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cilantro chutney

Do you mean Coriander (Dhania) Chutney?
because"cilantro" is the Spanish word

it makes as much sense as calling a Mexican salsa "Dhania Salsa"

about 20 hours ago
weedy in Home Cooking

Best Blender Under $200.00?

Aug 29, 2015
weedy in Cookware

Best Blender Under $200.00?

This month, after my second blender jar destroyed its gears (and the coupler gears on the base) I ditched the Kitchenaid for good

I went with the 1400 watt Oster Versa.
it's nearish $200 (fluxuates between about 180-210 on amazon)

It's a relatively high power, high speed blender..
it has variable speed control, a tamper, and metal to metal teeth on the coupling between jar and base.

all things I wanted this time around.

so far I've been very happy.

and still half the price of a Vitamix.

Aug 28, 2015
weedy in Cookware

Premium prices at Ben's Deli in Scarsdale

hmmm, I don't eat Chinese food several times a week either... in fact once every few months at most.

yet, those restaurants manage to stay around; and at a much higher level than Westchester deli

Why Are Millennials So Obsessed With Food?

I think it's more an answer to the question: "what lame article idea can I get my editor to buy, so I can keep this job?"

Aug 25, 2015
weedy in Food Media & News

Premium prices at Ben's Deli in Scarsdale

Manhattan has perhaps 1000 restaurants that are supremely 'average' but charge the same $50-70 per person (on average) as Westchester's middle range places that you'd probably call 'overpriced' or 'city prices'.

the difference is that Manhattan ALSO has seriously high end, world class restaurants (usually priced accordingly)

Premium prices at Ben's Deli in Scarsdale

but suburbs never are.
the big money is in the actual downtown city

everywhere in the world.

Why Are Millennials So Obsessed With Food?

Why are lazy Gen-X editors so obsessed with articles about "what Millennials..." think/want/do etc.?

Aug 24, 2015
weedy in Food Media & News

Premium prices at Ben's Deli in Scarsdale

we are a SUBURB of one of the world's great food cities.
so why wouldn't it be RELATIVELY a 'foodie wasteland'?

are there a slew of great restaurants in say Westwood?, or in Surrey?, or on the outskirts of Tokyo?


What's your favorite Indian dish to cook at home?

Channa Masala.
I do it regularly, and have it down.

and strictly speaking, I do it with chic peas, so it's may really be CHOLE, not actual channa dal, Masala
but all the restaurants call it Channa as well

Aug 21, 2015
weedy in Home Cooking

Premium prices at Ben's Deli in Scarsdale

me too.
I like Katz's or the Ben's (different owner) in Forest Hills

Carnegie is 'okay', at best, when in midtown.

have you tried Mile End?
not the same (Canadian as it is) but pretty great

High tea is not afternoon tea

hmmm, I grew up being told that "supper" was the last meal of the day.
often AFTER dinner.
I agree with you, that often means just actual tea and biscuits.

and that was decidedly in the south (Surrey)

I was also taught that a single person ("a Briton") takes a single pronoun ('by what HE (or she) calls HIS (or her) evening meal') <g>

Aug 21, 2015
weedy in Food Media & News

Lobster dinner in lower/mid Westchester

which is why i suggested Gus's first...

but "TOO fancy" is clearly a judgment call.

I didn't suggest Campagna or X20; only a steakhouse.

Even though prices have come way down in markets in the last few years, restaurant prices for lobster aren't low anywhere.

Lobster dinner in lower/mid Westchester

BLT Steak does a grilled lobster too

I'd strongly suspect all the steakhouse usual suspects do - Mortons, Ruth's Chris, etc.

Lobster dinner in lower/mid Westchester

Gus' is "pretensious"???

It's basically a barroom.

but having said that, part of the point of going out to eat is also a nice place, good service, a well made martini with that lobster, maybe dessert.

a little of that "pretension" is part of why it's worth paying to go out.

Otherwise, any idiot can learn to broil a lobster.

Next Food Network Star - latest and greatest?

You would?

What exactly are you expecting to learn from him?

It's clear to me that Foodtv is just looking for a generic tv face.
The execs wanted his "charisma" and didn't care at all about food... because they're only going to set him p to do another "___ visits the best X spots in the country" show.

YOu had a guy who could actually teach about cajun food (whcih they haven't had since Emeril Lagsasse), and a guy who could actually teach about Italian food (which they haven't really had since Batali), and instead they chose the nothing special guy who looks good on camera.

this says EVERYTHING one needs to know about Foodtv.

having said that, just like with other previous "losers", we can expect to see Jay for sure, and probably also Dom in their own shows or otherwise used on the network anyway.

Lobster dinner in lower/mid Westchester

I'd go get broiled lobsters at Gus' in Harrison.
Or drive down to City Island...

Study: Dietary saturated fat does not raise risk in those with coronary heart disease

Yes and Keith Richards "proves" drug use and smoking are "good for you"

same 'logic'

Aug 04, 2015
weedy in Food Media & News

Good Bye Four Seasons

They were ALL about showmanship.

30 years ago I'd go there for a special occasion.
now, I wouldn't think about it.

but the Torrisi guys might very well turn it back into a place to consider up there with the 'first choices'

Aug 01, 2015
weedy in Manhattan

Best tacos in Westchester and Rockland

"yuppies" keep Empellon and Frontera Grill and Cosme alive...

'authentic' doesn't have to equal 'dump', or cheap

NBC's Food Fighters?

Have any of you seen Chef vs Britain (the UK tv show?)

all of these 'home cook' versus pro chef shows are sort of based on that

but that, with its total simplicity, does it MUCH better, if you're a food person and not just a casual tv watcher.

but the American idea is always that they have to shoot for the huge audience who might as well be watching Gladiators as a food show.

Jul 26, 2015
weedy in Food Media & News

In a Post–Paula Deen World, Can the Lee Brothers Save Southern Cooking? Vanity Fair Weighs in

That's not "saving Southern Food"

Sean Brock is making, and trying to 'save' GREAT Southern food.

not this crap

Jul 26, 2015
weedy in Food Media & News

Best tacos in Westchester and Rockland

It's as good as it was...

which is to say: adequate.

I know BarTaco gets a lot of hate here.
I don't love the noisy singles-scene vibe... but I still think it's the best tacos in Westchester
(which isn't saying a lot)

when I play the Capitol Theatre, we go to BarTaco afterward, not Gemelos

Best way to cook frozen, dry aged prime beef?

get an immersion circulator


Peekskill - Taco Dive Bar

was bland and borderline tasteless guacamole and salsa their goal then?

Where to find Escamoles.

I'm suspicious that I'm going to FIND fresh in Westchester (or even anywhere in NY)

which is why I'm hoping for an internet source.

canned is better than none

Jul 20, 2015
weedy in General Topics

Peekskill - Taco Dive Bar

Dinner for two with two drinks was about $65 with tip

About what I expected.

Where to find Escamoles.

Canned is obviously more likely, but anyone have an internet source?
Or NYC general area?


Jul 19, 2015
weedy in General Topics

Fantasy Cuisine or Imperial Wok for birthday dinner for Sichuan food lover?

I think the food at Fantasy Cuisine is much better

Peekskill - Taco Dive Bar

So our first experience is kind of a mixed review.

It's a nice remodel of the place, and it's kind of a fun vibe.
But it's insanely noisy. It makes The Cookery seem sonically intimate.

Service is a work in progress... lots of young people in t-shirts running around serving and taking orders, but it took 10 minutes of standing awkwardly in the doorway form one of them to finally seat us.
As though no one actually has that JOB.

the menu is very small...
we started with a guacamole and "pico de gallo" with chips.
the chips are good. the guacamole is average. the salsa('pico...') is bland in the extreme. No heat at all,not much flavour.

there were about 6 tacos on the menu.
a chicken
a brisket
a veg (portabella mushroom and feta)
a pork belly
a pulled pork
a fried shrimp

we ended up ordering the 2 porks, the brisket, and the mushroom

the tortillas are decent, but not amazing. certainly not the fantastic heavily corn flavoured ones you get at Mission Cantina or Empellon.

and the fillings were a mixed bag.
the brisket was probably the best, with some nice crispy onion rings on

the pork belly and the pulled pork were both okay, (the belly being the better of the two) but neither seemed much like Mexican food... more like someone made southern barbecue and put it on a tortilla

"chipotle slaw"? tasted like bottled bbq sauce; "Maple balsamic glaze", not even remotely Mexican; sweet almost asian pork flavours.

and then the mushroom, with its feta cheese (?? from the Mexican part of Greece?) and "Arugula, tomato, truffle vinaigrette " (Italian salad, and, ugh, truffle oil), was vile.
skip this one.

drinks were very decent. As a bar, the place is fine.
I liked the house Paloma, and the house Margarita would be fine with an upgraded tequila request.

But the bottom line is still that I can make better Mexican food at home, almost in my sleep (and do)

If it helps any of you get a sense - Bar Taco has WAY better, and more real, tacos, better atmosphere, and infinitely more side dish additions.

We will probably be back, when we want a local, easy, fast-ish lazy dinner...but you have to take it for what it is.
and what it is is not Mexican food.