.A. Finds Use Is Rising

yes and no

avoiding ANY kind of overuse of antibiotics helps to not create more resistant "superbugs"

plus antibiotics are given to animals in part to fatten them up; it's certainly been theorised they might be fattening humans up as well.

In any case; once again, it's your choice to eat them or avoid them... as long as they're LABELED

personally, I'd like to see the FDA ban them for food animal use.

Great restaurants Beacon or Cold Springs

Cathryn's is probably the best in Cold Spring


but I'd probably suggest you make the drive (perhaps 20 mins) to Wappingers Falls for Aroma Osteria


The Hudson Room - new restaurant in Peekskill

Well, we went in there at 9:40 to EAT at a nice restaurant... the band almost ruined it.
that's why it needs to make up it's mind, to me.
If you like the bands, that's great.
as I said, we disagree.

obviously they'll see if it's smart business or losing business to have the music.

and while Masa is certainly exceptional, there is also Nobu and Morimoto and Megu and Ichimura at Brushstroke and Sushi Nakazawa...

In 'Parts Unknown,' Anthony Bourdain is not a man on a mission

he's smart, funny, articulate, and knows food from a professional's point of view.

those are the essentials of a good food show

Oct 06, 2014
weedy in Food Media & News

Antibiotics in Livestock: F.D.A. Finds Use Is Rising

and yet, weren't you just arguing against labels saying "natural"?
(with your salmonella comment?)

I want labeling that makes it clear when antibiotics are used, and not used.
And I want federal regulation of the term "Organic" so that we KNOW what it means if we do want to avoid antibiotics and exogenous hormones, and pesticides, and preservatives, and so on.

Oct 06, 2014
weedy in Food Media & News

Pressed Duck in Westchester?

The only pressed duck I know of was a French technique in which the bones and carcass were pressed through a large elaborate gilded machine tableside to extract the blood and juices for a sauce.

It's an old, and largely relegated to history as antiquated, technique.
I haven't seen it done since probably the mid 1960s.

Apparently Daniel might still do it:

but it's not on their regular menu; I've never seen it there.

The Hudson Room - new restaurant in Peekskill

Yes, we clearly disagree on those two points.

If it's a serious resto, ditch the tvs and the bands.
I think they need to make up their minds what they want to be.

It's only my observation, but I did't see ANYONE who seemed to be paying attention to the band.

actually, make it three points: I think Dylan Lounge has better sushi, but none of them in Westchester are exactly Masa

The Hudson Room - new restaurant in Peekskill

Ate there tonight, and it was actually really good.
It's a scene for sure, it was crowded to the gills at nearly 10p when we came in (yes, we had a res).
Actually, I consider that one of the best parts; the fact that Westchester has a restaurant hopping at 10p, with people just sitting down to eat.
The food was really, really good.
We had a pasta and a pork chop as mains and both were excellent. Good fries (mix of sweet potato and potato, which was very interesting), and a super spicy slaw. Excellent.
I also had a nice salad of frisée and chorizo with an over-easy egg on top. also excellent.
My wife had their "pink" chowder, and loved it. Think Manhattan chowder with a splash of cream.
All of the food was just interesting and spiced enough to not be the usual Westchester 'safe" (read as: boring), and most important they EXECTUED their ambitions perfectly.

I like the noisy happening atmosphere, but I can imagine some might not.
It's nice, but probably not what one would call "intimate" or "romantic".
Think more 'fun'. It would be a first choice to go with a group.

things I didn't like:
The 4 huge tv screens over the (busy) bar area lend a sports bar vibe that I find off putting AND out of place for a resto doing serious food.

and, then there's the music.
Odd for a restaurant, is that they have a serious, proper stage at the end of the large space, and a cover band (guitar, bass guitar, drums, keys, singer... a full on electric band) started up at just about 10pm.
To be fair, that's late and so most diners would never see them
But the last thing I want (and again, I'm excited to have late night options) when eating is music... I don't want o chew in time.
and frankly, the times I want to see a cover band would be..., lemme think,:

But all in all, it's good.
check it out.

dinner for two with drinks (1 each) about $120 before tip, so it's not cheap, but not crazy..

Can I confit duck and chicken legs together?

I'd agree that it's not something I'd WANT to do, but I'll also agree that if you choose to, use only duck fat and olive oil, not the chicken fat.

Oct 03, 2014
weedy in Home Cooking

How are your corn tortillas doing?

hmmm, I don't like hard tacos, but I made chilaquiles the other day by frying some corn tortillas and the strips stayed crispy for sure.

have you changed nothing else?
the oil, the temp, the pan, etc?

Oct 03, 2014
weedy in Home Cooking

Lower Westchester bars/restaurants with quality cocktails

If you're hoping for a Booker & Dax in Westchester, I think you (and I!) are going to be disappointed.

But Dylan Lounge is good, and nice to hang around in.

Simply Laura (Vitale) on Cooking Channel

she indeed does "simple home cooking"
which is why I am uninterested

Oct 03, 2014
weedy in Food Media & News

What’s So Bad About ‘Natural’?

I believe in well regulated markets

you know, the only kind ever shown to work, in reality, as opposed to in bad fiction (like Ayn Rand)

Oct 02, 2014
weedy in Food Media & News

Lower Westchester bars/restaurants with quality cocktails

inside X20 is the Dylan Lounge bar, and it's very good

no reservation sushi bar and cocktail bar

Woodstock - A place to sit for a while with good food

Second the motion for Little Bear

In 'Parts Unknown,' Anthony Bourdain is not a man on a mission

obviously to YOU

but equally obviously there is a very large audience who disagrees with you

Sep 30, 2014
weedy in Food Media & News

Hell's Kitchen-it was never good but now it is so bad

the American version of Masterchef has become every bit as tiresome.

the Ramsay show is wearing thin.
He can certainly cook, but the shouty chef routine is over played now.

I loved the F Word, and I still enjoy reruns of the British version of Kitchen Nightmares because he seemed genuinely helpful, not just doing "the act".

it's time to take a break

What’s So Bad About ‘Natural’?

but you don't mind those decisions as to whether it's a valid concern or a "superstition" left to others?

I want to know what's in there and make my own choices.
whether that hurts someone's sales or not.

Example: there is mounting evidence that artificial sweeteners have many potential adverse effects.
without regulation, they could all (including sugar) just be labeled "sweeteners" on a label with no way to know which.

the only reason to be against explicit and clear labeling is to be deceptive

Sep 30, 2014
weedy in Food Media & News

What’s So Bad About ‘Natural’?

you can't "educate yourself" if the information is hidden

but for that matter, you have an objection to "benefiting stupid people"?

personally I think stupid people deserve the same protections as anyone else.

Sep 30, 2014
weedy in Food Media & News

What’s So Bad About ‘Natural’?

you don't see a difference between a lab putting together chemicals that approach an 'apple flavour' and using actual bits of apple or apple juice?

seems to ME that in the instance you cite, there is a distinct difference between
'natural and artificial flavours' and i'd like to know that that's what in there before I bought a doughnut.

I could probably cut my raw ingredient costs to a 1/3 in my hot sauce if I was willing to use 'mango flavouring' instead of actual mango.
but then it wouldn't be "all natural".. and wouldn't, in my estimation, taste anywhere near as good.

Sep 30, 2014
weedy in Food Media & News

What’s So Bad About ‘Natural’?

which is why government should mandate and regulate a specific meaning

Sep 30, 2014
weedy in Food Media & News