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Interesting article about GMO labeling.

I make a product (a hot sauce)

I CAN'T label it GMO free because I CAN'T FIND OUT if one of my ingredients (mustard) is GMO free from ITS manufacturer.
that's absurd.

I don't have a problem with "peanut free" either, semantic or not.

I want the right to KNOW, whether it hurts commerce or not.

it wouldn't be hard to have "GMO free" mean something specific, not vague, in the regulations.
it's industry fighting against that specificity.

about 16 hours ago
weedy in Food Media & News

I [HEART] The Splendid Table and Lynne Rossetto Kasper

When you record commercials, the producers like to tell the voiceover readers (and even the singers if there are any!) to "say it but with a SMILE"...
that's that kind of phony, 'I'm laughing to myself as I say this', thing that you're picking up on, and yes, she has it in spades on that show.
It's TRYING to sound "friendly" or "likable"

and yes, I agree it's mega irritating.
It's as though every sentence is secretly hysterical.

about 16 hours ago
weedy in Food Media & News

Can Richard Blais Save the Food Network? A Look At His New Show, Hungry Games

Ink., Michael Voltaggio's LA resto, is also fantastic.
and just plain fun.

about 16 hours ago
weedy in Food Media & News

Leave Guy Fieri alone: Why he has nothing to do with the Food Network’s decline

I agree that I watch to LEARN something... as well as be intrigued by new food and new places to eat it.

But I disagree about so-called "molecular gastronomy".
I never get the antagonism toward new modernist techniques.

a LOT of us are using sous vide and cream whippers and vacuum machines and various gelling and emulsifying agents at home.
I'd like to learn MORE of that from Alton Brown and Justin Warner and Richard Blais and others on FoodTV.

what I don't need, or watch, is another trip to a diner with a 'bitchin meatloaf'

about 16 hours ago
weedy in Food Media & News

Roasting tomatoes and tomatillos

I'm going to agree with the idea of doing them in pyrex, and then you can just pour the juices in with the salsa (something else I've seen Bayless do as well)

about 17 hours ago
weedy in Home Cooking

What are the most overrated restaurants in Westchester?

I think Ocean House's food is rather boring, and bland.
Which is oddly at odds with the NYT review which tends to like all the most boring dishes and kind of criticises any attempt at spices or sauces.
(she may prefer a totally plain oyster, for example, but is there a restaurant in the world that doesn't offer a mignonette or cocktail sauce or something? no)

I don't personally think 'seafood restaurant' needs to equal boring or 'plain' in the interest if some kind of misguided purity
Marea is simply stunning, in my opinion, and is a million miles away from 'simple grilled fish with lemon'.
So is Le Bernardin.

But then I always think the Westchester Times writers are moronic.

about 17 hours ago
weedy in New York State (exc. NYC)

Can Richard Blais Save the Food Network? A Look At His New Show, Hungry Games

I pretty much feel that about every cookbook.
but I enjoy (and own) Blais'

I read them, I 'get' the ideas and techniques.

but I cannot think of ANY cookbook i actually 'cook from' in the sense of slavishly following a recipe.
I like cookbooks as educational experiences, not as "recipe books"

and as that goes, Blais has a lot of good useful info if you like playing with modernist techniques at all.

about 24 hours ago
weedy in Food Media & News

Mexico One Plate at a Time

I find Lidia Bastianich's interaction with her children on tv much "creepier', but then it's all just about some tv producer thinking it's going to come off 'better'

really, none of these people "needs" a sidekick

about 24 hours ago
weedy in Food Media & News

Internet Trolls Are Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Sadists

to some a dandelion is a weed, and to some it's salad!

is it a 'cult' or a 'religion'?

all in the eye of the beholder

about 24 hours ago
weedy in Food Media & News

Interesting article about GMO labeling.

sorry but, nonsense.

a label that tells you a food contains peanuts, for example, doesn't "add confusion" or "make peanuts seem scary"

it simply lets' YOU decide if you want to eat peanuts or not.

Sep 21, 2014
weedy in Food Media & News

NY Times Westchester reviews

after reading today's review in the NY Times Westchester, I'm reviving my own rant!

MH Reed couldn't know LESS about food and restaurants.
She likes bland. She likes boring.

THey seem to have decided they need to 'speak for' an uneducated and pedestrian taste suburban audience.
but that is NOT what Westchester is or wants.

Sep 20, 2014
weedy in Food Media & News

Mexico One Plate at a Time

if it's that, they're failing

Sep 20, 2014
weedy in Food Media & News

Can Richard Blais Save the Food Network? A Look At His New Show, Hungry Games

"tired of " EATING it?
The food at Blais' The Spence is just great food; tricks aside.
but the 'tricks' make it FUN too.

I've never had a bad meal at WD50 or Alinea or Bazaar... you're "tired of" those chefs and their innovative cooking too?

How about all that sous vide at The French Laundry? we're tired of Keller?

I'm tired of a kind of food luddite-ism that dismisses new techniques JUST because they're new.
That's as bad, or worse, as using a technique ONLY because it's new.

Blais is a great chef with happening restaurants.
I want to see MORE of those on FOOD TV instead of more pioneer women and trips to diners.

Sep 20, 2014
weedy in Food Media & News

Why You Should Refrigerate Tomatoes and Ignore Anyone Who Says Otherwise

that sensational headline got some push back, rightly, on seriouseats as well

refrigerate your tomatoes IF you let your house get too hot, is more accurate.

Sep 18, 2014
weedy in Home Cooking

serving seared tuna

I know

Ahi says enough.
tuna is redundant.
the one that drives ME crazy is "tunafish", as if there is a kind of tuna that's not 'fish"

Sep 18, 2014
weedy in Home Cooking

Winston's in Mt. Kisco - the old Brass Horn Location

I'm interested in which they think the 'dishonest and unapproachable' local restaurants are

good italian in central westchester

my experience has always been that the 'regular' menu at Spacarelli is 'eh', but the specials are often pretty good.

I stick to the blackboard.

but... it's no Cookery

Dried vs. Fresh Hoja Santa

I use the dry in place of the fresh.. just use less and treat it the way you'd treat dried Mexican oregano or epazote (rub between your palms to release the oils)

Sep 06, 2014
weedy in Home Cooking

Places with great service (anywhere in NY State not NYC)

the food at Zeph's IS boring, so you cant blame the waiters

all of the Peter X Kelly restos have great service in my experience.
we just had a dinner at Xaviers and the service was fantastic.

good italian in central westchester

l'inizio is good, but not nearly AS good as Italian Kitchen; or Cookery.

Cookery does take a res on weekday nights (tues, weds, thurs, sundays), by the way, sonuts


other choices:
Terra Rustica - Briarcliff
Spaccarelli - Millwood
Rosie's Bistro - Bronxville
Zuppa - Yonkers

all decent, if not great.

mediterraneo in Pleasanvtille used to be really good; but I haven't been in a while

On the Water, lobster or steamers, birthday [within a drive from Rockland County]

Xaviars is very nice, but not ' on the water'.

and I like Xaviars a lot, and LOVE X20, but both are essentially fine dining restaurants...
not anything at all like a 'lobster/steamers' clam shack kind of place.

Cioppino [Westchester]

I would disagree.
it's not much like a real West Coast genuine cioppino (which is by most accounts a San Franciscan creation)

most of the mentioned 'fish stews' are much closer to bouillabaisses

Cioppino [Westchester]

I like the cioppino at Bar Americain in Manhattan

in Westchester, I make my own!

The Hudson Room - new restaurant in Peekskill

"outside of NYC" would, by the way, include Japan

Anniversary Dinner - New thoughts?

I'm going to say that the last meal we had at Bouley was as close to "perfect" a restaurant experience as you can have.

I wouldn't rule it out.
It can be a killer.

Aug 17, 2014
weedy in Manhattan

Hoping that New York chowhounds are using discretion with their recommendations

If I owned a restaurant I'm pretty sure I would be relying on people who LIKE it to tell their friends; not keep it a secret.

Just like ANY business that relies on numbers.

Aug 17, 2014
weedy in Manhattan

cilantro chutney

I can't help it,
every time I see the title of this thread it makes me wonder if anyone has a recipe for a good "Mexican Dhaniya Salsa"

Aug 17, 2014
weedy in Home Cooking

Inn at Pound Ridge open

MUCH better.
The Parlour for one

Inn at Pound Ridge open

Boy, the NY Times really fawned over the place... but then I don't think the Times Westchester food writers are EVER anywhere close to right about anything.

Steak in White Plains?

ah, I see, Marge.
I didn't hate the cowboy rib eye, but it's certainly not what I'd go there for.

I'm going again on the 23rd FWIW; anniversary