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Casual/swanky dining in/near Providence

Thanks guys! A friend of mine actually mentioned this a while ago but I apparently googled the wrong thing and ruled it out. I just found the REAL info and I'm excited to try it!

Casual/swanky dining in/near Providence

Well, I've only been there twice, so maybe I was just unlucky those times...but I felt very awkward, judged, and out of place. Could just be my insecurities talking. However, I generally find that places offering extensive vegan/veggie items tend to be VERY crowded...and I'd rather not sit centimeters away from another group/couple.

Anyway, I live in Seekonk so I don't mind traveling to other towns in SE MA/RI.

Casual/swanky dining in/near Providence

I just did a search through the archives and really didn't see anything that appealed to me (or my wallet).

I'd prefer to stay away from classic, homey Italian places...but I'm not entirely against them, either. Although my boyfriend and I are in our 20's, we're intimidated by the pretentious hipsters that frequent places like Julian'

We're basically chain people trying to stray from our bad habits, so go easy on us.

Basic needs:
-cheap ($6-$10 apps, $8-$15 entrees)
-casual, comfortable atmosphere
-consistently good food


Where to eat in Niagara Falls, NY (US only, please)!

Aww, breakfast is our favorite! We don't mind traveling a bit for something good! ;)

Where to eat in Niagara Falls, NY (US only, please)!

Thanks for your suggestions...both sound wonderful and appear to be close to our hotel. We're staying at Days Inn on Main St/Rainbow Blvd (which, to my understanding, has a Denny's on site...ick!).

Where to eat in Niagara Falls, NY (US only, please)!

Hi, my boyfriend and I are looking for some decent spots to eat while spending a weekend in early March. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

What we need:
-2 breakfast spots
-1 lunch spot
-2 dinner spots

What we're looking for:
-relatively inexpensive places (we realize things may be pricier due to location)
-fresh & simple ingredients
-clean, quirky & casual atmosphere
-somewhere with KILLER home fries (the crispier the better)

We're not really the fine dining type or anything; we're essentially meat & potato people who like things well/uniquely prepared.

Thanks for your help!

Where to eat/what to do in Portland, ME

My boyfriend and I will be visiting Thanksgiving weekend (Nov 26-28). I've been researching places online to eat, but I'm still unsure!

I'll break this down for you, so here's what we need:

Activities: Inexpensive, fun/touristy type stuff. Tours, karaoke (I'm not yet 21 though!), cool places to visit, etc.

Breakfast: 2 different places. I'm a home fry fanatic (I like them crispy & fluffy, almost like tiny french fries) and would love it if you could recommend something with great home fries. I'm also big on waffles, so if there's any place with good waffles AND home a sister out!

Lunch: 1 place. Cheap & delicious.

Dinner: 2 places, 1 of which has to serve a good lobster meal. However, I don't do lobster, so this place has to have other decent non-seafood options. The second one can serve anything, really, though if there is anywhere that has good Mexican, that would be fantastic.

Neither of us are the fine-dining type, so we prefer casual/unpretentious joints over hip/trendy places. Thanks so much!