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Jean-Luc Tartarin: Two stars in La Havre

Thanks for the hint. Looks great!

Dec 09, 2013
caestill in France

Jean-Luc Tartarin: Two stars in La Havre

OK! Where is your report, John?

Dec 09, 2013
caestill in France

Jean-Luc Tartarin: Two stars in La Havre

He comes from a very renowned restaurant family.

Jun 06, 2013
caestill in France

Jean-Luc Tartarin: Two stars in La Havre

It was 53 Euros for the menu; 14 for a drink beforehand. Coffee and treats were another 7; the wine we chose was 30 Euros. It came to 192 Euros for two for lunch.

Jun 03, 2013
caestill in France

Jean-Luc Tartarin: Two stars in La Havre

We went there on May 31, 2013 for lunch.

It was terrific! The ambience is top; the food is divine. Many extra yummies. Mrs. Tartarin is gracious and lovely.

Saveurs de Mai (Tastes of May)

Asperges vertes et blanches, crues et cuites, Parmesan
jaune d’œuf de Bresse mariné au soja, feuille d’argent
(Marvelous: cooked and raw green and white aspargus, Parmesan, egg yolk, real silver flake)

Dans un bouillon concentré de homard au Tio Pépé...
Lieu jaune et Huitre étuvés
Condiment d’oignons rouges et radis gris
(In a lobster bouillion laced with Tio Pepe, pollack and an oyster,
with red onions and diced gray radishes)

Faux Filet saignant de Salers mariné au poivre Cubébé
Une Béarnaise revue, purée de pommes de terre au beurre Bordier
(Sirloin steak with a special Cubebe pepper, a Bernaise and fabulous buttery mashed potatoes!)

Fromages frais et affinés de F. Olivier.
(Avec Supplément 11€)
(a great selection of cheeses; try the oldest Comte.)

Sur l’idée d’une Panna Cotta…
Crème Battue à la Vanille,
Fraises, sorbet Fruits de la Passion
(Panna Cotta with strawberries and a passion fruit sorbet)

Tarif : 53 €

Plus there were 4 little tiddly-bits to eat with the aperitif; 5 amuses bouches (including a foam of foie gras and sauerkraut!!, a fabulous aspargus soup and a brandade de morue (mashed potatoes and code))

You must have the coffee and copious migardises (little chocolate and cake bits.)

Carrie Estill

Jun 03, 2013
caestill in France

Madison, WI--Anyone been to Pig in a Fur Coat or Forequarter?

I cannot over-recommend Forequarter. Here are the

708 1/4 E Johnson St. Madison, WI 53703
Kitchen: Sun-Wed 5pm-10pm, Thurs-Sat 5pm-1am
Bar: Sun-Wed until midnight, Thurs-Sat until bartime

811 Williamson St. Madison, WI 53703
Open 11am-7pm daily

(Administration and Production)
931 E.Main St. Madison, WI 53703

I live in Paris and am from Madison. I go back to Madison 2-3 times per year. I like real food that is not overpriced. I went on a 17-day cruise on the Oceania Marina (supposedly 4.9/5 for food. It was mediocre. No real butter; everything frozen, etc. ) At Forequarter all the sausages and meat dishes are homemade and tasty. The charcuterie (coppa and ham) was to die for; the pate fabulous. The meat main dishes are great. Yummy buttery desserts! I am sure in the Spring and Summer they will have locally-farmed veggies, etc. Morels? also. The wines are reasonable. Try to come as a group of 4 -- more to try.... you can always get a plate and a drink at the bar. Fun, not elegant. Sardines is a French bistro and very good too, but try to book Forequarter. Bon appetit!

Apr 08, 2013
caestill in Great Lakes

SaQuaNa visit: July 2011

We went Saturday and had the "small" 5 course plus a zillion other things tasting menu for 68 Euros.
What a wonderful meal. You could have 4 more courses (halibut, sardines, veal and a meringue tarte) for another 50 Euros.
About 5 amuse bouche including a raw scallop on a warm mini-bun.
Grilled dorade with many foams and sauces: almond paste, romaine lettuce in a creamy dressing
a filet of raie with long green beans and cepes
Fillet of beef, soja butter, turnip, cucumber, and snap peas
choice of chesses
Main dessert: a belle helene (ice cream, pear, and chocolate sauce) plus apple caramel chocolate cake, plus a macaroon plus a little cake.
Yum. Yum. Reserve! It was packed.

Oct 15, 2012
caestill in France

Gem between Siracusa and Agrigento; La Madia in Licata

I am glad you enjoyed it. I hope to go back. It was a lovely meal in a lovely town.

Oct 15, 2012
caestill in Italy

Delicious, varied seafood cuisine in a beautiful setting.

It was 55 Euros... I must have had a convulsion.

Feb 21, 2011
caestill in Italy

Gem between Siracusa and Agrigento; La Madia in Licata

Thanks, Michelin, for sending me to a 2 star restaurant in Licata.

Warning: on the outside it is just a door! Inside it is warm, spacious and beautiful. There is however no view. There was very nice jazz music in the background.

The waiter spoke some English and very good German (He had lived in Munich two years.) The chef came out to see me 3 times to make sure I was enjoying my meal.

I had the creative menu for 95 Euros (10 courses). Most were raw or lightly cooked fish and shellfish. I am sure you can ask them to cook them longer or try the "Classic menu" at 80 Euros.

I had a bottle of organic wine from Ragusa (Gulfi; 28 Euros


Bread basket: 7 different kinds of warm bread (I had a loaf with figs, pistachios and almonds and a square piece of a flat bread with onions (a specialty of Palermo.))

1. Mozarella with a base of bread crumbs and tomatoes with fresh herbs.

2. a new dish (not on menu) red snapper with bread crumbs and pistachios on top.

3. a piece of cod on a bed of artichoke puree.

4. octopus in a fennel soup with artichoke chips.

5. raviolo of brocolli pure with a langoustine and lobster sauce.

6. spahetti with a big shrimp in a Jerusalem artichoke cream.

7. white tuna; mashed potatoes

8. mandarine jello

9. cannola with white cheese and pistachios; vanilla-masala ice cream

10. Jewel box of little desserts (mignardises)

Every dish used the freshest ingredients and screamed with flavor.

The total cost with coffee and water was 135 Euros for one.

Happy Eating!

Carrie Estill

Feb 21, 2011
caestill in Italy

Delicious, varied seafood cuisine in a beautiful setting.

I ate lunch at La Scogliera restaurant in Siculiana Marina, just west of Agrigento.

The owner speaks German very well and a little English. He offered me a menu, but emphasized what he had bought fresh that morning. He is full on Sundays for lunch even in the off-season; during the week not so full. Call ahead.

Téléphone: 0922817532

I had a plate of sea food for a starter: cooked black mussels, a shrimp salad with Louie sauce (mayonaise and tomato), a mixed seafood salad (shrimp, squid, octupus with a vinagrette), and anchovies.

This was followed by grilled swordfish. (2 larges slices), served with a mixed (rocket and tomato) salad.

I had an excellent bottle of local white wine. I chose cheese for my finishing course, although I was offered home made cannoli with pistachios (I have diabetes. Rats!). I finished off with coffee and Averna digestive.

The best part: this feast for one was 55, 000 Euros.

You really feel like you are in someone's home. When the weather is good, a dining room with glass on 4 sides is open, with a wonderful view of the ocean.

Happy Eating!

Feb 21, 2011
caestill in Italy

Really good Mexican restaurant in Berlin?

Izrael in the 4th arrondisement in Paris sells corn husks by weight. I bought about 20 for 4 Euros...

Oct 26, 2010
caestill in Europe