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How do you Elvis?

no, no
you have to lie down BEHIND it

Dec 22, 2014
weedy in Home Cooking

Westchester Wish-list

FWIW most of the places that imagine they have "great" examples of those things don't, (in my opinion) except at the super high end.

very few cities have great food trucks.
NYC is only sort of one of them, actually... and it should be no shock Westchester doesn't have any.

again NYC only just recently got some tolerably good, but far from 'great' ones, and they are almost all Texas brisket focused (the most boring and overrated kind)
OTOH Kansas City has the best in the world, but try to find Italian food or a great Indian restaurant...

there again, outside of large cities with major "Chinatowns" where DOES?
and GREAT? like in China great? (or like the stellar Chinese food one can find in London or Tokyo?) Nowhere in the USA.

What Westchester is, basically, is a suburb of arguably the best food city in America (sorry, maybe New Orleans, but not for variety, so I'm sticking with my contention)

the answer to your quest is: a short car ride to world class choices.

Brooklyn by the way is:
a- part of NYC
b- over rated for food (although the variety of mediocre choices is certainly vast, and that's a plus in and of itself for sure)
c- expensive too

having said all that:
have you tried?:
Blazer Pub - burgers, (I think Squires blows)
Aberdeen - Chinese, and very real deal dim sum in particular
Tarry Market - for cheeses, especially Italian, and salumi

chains?: why would I EVER eat at one, anywhere, at any time?

Campagna Bedford Post- First Take

they are indeed, the somewhat "nicer' atmosphere sister resto to Barilotto

both are favourites of mine, but especially Aroma

ISO Merguez Sausage - Long Island


an excellent source in general for restaurant quality proteins

A culinary technique book for the essentials

The Pepin book is actually pretty complete

but for another look at things on a more basic level,
I might suggest these:




Dec 20, 2014
weedy in Home Cooking

Campagna Bedford Post- First Take

Aroma Osteria,
Wappingers Falls


Campagna Bedford Post- First Take

Interestingly, (except for the tiramisu, which i find universally boring) EVERYTHING on that dessert menu was tempting.
in the end, we split the ciccolato, and loved it.

Certainly Campagna is somewhat more expensive than those others, but only somewhat.
Each course is about $5 more at Campagna (Aroma probably falls in between, I'd have to look)... so that adds up to perhaps a $20 per person difference at end of meal.

A really excellent glass of Temperanillo at Campagna was $14. by the way.

Children at Restaurant August


Le Petite Grocery


I'd skip Brennans and Irene's

Dec 14, 2014
weedy in New Orleans

Children at Restaurant August


it depends on your kids.
but if your kids understand restaurant behaviour, then they are going to love it, and the staff there will be totally welcoming

it's a great restaurant

I never dumbed down resto choices when my son was young, and thats why he understands and appreciates great food now as an adult

Dec 14, 2014
weedy in New Orleans

Campagna Bedford Post- First Take

Had dinner there tonight, and have to say we, on the whole, loved it.

We each had a starter and a min, and split a dessert.
I had a pasta as a main, but my wife had the bistecca (the priciest thing on the menu)... all in all, with three drinks and coffee, $235-ish with tip

not cheap by any mean, but not outlandish. certainly within Cookery, Aroma territory (perhaps a it more), and less than X2O

Service was impecable. friendly, attentive, helpful, but not at all smothering or annoying.

Portions on the starters and pastas are on the smaller side, which is in keeping with their idea that you would eat in the Italian style and have a pasta as a middle course.
but the steak main (which also came with panzanella salad side) was large, not skimpy by any means

the pasta, while admittedly perhaps not up to Marea standards (but face it, what else anywhere, in the world?, is?), was terrific

the steak was perfectly med-rare edge to edge with just the thinnest of beautiful crust on the outside. so perfect that it makes me strongly suspect it's cooked sous vide and then just seared.

the starter of octopus with pork belly was a very Michael White type combo, reminiscent of the famous pasta with braised octopus and bone marrow.
it was a great combo with fabulously crispy pork belly.

the other starter, a lobster salad, had a lovely hint of truffles.

(we passed on the 60 or 100 dollar black truffle pastas on special, thanks)

all in all, we both agreed this is a top three or four best restos in Westchester kind of experience.

I'm glad it lived up to expectations... and we shall certainly be back.

16 simple restaurant hacks you need to be using

the hipster universe needs to stop calling every hint a "hack"

it's silly

westchester bagels is their a good one out there?

the real H&H locations closed, and left a gap

westchester bagels is their a good one out there?

funny, i was reading this thread in hopes that 'there has to be SOMETHING better than Bagels On Hudson' which is dead average at best.

H&H it ain't.

Kitchen Inferno - huh?

Actually, I've only seen one 'challenger' win it all so far.

but I still feel this is a totally lame show in nearly every regard

Dec 07, 2014
weedy in Food Media & News


anything Indian, Mexican, Southwestern, Middle Eastern... or with any hints of same.

Great article: Nathan Myhrvold talks food-borne illness and more...

MOST gastric distress IS "food poisoning" of some, usually minor, sort

Dec 01, 2014
weedy in Food Media & News

Great article: Nathan Myhrvold talks food-borne illness and more...

Nov 30, 2014
weedy in Food Media & News

I hate Cook’s Illustrated: The soul-crushing wonkiness of the world’s worst cookbook

I agree completely.

they're complete crap

Nov 28, 2014
weedy in Food Media & News

Dedicated Sous Vide Board?

poaching loses flavour int the liquid

sealing in bag seals all that flavour in.

it's not poaching

Nov 28, 2014
weedy in Site Talk

Dedicated Sous Vide Board?

I do sous vide a lot.
at least twice a week.
And I'm always happy to talk about it.

in fact, just did the turkey sous vide or Thanksgiving, and now retherming leftovers today as we 'speak'

I can't say this board is my first choice for sous vide info, but I also do feel that one can always search, rather than a 'dedicated' board.

Nov 28, 2014
weedy in Site Talk

Curry'esque recipes?

this takes perhaps 15 minutes tops, start to finish:

Channa Masala:

start a hot pan with ghee (or a mix of butter and peanut or canola oil)
add a medium chopped onion, and some salt, and brown gently.
add a clove of chopped garlic to soften.
Add a can of drained, rinsed chic peas.
add about a tablespoon of turmeric and stir to coat.
lower heat to medium.

after about a minute, add 1.5 teaspoons each of ground cumin and coriander.
stir and cook the mixture. add as much ground chile as you like (cayenne will do or I use a ground Reshampati chile)
after another minute, add a "garam masala" mix of about 1/2 teaspoon each ground cinnamon, clove and cardamon.
add one medium tomato, grated into the pan.

be careful nothing is burning.
add enough water to make a sauce consistency.

let it cook together a bit.
add a little sugar if needed.

serve over rice.

Nov 25, 2014
weedy in Home Cooking

duck fat in Westchester?

FWIW, if anyone wants to know! for future ref,
I ended up finding it at Tarry Market (while I was there for other items anyway)

thanks to all for the suggestions

duck fat in Westchester?


duck fat in Westchester?


Which of these must go? Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka

I'm going to say Osaka

and add okonomiyaki to your list

Nov 19, 2014
weedy in Japan

What are your 3 favorite cuisines to cook other than your own?


(runner up: cajun; although I am increasingly playing with Spanish, but mostly the more modernist takes)

Nov 19, 2014
weedy in General Topics

duck fat in Westchester?

anyone know who carries the D'Artagnan duck fat tubs in Westchester?

Zeytinia did, but they're obviously out of business
(one assume that's not why! <g>


Thanksgiving--how many side dishes do you make for small groups?

I'm doing pan fried brussels sprouts with andouille, mashed sweet potatoes with bourbon, and probably some variation of cranberry sauce.
Turkey breast, sous vide, with a red mole.

that's for 4 people.

I think for Thanksgiving, even if the menu veers off from 'traditional', people tend to expect and want something along those lines.

but I also will do a squash soup as a starter, a salad, and a sea urchin pasta course.

Nov 18, 2014
weedy in Home Cooking

Update on Italian Restaurants in Westchester

I have some question about it <g>

The Cookery is worlds better.

and all bets are off until I've tried Campagna as well

Technology And Cooking Opinions

thermal immersion circulators and pressure cream whippers and food processors and the 'anti-griddle' and pressure cookers... those are TECHNOLOGY

'technology' as a word, doesn't imply computers

Nov 17, 2014
weedy in Home Cooking