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good low end liquor

Old Forester bourbon, especially the 100pf, is great for mixing or rocks at $20-25/1.75

Dec 10, 2010
JayMad in Spirits

Buy my next bottle!

Wathen's looks interesting, I think I saw it at the store. But as a bourbon, isn't it oaked? Anyway I got the Bowmore Legend and quite liked it over ice in the afternoon. Neat in a glencairn I notice earthy peat with smoke and sweet overtones. Body is malt then honey then peat smoke, with a drying finish like rye. A little hot neat, flavors a bit thin but for the age and price, a great buy! More exciting than blendeds in the price range for sure.

Nov 01, 2010
JayMad in Spirits

Denver area high end vegetarian?

I had a veggie GF and we went a couple times. My fave was the Jamaican Jerk Tempeh w/ forbidden rice. Cool spot, organic bar.

Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant
2010 16th St, Boulder, CO 80302

Nov 01, 2010
JayMad in Mountain States

Recommendations for Fort Collins?

Check out Avogadro's Number. Lots of options, cool atmosphere, good music. A solid casual spot.

Avogadro's Number
605 S Mason St, Fort Collins, CO 80524

Oct 31, 2010
JayMad in Mountain States


2) Pizza- Jalino's Pizza.
3) Sushi- Sushi Zanmai off Pearl. From what I've been told, the only Japanese-trained chef in Boulder. Japango has good happy hour specials, it's the best cheap sushi (oxymoron?)
4) Burgers and fries- Dark Horse. Cheap, dirty, greasy, Delicious. IMO, a perfect burger joint. I for one can't understand the Larkburger. It feels like a coffeeshop or a Jamba Juice something. Very hipster but it is good food.
5) Fish and Chips- The Pearl Street Pub, Conor's
6) Doughnuts- lolwut
9) Vietnamese- There's a new Pho spot on 28th and Pearl, but haven't tried it. looks OK. Only other one is a greasy drunk-food hut on the Hill, afaik.
11) Authentic Tacos- Yep, Efrain's. Wish it wasn't so out of the way.
12) Take-away Burritos- Illegal Petes! Awesome carnitas, what I always go for <$10. The one on the Hill has a nice upstairs bar that's never busy.
13) Beer- Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery! Or a proper brewery. Avery's my favorite.
14) Coffee- The Unseen Bean is a good one, roasted in Longmont. The Trident on Pearl is a classic. Lots of choices here.
15) Unusual sandwiches- Half Fast Subs! Hands down the best (and most!) sandies in town. Get a Strong Island iced tea while you're there, and the chipotle potato salad is awesome while you're waiting on your meal.
17) Any very favorite place that does not fit into one of the previous categories- Lucille's Creole Cafe off Pearl is a cute little spot in an old house that's great for a lunch date or delicious breakfast. Also Moe's Broadway Bagel. Get the Aurora breakfast burrito and never look back. And the Dushanbe Teahouse is a must, great for visitors.

you can also check out this:

Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery
1535 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80302

Sushi Zanmai
1221 Spruce St, Boulder, CO 80302

Dark Horse
2922 Baseline Rd, Boulder, CO 80303

Pearl Street Pub & Cellar
1108 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80302

1630 63rd St Ste 10, Boulder, CO 80301

Jalino's Pizza
1647 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO 80302

Conor O'neill's
1922 13th St, Boulder, CO 80302

Boulder Dushanbe Tea House
1770 13th St, Boulder, CO 80302

Illegal Petes
1447 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80302

The Unseen Bean Coffee Shop
2052 Broadway St, Boulder, CO 80302

1136 Pearl St Ste 110, Boulder, CO 80302

Half Fast Subs
1215 13th St Ste A, Boulder, CO 80302

Oct 31, 2010
JayMad in Mountain States

Buy my next bottle!

I'd probably be drinking it straight, rocks, or water as I like the taste and I'm lazy (read manly ;). I have heard that the younger Bowmores are rough and unrefined otherwise I'd be all over it, you haven't found that the case with the Legend? I like peat but prefer Laga, not Ardbeg.

Oct 31, 2010
JayMad in Spirits

Buy my next bottle!

OK folks, I've got plenty of liquor I want but only the $ for 1 bottle. I'm looking at sub-$30 options and I'm asking you to drink through me vicariously, since I want something I've never tried before. I like whiskey a whole lot but I'm willing to try anything aged in oak.

The specials right now that appeal to me:
Black Bottle Scotch: $22
Muchote repo tequila: $27
Bowmore Legend: $22
Eagle Rare 10: $25

Also thinking about picking up:
Wild Turkey Rye: $19
Clontarf Irish: $24
Four Roses bourbon: $19
Corner Creek bourbon: $20
Elmer T Lee bourbon: $28

What jumps out as an awesome buy? Am I missing anything great in the price range? I'd be willing to try a brandy/cognac if someone has a solid recommendation. I am kinda leaning a certain way but I'll keep that to myself for now.

Oct 31, 2010
JayMad in Spirits

Scotch for mixing

Also Teachers. JW Black does have a strong character that works well in drinks, and Teacher's is similar but smoother and cheaper. I'm drinking some neat right now.

Oct 31, 2010
JayMad in Spirits

Tequilla reccomendations for a beginner

I like it better neat, I just thought I'd try the cocktail. It's cheap by me and I always have a bottle so I gave it a shot. Teacher's is my preferred mixer scotch, Chivas is fine but Teacher's much cheaper.

Don't be afraid to try it, why not? I'd never drown a premium spirit but a vermouth drink or Old Fashioned can gain a lot of depth with better liquor.

BTW the blended scotches do not have un-aged grain alcohol ie vodka. Every single drop of the different whiskies is aged at least 3 years by law then blended. It's all whisky.

Oct 27, 2010
JayMad in Spirits

Tequilla reccomendations for a beginner

Hey Faune, it's great that you're still looking to branch out even though you already enjoy so many different spirits. Tequila is a great one, with lots of history and craftsmanship. It can indeed be appreciated like scotch or brandy: just take a look at, which is full of connoisseurs and reviews. According to them, by the way, you're much better off with the Sauza than the Jose as far as mixtos.

In reference to the blended whiskey/cocktail thing, here's the deal: mixtos are often not aged. Many get their color from dyes, and only 51% of them is actual 'tequila de agave' and the other half is basically cheap unaged white rum straight off the still. Rough stuff. Scotch on the other hand must be at least 3 years old by law, which means that the single grain whiskies in a blended scotch must themselves be at least 3 years old in oak. And I still wouldn't use something like Old Smuggler, Clan Macgregor, or Grant's in a Rob Roy. For what it's worth, I used Highland Park 12 in a Rob Roy once with Noilly Prat dry and Peychaud's and it was excellent.

Margaritas showcase tequila really well and while I wouldn't use a fine $100+ extra anejo in a cocktail, a great $50 blanco like Casa Noble can really shine using fresh ingredients. But just like other spirits, your taste needs to be developed before you can appreciate the subtleties, so I would say grab the Sauza and have yourself a party!

Oct 26, 2010
JayMad in Spirits