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Cioppino [Westchester]

I would disagree.
it's not much like a real West Coast genuine cioppino (which is by most accounts a San Franciscan creation)

most of the mentioned 'fish stews' are much closer to bouillabaisses

Cioppino [Westchester]

I like the cioppino at Bar Americain in Manhattan

in Westchester, I make my own!

The Hudson Room - new restaurant in Peekskill

"outside of NYC" would, by the way, include Japan

Anniversary Dinner - New thoughts?

I'm going to say that the last meal we had at Bouley was as close to "perfect" a restaurant experience as you can have.

I wouldn't rule it out.
It can be a killer.

Aug 17, 2014
weedy in Manhattan

Hoping that New York chowhounds are using discretion with their recommendations

If I owned a restaurant I'm pretty sure I would be relying on people who LIKE it to tell their friends; not keep it a secret.

Just like ANY business that relies on numbers.

Aug 17, 2014
weedy in Manhattan

cilantro chutney

I can't help it,
every time I see the title of this thread it makes me wonder if anyone has a recipe for a good "Mexican Dhaniya Salsa"

Aug 17, 2014
weedy in Home Cooking

Inn at Pound Ridge open

MUCH better.
The Parlour for one

Inn at Pound Ridge open

Boy, the NY Times really fawned over the place... but then I don't think the Times Westchester food writers are EVER anywhere close to right about anything.

Steak in White Plains?

ah, I see, Marge.
I didn't hate the cowboy rib eye, but it's certainly not what I'd go there for.

I'm going again on the 23rd FWIW; anniversary

Steak in White Plains?

NYFOODIE, this is your ONLY Chowhound post?
it was so bad it was worth joining just to post this bad review???

liza, I certainly wouldn't call X2O a 'steakhouse'.
I would call it terrific, however.


I haven't looked at her recipe, to be honest,
but I HAVE been to someone's house who made what she identified as "Ina Garten's gazpacho",
and to say it bears no resemblance to an actual Spanish gazpacho is only beginning to explain the tip of the iceberg as to how bland and boring it was.

now, can I say that this is a for sure problem with Garten and not with my friend's execution?
No, I cannot.

But it would be consistent with my feelings about Garten's recipes

from an actual Spanish chef (and a super star one at that):


Aug 13, 2014
weedy in Home Cooking

Inn at Pound Ridge open

FWIW Bill, I don't think pasta and pizza are their strong suit there.

I can see foregoing a main for a pasta at a Batali or Michael White resto, but not here

Steak in White Plains?

well if a 'bad steak' is what you're really after, then Outback is for you!

but 'good hamburger or bad steak' are not your only real choices.
are they?

FWIW I prefer several NYC steakhouses to Luger... including BLT Steak

as for grilling at home, I'd rather sous vide and then sear:

Iodine-y Shrimp

that ammonia smell when raw is certainly a dead give away
but after cooking, many people describe that "old" taste as "iodine-y", whether accurately or not.
You're being strict with the word... but it remains a description commonly attributed to 'not fresh' shellfish. As well as to shellfish from questionable waters.
You've never stood around a pier and smelled 'iodine'?

I might add that some municipal water just smells (and tastes) of Iodine. It's also possible for ice made from that water to impart that smell/taste.

Aug 08, 2014
weedy in Home Cooking

If you were trying to impress, what would your dinner party menu look like?

I'd do:
an interesting ceviche (maybe with a tropical fruit base) and habanero
Uni pasta
fish course with wasabi beurre blanc
composed salad
Iberico "secreto" pork skirt steak (sous vide, then sear to finish)

Aug 08, 2014
weedy in Home Cooking

Iodine-y Shrimp

I'm going to agree, that it's probably getting old.

allegedly "reputable" or not, if it smells, I wouldn't buy it.

FWIW it's NEVER an issue with my fishmonger.
that's not just luck.

Aug 07, 2014
weedy in Home Cooking

Taleggio, White Plains

well, I suppose it depends on one's definition of 'awful'!

We go regularly to Little Sorrento; our local red sauce Italian.
It's probably half the price of Taleggio, and, for those simple things especially such as chicken parm or caprese salad or penne a la vodka, and so on, it's 10 times as good.

So in comparison? and for the prices?
I'm standing by 'awful'.

Taleggio, White Plains

DO you really want a detailed review of a place I thought was BAD?
You enjoyed it, perhaps your detailed review would be helpful.

Except for experiences so bad or unprofessional that I feel it's worth alerting others to avoid, I tend to 'review' places I like rather than dislike.
Otherwise, it risks turning this board into a gripe fest.

If you really want to know, i found the food at Tallegio to be seriously lacking.
Almost like what I'd expect from frozen Italian food from a supermarket. Or, at best, at a wedding.
No finesse, no distinction between individual elements in a dish, no sense of freshness or high quality ingredients.
Certainly no sense that whoever is cooking has ever been anywhere NEAR Italy, or even a truly fine Italian restaurant in New York.

There are far too many good (and some great) Italian options in and around Westchester.

I didn't think this one of them.

Taleggio, White Plains

because I care about food <g>

Taleggio, White Plains

that place is awful; simply put

Crabtree Kittle House [Chappaqua]

Had dinner in the Tap Room this past weekend and we were very happy.
Good cocktails, nice atmosphere, great service.
The food was simple (we leaned to the 'bar' food choices rather than ordering form the 'main' dining room menu) but well done. Good burger. Good oysters. Good shishito chiles, and creamed spinach sides. Great lobster roll.
And although not 'cheap', it was reasonable for the experience.

I'd certainly go again sooner than Birdsall, for example.

Nice to know it's safe to add them to the list!

New to Mount Kisco, need the lay of the land

Yes, but I have (I hope not disproportionate!) VERY high hopes for a Michael White resto.

D'artagnan Foie Gras Cubes

it's more than decent, but it's not 'pretty'

so best used in applications where you don't see the pieces

Jul 30, 2014
weedy in General Topics

Gazpacho question

Bittman had a great Gazpacho overview and sampling of recipes in today's NY Times:


Jul 30, 2014
weedy in Home Cooking

Gazpacho question

Here's Jose Andres' recipe... makes at the very least an excellent starting point:


Jul 29, 2014
weedy in Home Cooking

Is it OK when David Rocco pronounces Italian words correctly but not when Giada does it?

the over pronunciation is annoying from anyone...
but Giada occasionally makes something worth watching.
Rocco is a waste of tv time.

Jul 26, 2014
weedy in Food Media & News

‘Food is Meant to Nourish, Not Entertain’

yeah, and sex is only for procreation


Jul 26, 2014
weedy in Food Media & News

What would you do to fix the Food Network

In the beginning, MTV was about music videos.
but they soon became seduced by the general idea of just being "TV",
and soon enough it became all game shows and 'reality' concepts and music videos are virtually gone.

and so it is with FOODTV.
their calculation is that while you might tune in to watch, say, Hot Off The Grill, because you have an interest in grilling or you like Bobby Flay's cooking, you won't sit and watch the channel ALL day or night... and that's what tv is about: keeping you there watching the ads.
so instead they give you hat the consider to be 'entertainment' that they hope keeps you from flipping channels.

I like a few 'entertainment' or contest shows if they're not too dumb.
(eg, Chopped can be fun, Kitchen Casino is puerile)

but mostly I miss the days when it was one actual restaurant CHEF after another showing and teaching something.

my recipe for 'fixing' FOODTV is more restaurant chefs, fewer amateurs, and NO travel/review shows.

I'll learn more from WHATEVER a Flay or Bayless or Symon or Batali has to show than from watching a Fieri or Anderson or Garten make another wings recipe or scream at 'contestants'

or to put it another way:
a dedicated foodie audience is perhaps worth more than a larger but ultimately uninvested general 'tv' audience.

Jul 26, 2014
weedy in Food Media & News

What is a better/easier way to cook chicken than the grill?

Better, and once you have the gear easier = sous vide

I do chicken breasts at 144F for an hour or two.
Then, a quick sear or pan fry (with a bread crumb or nut coating if I'm in the mood) for a minute or so and they're done.

this way they're NEVER overcooked; always perfectly juicy without guessing or worrying.
And while they are in the bath you can forget about them entirely while you do other things.

Jul 26, 2014
weedy in Home Cooking

What is the best way to prepare steak at home?

Sous Vide at 134F, so it's always a perfect med-rare.
quick sear or torch.

Jul 26, 2014
weedy in Home Cooking