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La Cremaillere in Beford: still very good?

It's "good" at what it does, and if you LIKE what they do (which, to me, is a very old fashioned, to the point of dated, 'continental' menu in an equally dated fun-free kind of atmosphere)

It's kind of grandma's idea of 'fine dining'.
(and I say this as someone easily old enough to be a grandfather... yet I still mean MY grandmother's idea. Even my mother would find this dated)

Peekskill Brewery

the taco place is apparently from the owner of Hudson Room, where the experience is a mess (In my view) but the food is pretty good.
So I have guardedly high hopes.
fingers crossed.
Peekskill could use some non-sucking options.

Peekskill Brewery

"Nattering nabobs of negativity"!
Nice allusion; it was what Spiro Agnew said, in an ultimately failed attempt to divert attention form his lying and illegal activity... reportedly, the phrase was actually written by Bill Saffire.

Where to find a great steak in Weatchester County NY

I still like BLT Steak in White Plains the best in Westchester for an actual 'steakhouse'

but the hanger steak and cowboy ribeye at X2O are also extraordinary, and it's a much nicer all round experience

Masterchef returns with new judge

an Alton Brown invasion would be infinitely more entertaining that the US version of Masterchef

May 24, 2015
weedy in Food Media & News

Peekskill Brewery

an update:
apparently the chef has departed, and it SHOWS

dinner was unbelievably bland, as if no salt or flavouring of any kind was used.
It really was quite remarkable! I didn't think food this tasteless was possible.
I had a dish that came with red cabbage, which was, apparently, just red cabbage boiled to death in unsalted water! no vinegar, no sugar, no salt. Boiled to soggy and tasteless.
Seriously, it was as though someone who never cooked before made the food; the fact that a professional was cooking is kind of astounding.
it was THAT flavourless.

The place was never great; but this is now beyond bad.

Terra Rustica Due in Mt. Kisco

the one in Briarcliff (the artiste formerly known as Big Country, as we like to call it) is very decent.
Not always exciting, but pretty reliably good.

Peekskill Pub Food - The Branding Iron

I had the Slow Roasted Mojo Pork (Crispy yucca fries, slow cooked black beans, yellow corn rice, maduros, pickled onion and fennel)

my wife had the Pargo Relleno (Butterflied red snapper filet stuffed with crab and sofrito, shrimp sauce and tostones with chimichurri)

both really good.

also sautéed spinach.

they also had excellent coffee

New Report on Non-Stick Cookware

"while all the tree hugging yuppie omg people are screeching to to the moon"

this is where you lost credibility in a split second.

searing tuna a day in advance?

it will be 'safe', but also cold.

If you don't mind that, it will be fine.

May 03, 2015
weedy in Home Cooking

Peekskill Pub Food - The Branding Iron

Okay, so we tried the Iron Vine.

and mostly liked it.
We rang on a weeknight and they said they "always save a few tables for walk-ins" so we did (walk in! that is).
THe walk in tables are the high tops on the right as you walk in. FOr now they are high metal stools and marble topped round tables. They told us that they are replacing these with square wooden tables that could be more easily pushed together for 4's. as it stands now they are all "2 tops".

The place is small, with the bar taking up the right rear, and extremely noisy, as is the trend in restaurants that like the hub-bub to appear 'happening'.
I don't actually mind that, but I know many do, so I mention it. But it's not a quiet, romantic dinner spot.

FIrst, drinks.
They're great.
They obviously have a very serious and talented mixologist (read as: bartender who cares!) back there.
Fresh juices and a chef's skill in balancing the elements of cocktails.
Great. I'd go back just for that.

And I thought the food was really good. Flavourful and well executed, if nothing super fancy.
Certainly amongst the best in the area.

Service was also excellent. Our waitress was a very young woman who was both suer-friendly AND ultra efficient. She got everything right, she was helpful, she was quick, and she was just attentive enough, even in a packed restaurant, but without every doing the excessive "is everything okay??" annoying routine.
She was perfect.

ALl in all we liked this place, and especially as it's so close.
We shall certainly be back.
This now makes two and a half Peekskill restos that don't blow.

things are looking up!

ps dinner for two with drinks and splitting a dessert, about $100.
that's pretty average for a decent meal, in my view, in Westchester.
You could, and we have, spend that for much worse nearby.

Sous Vide Hamburgers

me too.
134F for 2 hrs is my standard, and I like to use the LaFrieda burger blends.

pasteurisation is temp over TIME... what is made "safe" in 30 seconds at 165 degrees, can be made identically "safe" at 134 degrees, but it might take 2 hours.

the government charts are designed to make the food 'safe' almost instantly... that is: they assume that if the food just REACHES 165, for example, you're fine,
but that's not the only way to cook.

Apr 27, 2015
weedy in Home Cooking

Chipotle swears off GMO food

Apr 27, 2015
weedy in Food Media & News

Peekskill Pub Food - The Branding Iron

me too, I keep meaning to try that Jerk place but have yet to... they have me at goat curry (at least to try; fingers crossed)

Can I use butter instead of Ghee?

FWIW when I'm out of Ghee, I use a mix of 50/50 butter and canola.

Apr 22, 2015
weedy in Home Cooking

Turning Stone Casino Trip

I've played at Turning Stone many times.
The Wildflower restaurant is very decent.

Peekskill Pub Food - The Branding Iron

Hudson Room is 'meh' at best, with appalling service, AND the annoying live cover bands.
Birdsall, bland and overpriced (for bland).
Quiet Man is decent, and friendly, but unexciting food. the best thing about it is its beautiful bar.
Peekskill Brewery, much like Birdsall, promises a more foodie experience than it delivers.
Firehouse Grill is decent low end burgers for at least, one must admit, a fair price. but again nothing exciting.
Branding Iron; awful.
Gleasons is actually good, but it's flat breads. It is what it is. but at least it's good at it.
Ramenesque is no better than what cups in a cup in the supermarket... although they're very nice,
12 Grapes? eh.
Division Grill - horrible AND unpleasant mgr. and staff.
Zeph's - very pricey and not nearly as good as it should be for its prices.

so, in what way DOES Peekskill have "way more to offer"?

I've lived here 9 years now and Gleasons is the only place I'd go back to.
(well, that's not true, I'll occasionally go back to Quiet Man knowing it for what it is)

so, I shall at least TRY Iron Vine and hope for the best.
It's certainly booked.
We rang last week for a Friday night res and they were booked for more than a week in advance.

More food expiration date hype, this time on Dr. Oz

I know it's slightly OT, but I have to say I literally laughed out loud when I read "also because this particular show seems to have some sound medical advice"

Apr 22, 2015
weedy in Food Media & News

Matzo ball use besides in soup?

Attic insulation?

Apr 10, 2015
weedy in Home Cooking

Bryan Voltaggio has a cookbook coming out

have you seen this?:


I have it and find it really interesting and worthwhile

Apr 10, 2015
weedy in Food Media & News

Kenji's Best Fast Food Awards (A Totally Biased, Completely Incomplete List)

I like Kenji and food lab

I would't eat any of that crap

Apr 03, 2015
weedy in Food Media & News

More thoughts on moralistic culinary elites


but one cannot say that about National Review.
For them, it's about reducing everything to red/blue colour war.

Apr 01, 2015
weedy in Food Media & News

Korean Kimchi Tofu Soup (Soondubu Jjigae)

Mar 29, 2015
weedy in Recipes

Sushi grade fish source in Westchester

Mt Kisco Seafood for sure.
TELL them what you intend and they'll work with you in terms of recommendations as well.

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week - March 9-22, 2015

I didn't go anywhere specifically 'for' or 'because of' restaurant week, but we did go out a few times during RW and in a few cases had the RW menu.

and it reinforced my feelings form prioir years, and that is:

It's a poor indication of a restaurant's real quality.
The food is inevitably not anywhere near as good as in 'regular' weeks, and the service seems somehow rushed.
I'm not excusing it; I think if a resto is going to participate they should really offer an experience that IS representative of their best.
But my experience tells me that just is not what HAPPENS.

Even places I know I really like were disappointing during RW.

it's a time to eat home

Peekskill Ramen - Ramenesque

I have to agree that tjey are very nice. But the place has an air of amateurism about it (that is ultimately more frustrating than charming) and the food is completely 'eh'.

I've been to Japan too many times to find this even a little interesting.
It's barely more than supermarket noodles in bland broth.

Why Small Cities Are the Best Places to Eat in America

I love some Philly restos... but none of them are cheap either!

Mar 18, 2015
weedy in Food Media & News

hudson restaurant, briarcliff manor, ny

not a shock

that place was a $%&show from day one

Best fine dining: Westchester restaurant recommendation?

I don't "get" Panetiere

to me, it's boring, AND over priced

it's like grandma's idea of a nice" restaurant in Westchester

Study: Dietary saturated fat does not raise risk in those with coronary heart disease

agree with you completely hal

Mar 16, 2015
weedy in Food Media & News