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Where to buy dried hominy?

Thank you so much! I'd actually forgotten all about this post until today.

Will definitely be buying a can or two of that Posole.

I prefer things from scratch too, but have come to terms with how lazy I am most of the time.

Thanks again.

Feb 02, 2011
delphia in Chicago Area

Where to buy dried hominy?

I've been looking for a place to buy dried hominy in Chicago. Preferably from a bulk bin, but will buy it pre-packaged.

Anyone know a good place?

I'm up in Edgewater, but willing to travel for a mega-awesome store.


(P.S. Mega awesome = has lots of other unique/hard-to-find food stuff.)

Dec 01, 2010
delphia in Chicago Area

Homemade Indian food delivery/pick-up options

Luzzat up in Rogers Park makes homemade-quality Indian/Pakistani food for reasonable prices. No delivery, but you can pick it up.

For the longest time it was just one woman doing everything, but now she has a few helpers taking orders and whatnot. I recommend ordering only when you have a reasonable amount of time to wait, since she still does most of the cooking all by herself.

(Note: The place is so tiny that it is hard to eat without being affected by the other customers - so PLEASE, be considerate and don't bring your screaming children (or obnoxious friends for that matter.)

1505 W Jarvis Ave, Chicago, IL 60626

Oct 25, 2010
delphia in Chicago Area