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NBC's Food Fighters?

Have any of you seen Chef vs Britain (the UK tv show?)

all of these 'home cook' versus pro chef shows are sort of based on that

but that, with its total simplicity, does it MUCH better, if you're a food person and not just a casual tv watcher.

but the American idea is always that they have to shoot for the huge audience who might as well be watching Gladiators as a food show.

1 day ago
weedy in Food Media & News

In a Post–Paula Deen World, Can the Lee Brothers Save Southern Cooking? Vanity Fair Weighs in

That's not "saving Southern Food"

Sean Brock is making, and trying to 'save' GREAT Southern food.

not this crap

Best tacos in Westchester and Rockland

It's as good as it was...

which is to say: adequate.

I know BarTaco gets a lot of hate here.
I don't love the noisy singles-scene vibe... but I still think it's the best tacos in Westchester
(which isn't saying a lot)

when I play the Capitol Theatre, we go to BarTaco afterward, not Gemelos

Best way to cook frozen, dry aged prime beef?

get an immersion circulator


Peekskill - Taco Dive Bar

was bland and borderline tasteless guacamole and salsa their goal then?

Where to find Escamoles.

I'm suspicious that I'm going to FIND fresh in Westchester (or even anywhere in NY)

which is why I'm hoping for an internet source.

canned is better than none

Jul 20, 2015
weedy in General Topics

Peekskill - Taco Dive Bar

Dinner for two with two drinks was about $65 with tip

About what I expected.

Where to find Escamoles.

Canned is obviously more likely, but anyone have an internet source?
Or NYC general area?


Jul 19, 2015
weedy in General Topics

Fantasy Cuisine or Imperial Wok for birthday dinner for Sichuan food lover?

I think the food at Fantasy Cuisine is much better

Peekskill - Taco Dive Bar

So our first experience is kind of a mixed review.

It's a nice remodel of the place, and it's kind of a fun vibe.
But it's insanely noisy. It makes The Cookery seem sonically intimate.

Service is a work in progress... lots of young people in t-shirts running around serving and taking orders, but it took 10 minutes of standing awkwardly in the doorway form one of them to finally seat us.
As though no one actually has that JOB.

the menu is very small...
we started with a guacamole and "pico de gallo" with chips.
the chips are good. the guacamole is average. the salsa('pico...') is bland in the extreme. No heat at all,not much flavour.

there were about 6 tacos on the menu.
a chicken
a brisket
a veg (portabella mushroom and feta)
a pork belly
a pulled pork
a fried shrimp

we ended up ordering the 2 porks, the brisket, and the mushroom

the tortillas are decent, but not amazing. certainly not the fantastic heavily corn flavoured ones you get at Mission Cantina or Empellon.

and the fillings were a mixed bag.
the brisket was probably the best, with some nice crispy onion rings on

the pork belly and the pulled pork were both okay, (the belly being the better of the two) but neither seemed much like Mexican food... more like someone made southern barbecue and put it on a tortilla

"chipotle slaw"? tasted like bottled bbq sauce; "Maple balsamic glaze", not even remotely Mexican; sweet almost asian pork flavours.

and then the mushroom, with its feta cheese (?? from the Mexican part of Greece?) and "Arugula, tomato, truffle vinaigrette " (Italian salad, and, ugh, truffle oil), was vile.
skip this one.

drinks were very decent. As a bar, the place is fine.
I liked the house Paloma, and the house Margarita would be fine with an upgraded tequila request.

But the bottom line is still that I can make better Mexican food at home, almost in my sleep (and do)

If it helps any of you get a sense - Bar Taco has WAY better, and more real, tacos, better atmosphere, and infinitely more side dish additions.

We will probably be back, when we want a local, easy, fast-ish lazy dinner...but you have to take it for what it is.
and what it is is not Mexican food.


Premium prices at Ben's Deli in Scarsdale

That 'diner atmosphere' is the same at the Northern Blvd. location.
I actually don't mind it.

But I found the service to be on the amateurish side. hey barely know what some menu items even are (or how to pronounce them); training seems borderline non-existant.
Friendly, yes; but not super competent.

FWIW, I always thought the size of a Carnegie sandwich was obscene. It's unreasonable.

more of a gimmick than a sandwich.

India House? [Relocation from Montrose?]

that place now has a coming soon sign in the window, with the new name of an Indian rest0 (Raga?) , but it does not say India House.

odd that they would change the name

Meatballs at The Cookery

did you ask if the chef would give the recipe?

it's not out of the question, and I wouldn't necessarily expect a waiter to know

Meatballs at The Cookery

you do

we LOVE The Cookery

Possible Good News in Mt. Kisco - Mt, Kisco Farms

yes, they seem to like cling film a great deal <g>

but not ALL of the produce is packaged...

meanwhile I was there again today and the shelves continue to fill out... getting better every time

What's your impression of sous vide? I discovered it recently and am curious to see what people think about it

based on lots of experience with it?

if thats true, you shouldn't use it.

meanwhile, an increasing number of high end restaurants are using it, and just not necessarily announcing it.

we were out with friends recently to a fine dining restaurant in rural Vermont... when the steak arrived it struck me instantly as too perfect to be done any other way.
I said to my friend "I'll bet you this was done sous vide"
"NO way" he said.

so of course we asked, and of course it was.

Jul 11, 2015
weedy in Home Cooking

Possible Good News in Mt. Kisco - Mt, Kisco Farms

Back again yesterday (I said, I go to Mt. Kisco Seafood probably 3 times a week)

and I have to happily report that the shelves are getting fleshed out with a wider selection of products.
It may just be teething issues and taking them some time to sort things out.

but I am highly encouraged.

Supermarket to buy Dry Ice from? [Westchester]

I"ve had the same trouble, finding FOOD GRADE dry ice

What's your impression of sous vide? I discovered it recently and am curious to see what people think about it

I love it, and use it at least once a week...

there's no better way to make poultry (duck, chicken, turkey),

as someone else mentioned, 140F chicken is a joy.... infinitely better than cremating it for "safety" when you can cook it this way safely AND to be juicy and flavourful... and EVERY time.
same thing with 132F duck breast, perfectly pink edge to edge.

and it allows almost any protein to be cooked with a precision that is simply not possible any other way.
that beautiful rib eye cooked exactly as you like it ALL the way through with just as much seared outer edge as YOU prefer it to have.

when people say they "don't like it" because they 'prefer frying and sautéeing', it makes as much sense as saying 'I don't like my cooktop because I like my oven.'

it's a technique, not a religion.
and it's a VALUABLE new technique.

Jul 09, 2015
weedy in Home Cooking

Tomato Vinegar

One would think!

The only recipes I've seen lean more to a 'tomato water' type, strained, end product.

the nice thing about that commercial version is its thick, tomato-y, viscosity.
I wonder if they incorporate some purée into the final product.

Jul 05, 2015
weedy in Home Cooking

Questions regarding enchiladas

"pico de gallo" (i.e. Salsa Mexicana) IS a 'salsa'

grilled corn, with chiles and cotija cheese, is actually pretty traditional

Jul 05, 2015
weedy in Home Cooking

Tomato Vinegar

I haven't tried making it... but I like this a lot:


Jul 05, 2015
weedy in Home Cooking

Possible Good News in Mt. Kisco - Mt, Kisco Farms


Questions regarding enchiladas

Guacamole, always a good 'side'.

and you could make a little Salsa Mexicana with some heat to drizzle over for people who like it hotter.

Jul 04, 2015
weedy in Home Cooking

Possible Good News in Mt. Kisco - Mt, Kisco Farms

you'll still find frozen wonton wrappers, for example.

there are SOME Asian products, just not as much.

Next Food Network Star - latest and greatest?

I'd much rather watch Justin Warner in a "stand and stir show" than the way they've used him so far.

it comes down to do they have something worth teaching or not, for me.

Next Food Network Star - latest and greatest?

What foodtv WANTS (sad to say) is folksy warm unthreatening tv with decent (if unexciting) food.

That's why we get another crappy show about burgers around the country or another cringeable bro fest with the Dean brothers

So from this crop I can't see anyone other than the west African food woman or the big Cajun guy getting a show.
The rest is filler, until then.

Oh, and at least they don't make them say (in the post recorded commentary cut ins), "so we put our groceries in the back of the VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT and drove back from WHOLE FOODS to the studio", the way they do on Top Chef with their product placements!

Jun 29, 2015
weedy in Food Media & News

Great Tortillas May Soon Flood NY Metro

If anyone DOES spot these tortillas for sale please post the whereabouts!

Possible Good News in Mt. Kisco - Mt, Kisco Farms

I bought Serrano chiles. Also packed in shrink wrap.
Granted they used to sell them bagged.
But this seems more 'prepackaged' in general (most things)

I was happy to see (and buy) lots of USA grown berries.

But no asian pepper sauces. No black vinegar or miso or yuzu or fish sauce or Sichuan peppercorns. No canned fire roasted tomatoes (happily, stop and shop started carrying those in their 'natural' section).
No key limes. No Meyer lemons. No golden mangoes. No habaneros.
And the old place always had a lot of nice greens to choose from (mache, arugula, frisée, chard), here was some, but much less.

Millennials are obsessed with Whole 30, the ‘cultish’ fad diet taking over Instagram and Pinterest

I"ve cut clickbait from my diet.

I feel a lot better