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Toronto Wedding Venue Help!

Just an update for anyone who is interested - the wedding day went beautifully and everyone raved about the locations - Spadina House and the Ontario Heritage Centre. The staff at both locations were fantastic and everything came together really well. If you want to get an idea of what the two locations look like set up - you can check out the preview of our wedding pictures here:
(Ikonica is great for photography by the way!) Just a note to mangolassi, we got the 1950s car too, lol! Best of luck to anyone out there planning their big day!

Svetec Farms (Clarinton, ON) Opinions on Quality and Value?

Hi Everyone,

I was thinking about purchasing a Winter Box from Svetec Farms ( and was wondering if anyone had any opinions on their products and whether what they are offering is a good value for the cost?

I am interested in getting more local, ethically raised products but have no experience with this so I am not really aware what is a good price etc. So any opinions on their quality and the prices would be really helpful.

Thank very much!

Toronto Wedding Venue Help!

Hi! Sorry for the REALLY late reply, planning a wedding and buying, renovating, moving to a new house and working 6 days a week means you don't get around to checking message often :( The costs do add up with OHC but there are some benefits as well - you can bring your own alcohol. They do provide tables. And the people are pretty friendly to work with. We went with Herrera's for our catering, as we were told by the staff at OHC they would be the most flexible in allowing outside food. And turns out they were, we are bringing in three Chinese dishes and they were very nice about it - their food also tastes pretty good too. Things to consider are - the heritage fee also includes the rental costs (cutlery, plates etc) - so that adds to the cost. I wouldn't say not to book there but make sure you do the math before you commit - we were just really behind in planning so we had to take what was left and this turned out to be the cheapest option that fit with our theme. Best of luck with your planning!!

Toronto Wedding Venue Help!

Hey Everyone! Thank you so much for all your advice and input! I tried most of the places you mentioned in the fall but unfortunately most of them were booked on the date we chose - I believe we started out a little late. But I think it all worked out for the best in the end. We booked our ceremony at Spadina House, which as mangolassi mentioned is the museum next to Casa Loma. Its a gorgeous little museum I have been visiting with my dad since I was young and luckily for me just redecorated in the 1920s style (on the inside anyway). We are having our reception at The Ontario Heritage Centre on Adelaide. It's a bank building from 1906 and its gorgeous on the inside and has a great staircase that you can descend and make an entrance. I think with just a few decorations it will fit the theme pretty well.They have a list of exclusive caterers but the one we have gone with seems reasonably priced, they are allowing us to bring in some food from other venues (as my fiance is Chinese, we wanted to bring in some traditional dishes), and the tasting went well. The venue also allows you to bring your own alcohol, which I know chowow said was difficult to manage, but the staff at The Heritage centre seems very accommodating and will let you drop if off before the wedding and pick the remainder up after your event. The only issue is the parking but its close to the subway and there are a number of parking lots nearby. So I don't know if these were the best choices, but I'm pretty happy with them so far. So, now I just have to figure everything else out :'( Wish me luck! Thanks for you all your help everyone!

Toronto Wedding Venue Help!

My fiance and I are looking into wedding venues in Toronto and having a hard time finding any with availability for our chosen day (I know, we should have looked earlier). I'm hoping someone can suggest a location, perhaps one that is not as well known, that I haven't looked into yet. We are trying to go for a 1920s theme, so anything that fits that theme or could be decorated to fit that theme would be great. We are thinking around 100-120 people will attend. We are hoping to book for mid-september 2011. Budget wise, we would like it to be mid-range (does not need to be super cheap but not super expensive). We don't mind going outside the city as long its not way out there. Obviously we want a place that can provide great food or atleast will allow us to bring in our own caterer.
We have already looked at St Lawrence Hall, Palais Royale, Atlantis Pavilions, Graydon Hall, and the Eglinton Grand with no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please please please!

Graydon Hall
185 Graydon Hall Dr, Toronto, ON M3A, CA