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Best restaurant w/ Tom Colicchio

It's based on the Gordon Ramsay English show (and co-produced by Ramsay)

but this seems to have added yet another layer of timed 'challenges', which makes it even sillier

about 17 hours ago
weedy in Food Media & News

Westchester Wish-list

has that been said by anyone who's ever been to North Carolina?

In Memoriam: French Food at Home

I liked her enough, and a French food show that was just actual cooking was a good addition.

I am, on the other hand, utterly over the pretty woman cooking without an apron, with soft music, and making eyes at the camera style of producing tv.


No one wanted to see Mario Batali breezing around a home kitchen in a suit while soft-porn music played.

give me PROFESSIONALS cooking in a pro kitchen

Ben's Deli Scarsdale Opening Night - Oy

exactly. If you're not ready to open, then don't.

I feared the worst, but Starbucks' new flat white is actually not bad

a flat white is a kind of a stronger, light-foam, cappucino

Jan 07, 2015
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Most Essential Tools for Home Cooks


good chef's knife
good peeler
conical strainer

Jan 07, 2015
weedy in Cookware

hudson restaurant, briarcliff manor, ny

you didn't miss anything.
trust me

How do you pronounce your foreign food phrases?

Yes, I was aware of that hint. thanks.
the point remaining that neither is pronounced with a hard English J sound.

I'm also aware that indeed I am "better off" doing what I'm doing... as would be everyone else, should they decide to do the same.

Jan 06, 2015
weedy in Food Media & News

Very Very Martha

funnily enough, I have a similar vision of MANY current tv presenters on-set

tv face: "chocolate"
tv producer: no, no. ChAH-clit

tv face: office
tv producer: no, no. AH-fiss

especially native eastcoasters in their 40s and upward affecting that semi-midwestern 'tv voice from nowhere' drives me much battier than Martha.

I love Anthony Bourdain, but he's a prime example of someone who is painfully, and obviously, CONSCIOUSLY changing his natural accent because someone (could even be him) thinks it's "modern" or "tv".
every time he says 'AHHfiss' I cringe.

Jan 06, 2015
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Poultry done, but pink. Is it my gas oven?

a good oven thermometer is nice.

but an accurate FOOD temp thermometer, such as a Thermapen, is more important.

Jan 05, 2015
weedy in Home Cooking

The Mind of a Chef: Traditions

It was sweet.
But I can't say I learned anything useful for that episode, as I don't think I'll be making Swedish dumplings or puffin anytime soon.

But I like him and find him interesting, generally.

Jan 05, 2015
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Very Very Martha

It's nothing like Jersey (which is a lovely little island in the English Channel)

NEW Jersey being an entirely different manner...

Jan 05, 2015
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Very Very Martha

I'll say one thing though: her GRAMMAR is impeccable, which is a lot more than one can say about most on-air 'personalities'.
In fact, better than NIgella's (who has been known to drop a "between you and I" in on occasion. Ugh.)

I used to actually enjoy when her (Martha's) daughter would correct the grammar of her, then, co-host on-air.

Jan 05, 2015
weedy in Food Media & News

Cooks Country Jacks Up Online Access Price 175%

that's $34.95 more than its worth

How do you pronounce your foreign food phrases?

I mostly pronounce things as though they are in English.

so I say, fill-et, not fill-ay
paella, with the L's

I suppose I unconsciously don't change the J in jalapeno or jarlsberg to a y sound.

but mostly, I don't try to say a foreign word with a foreign accent, as though I'm doing an impressionist routine - a la Giada DiLaurentis

I also say coriander leaves, not cilantro, or dhania <g>

Jan 05, 2015
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downtown hot spot for client dinner


I NEVER miss it when In Chicago

Jan 05, 2015
weedy in Chicago Area

Need a Great Channa Daal Recipe

my favourite recipe is Shanta Nimbark Sacharoff's

here it is reposted:


Jan 05, 2015
weedy in Home Cooking

Help me use my tomatillos

Bobby Flays tomatillo and horseradish relish from Bar Americain is fantastic.

and easy.


it comes out differently, but equally great, to use the tomatillos raw in it

Jan 05, 2015
weedy in Home Cooking

Poultry done, but pink. Is it my gas oven?

If you're checking the temp accurately, then all it might mean is that you're now not overcooking the chicken to death

chicken done sous vide routinely comes out a touch pink.
it's fine.
it's BETTER that it's not cremated.

Jan 05, 2015
weedy in Home Cooking

Ben's Scarsdale/Ben's NY Kosher-Greenburg UPDATE: Opening is now in sight.

circumcising the pig isn't enough?


Best Pairing for a Gin Martini.

raw oysters


also: "gin martini" is redundant.
a martini IS a drink made with gin.

Dec 31, 2014
weedy in Spirits

What do you not order in restaurants...

I rarely order anything dead simple to make:

such as, seared tuna or roast chicken

Dec 31, 2014
weedy in General Topics

Telling Me Wine Names Rather than Generic Grape Types

It's often an odd MIX of nomenclature, such as: 'we have a Merlot (a grape) and a Chianti (a region)...'
but it's never hard, in my experience, to just ask: 'where is the Pinot Grigio FROM?' or "is it an Italian Pinot Grigio?" or "do you know which Chianti?" etc.

remember that an awful lot of Americans do think of wine as grapes, rather than terroir or houses.

Dec 31, 2014
weedy in Wine

Ina Garten/Barefoot Contessa Drinking Game

Here's an alternative game:

Every time Ina Garten makes something that seems interesting or different have a drink.

it's the perfect way to quite drinking entirely.

Dec 31, 2014
weedy in Food Media & News

Giada De Laurentiis and Husband to Divorce

John Mayer was bonking Todd???

(sorry, HAD to...)

Ben's Scarsdale/Ben's NY Kosher-Greenburg UPDATE: Opening is now in sight.

but I had my heart set on one of those bacon-infused Manhattans with my pastrami...

Ben's Scarsdale/Ben's NY Kosher-Greenburg UPDATE: Opening is now in sight.

I too am looking forward to it... although I must admit I find the idea of a "kosher BAR" to be rather amusingly silly.

X20 Xaviar's on the Hudson

that's a surprisingly bad experience.

certainly nothing like any of ours there.
Sorry you had such a bad time though.

How do you Elvis?

no, no
you have to lie down BEHIND it

Dec 22, 2014
weedy in Home Cooking

Westchester Wish-list

FWIW most of the places that imagine they have "great" examples of those things don't, (in my opinion) except at the super high end.

very few cities have great food trucks.
NYC is only sort of one of them, actually... and it should be no shock Westchester doesn't have any.

again NYC only just recently got some tolerably good, but far from 'great' ones, and they are almost all Texas brisket focused (the most boring and overrated kind)
OTOH Kansas City has the best in the world, but try to find Italian food or a great Indian restaurant...

there again, outside of large cities with major "Chinatowns" where DOES?
and GREAT? like in China great? (or like the stellar Chinese food one can find in London or Tokyo?) Nowhere in the USA.

What Westchester is, basically, is a suburb of arguably the best food city in America (sorry, maybe New Orleans, but not for variety, so I'm sticking with my contention)

the answer to your quest is: a short car ride to world class choices.

Brooklyn by the way is:
a- part of NYC
b- over rated for food (although the variety of mediocre choices is certainly vast, and that's a plus in and of itself for sure)
c- expensive too

having said all that:
have you tried?:
Blazer Pub - burgers, (I think Squires blows)
Aberdeen - Chinese, and very real deal dim sum in particular
Tarry Market - for cheeses, especially Italian, and salumi

chains?: why would I EVER eat at one, anywhere, at any time?