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Next Food Network Star - latest and greatest?

I'd much rather watch Justin Warner in a "stand and stir show" than the way they've used him so far.

it comes down to do they have something worth teaching or not, for me.

Next Food Network Star - latest and greatest?

What foodtv WANTS (sad to say) is folksy warm unthreatening tv with decent (if unexciting) food.

That's why we get another crappy show about burgers around the country or another cringeable bro fest with the Dean brothers

So from this crop I can't see anyone other than the west African food woman or the big Cajun guy getting a show.
The rest is filler, until then.

Oh, and at least they don't make them say (in the post recorded commentary cut ins), "so we put our groceries in the back of the VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT and drove back from WHOLE FOODS to the studio", the way they do on Top Chef with their product placements!

Jun 29, 2015
weedy in Food Media & News

Great Tortillas May Soon Flood NY Metro

If anyone DOES spot these tortillas for sale please post the whereabouts!

Possible Good News in Mt. Kisco - Mt, Kisco Farms

I bought Serrano chiles. Also packed in shrink wrap.
Granted they used to sell them bagged.
But this seems more 'prepackaged' in general (most things)

I was happy to see (and buy) lots of USA grown berries.

But no asian pepper sauces. No black vinegar or miso or yuzu or fish sauce or Sichuan peppercorns. No canned fire roasted tomatoes (happily, stop and shop started carrying those in their 'natural' section).
No key limes. No Meyer lemons. No golden mangoes. No habaneros.
And the old place always had a lot of nice greens to choose from (mache, arugula, frisée, chard), here was some, but much less.

Millennials are obsessed with Whole 30, the ‘cultish’ fad diet taking over Instagram and Pinterest

I"ve cut clickbait from my diet.

I feel a lot better

Chemical additives lurking in fresh cuts of meat

Yes, which is why labeling laws are so valuable.

Jun 28, 2015
weedy in Food Media & News

Possible Good News in Mt. Kisco - Mt, Kisco Farms

Went in today.

It's nice and new looking (naturally!) and had a decent selection of fruit and veg at reasonable prices.

There were a slightly few harder to find items (jicama, dragon fruit, lemon grass,)
and there is a food counter selling some prepared foods and prepackaged sushi and dumpling containers.

but on the whole there seems to be a lot LESS of an Asian focus, with almost no canned and bottled goods like they used to have.

It's a little surprising if it IS the same owners, (none that I recognised were visible today, Sunday), because the buying focus is so different.

It may lack some things I was used to finding there, but it's still a welcome return, on my route from Mt Kisco Seafood home 3-4 times a week!

Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days

all "holistic" medicine isn't homeopathy

many "mainstream" doctors take an holistic approach

OTOH, as said by someone else, homeopathy has been thoroughly debunked.
It'a not about "good and bad doctors"... it simply doesn't work

to continue to cling to believing otherwise is to believe in "magic"

Great Tortillas May Soon Flood NY Metro

I'm wondering where, in Westchester, they're going to be sold.

There's no indication tat they plan to sell direct from the factory to the public.

Possible Good News in Mt. Kisco - Mt, Kisco Farms

I think that's terrificly good news

Possible Good News in Mt. Kisco - Mt, Kisco Farms

I definitely miss it... so fingers crossed that it's either the same people or at least as good.

I was rather surprised when they suddenly disappeared!

I wonder what the story was... rent dispute?

How many lobster tails are usually needed for a lobster roll?

able to perceive or feel things.

I would they are unquestionably "sentient"

Jun 19, 2015
weedy in Home Cooking

How many lobster tails are usually needed for a lobster roll?

cats don't mind tearing into each other either...this doesn't mean I (or most people I know) feel comfortable inflicting equivalent pain on a cat

I'm NOT another lobster, I can THINK about it before I kill something for food.
and so I do.

agreed, however, that it may never be clear to us what exactly another animal "feels".
Still, I choose to use what I perceive to be the quickest and "most humane" methods possible.

a knife through the head is near instant.

the main reason, i think many people would rather just boil them alive is that it removes them (the humans) from directly experiencing the act of killing.

I understand the 'squeamishness', but I think taking the responsibility seriously is a good thing too.

Jun 19, 2015
weedy in Home Cooking

How many lobster tails are usually needed for a lobster roll?

a few points in response:

The NIH is pretty clear now that lobster liver is not a safe thing to eat.
Yes, it's good.
But its crazy unhealthy (because it's filtering the bottom of an increasingly polluted ocean)

the 'white stuff' is hemolymph, and is generally bitter, to me

the hypno thing has been debunked many times.... in that, certain positions indeed make them go sort of limp, but there is no evidence it has any effect on their ability to feel pain

some time in the freezer is undoubtedly more effective numbing if you're going to just throw them live into boiling water.
More humane than that is (almost certainly) a quick knife through the brain.

The Japanese, who are concerned with humanely killing them in part so as not to stress them... use a clove oil bath to anesthetise them.
see: http://www.cookingissues.com/index.ht...

I find boiled or steamed lobster boring (sorry, I just do


I either par boil for a few minutes, split, and finish under the broiler,
par boil just enough to be able to remove the meat form the shells, and then butter poach them sous vide.
THAT makes the best lobster roll ever.

Jun 18, 2015
weedy in Home Cooking

Restaurant North opening Market North in Armonk

Does that mean they won't also have those "locally sourced" ingredients available for sale as raw ingredients?

that would be too bad... I know some people like prepared food, but I never buy any, other than baked goods.

It's strange that I cannot find a website (or any mention on the North resto website)

Sous Vide cooking...are you on board?

I have settled on 144F, that's perfect to me.
time varies with thickness but on average it's about 90 mins

then finish in whatever sauce or with whatever crust or sear you have in mind.

Jun 10, 2015
weedy in Home Cooking

Quiet Romantic Italian Restaurant in Westchester

Manhattan is often the right answer!

Quiet Romantic Italian Restaurant in Westchester

I forgot about Campagna (probably because of the cost!) but I did like it a lot.
it has more of a nice friendly Inn vibe than "romantic' though to me, but of course that's utterly subjective.
The bill, however, definitely killed the romance.

Barillotto is great, and is, of course, the sister restaurant to Aroma.
I like the vibe at Aroma better, but they're both great choices.

Quiet Romantic Italian Restaurant in Westchester

in truth when we want that we drive up to Aroma Osteria in Wappinger Falls

it's not close for you, but it's worth it

Since you're in Chappaqua I assume you've tried both Spaccarelli and Terra Rustica?
I might also suggest trying Mediteraneo in Pleasantville

none is my idea of really "romantic" but they are the closest, I think, in Westchester

Winston's in Mt. Kisco - the old Brass Horn Location

If only I thought anything the NY Times Westchester food reviewers ever wrote was remotely close to accurate or useful...

Ty Pennington in food network

and that he is

Jun 03, 2015
weedy in Food Media & News

4 New Restauranst in Mt. Kisco

Small plates, small plates, and small plates.
How original!

I give The Turk 6 months max.

Ty Pennington in food network

Congratulations foodtv!
You've put on perhaps the only TV host in the world more annoying than Guy Fieri!

Not easy!

Jun 02, 2015
weedy in Food Media & News

Neil Young's Anti-Starbucks Anthem

You're right.. It IS too bad that not enough younger musicians speak out against corporate America.

Sous Vide cooking...are you on board?

I use my Anova One at LEAST once a week, usually more.

I did chicken breast tonight... I'll never do chicken another way again.

May 30, 2015
weedy in Home Cooking

Ramen in Westchester?

Yes, that's a surprisingly big space for them.

La Cremaillere in Beford: still very good?

It's "good" at what it does, and if you LIKE what they do (which, to me, is a very old fashioned, to the point of dated, 'continental' menu in an equally dated fun-free kind of atmosphere)

It's kind of grandma's idea of 'fine dining'.
(and I say this as someone easily old enough to be a grandfather... yet I still mean MY grandmother's idea. Even my mother would find this dated)

Peekskill Brewery

the taco place is apparently from the owner of Hudson Room, where the experience is a mess (In my view) but the food is pretty good.
So I have guardedly high hopes.
fingers crossed.
Peekskill could use some non-sucking options.

Peekskill Brewery

"Nattering nabobs of negativity"!
Nice allusion; it was what Spiro Agnew said, in an ultimately failed attempt to divert attention form his lying and illegal activity... reportedly, the phrase was actually written by Bill Saffire.

Where to find a great steak in Weatchester County NY

I still like BLT Steak in White Plains the best in Westchester for an actual 'steakhouse'

but the hanger steak and cowboy ribeye at X2O are also extraordinary, and it's a much nicer all round experience