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Visiting London from Philadelphia for first time in 20 years. So many places, only 7 dinners. Help!

Breakfast at The Wolseley was completely overrated on my visit. Overcooked poached eggs on both my table and my neighbours table. And a bread/pastry basket that seemed like it had come from the local supermarket.

Jan 23, 2015
damien76 in U.K./Ireland

Blooming onion in London?

Also on at the Stax Diner

Aug 14, 2014
damien76 in U.K./Ireland

Brighton, UK.

never been but jay rayner rates this barbecue place

Jul 07, 2013
damien76 in U.K./Ireland

Reasonable and interesting London dinner near Duchess Theatre? [London]

hawksmoor sevendials has a pre or post theatre 2 course meal for £23 with vegetarian options

May 14, 2013
damien76 in U.K./Ireland

London with picky 9-year-old vegetarian

The vegetarian burger at patty & bun is highly recomended

May 14, 2013
damien76 in U.K./Ireland

Patty and Bun, West End, London

Agreed they're probably the best of the outlets. A big plus for my circumstances is that their vegetarian option is unusually good for a central london fast food joint.

Quite like Tommi's Burger Joint round the corner for the informality, HG walter beef and the range of unlimited sauces on offer.

£10 for a burger and chips does feel v.wrong.

Jan 18, 2013
damien76 in U.K./Ireland

Best place of fish and chips

The Bull & Last is a highly recommended food pub on the board and have fish and chips on the menu

Jan 04, 2013
damien76 in U.K./Ireland

Last question before my trip (foie gras & Charcuterie)

they have drive ins called hotlights dotted around the outskirts of towns where they bake fresh, never been myself, nearest to London is Shannon corner just off New Malden

re muushupork: your giving yourself lots to do on the 15th, instead of going to borough mkt twice start at maltby, fill up on donuts and eccles cakes (what st johns are famous for) for breakfast, sure there will be other treats available nearby as well, get some coffee from monmouth etc

Dec 02, 2012
damien76 in U.K./Ireland

London food stores: a list of the best...

My favourite deli's tend to be where the owner displays obsessive compulsive behaviour. My current favourite is Melrose & Morgan, only been to the Primrose Hill branch but they have another in Hampstead.

Poilane bakery, off Victoria, the smell of the shop alone is amazing (in particular the mornings), but is also alot cheaper (?) than buying their bread elsewhere.

Honourable mention for Gennaro's in Lewisham, similar to I Camissa & Son but bigger, cheaper and with really friendly staff.

Dec 01, 2012
damien76 in U.K./Ireland

Dish of the month

Was the adana kebab minced not cubed?

I really like the adana at Best Mangal, West Ken, somehow very moist without being too greasy. The one I had at Mangal Ocakbasi, Dalston was dry in comparison.

Oct 28, 2012
damien76 in U.K./Ireland

Mexican food - London/Essex

there's a couple of threads already on this, you may struggle to find anything up to your standard

I liked the Conchinita Pibil at the buen provecho stall, but nothing else stood out

if all else fails there's always the DIY option- the art of of mexican cooking by diana kennedy + the cool chile co deliver quite a selection

Oct 23, 2012
damien76 in U.K./Ireland

A CH in London (on business): Looking for great Food Shops & Restaurant’s w Take-away and more food shopping questions…

Outside of specific delis, Ottolonghi could be great for your needs. There are several branches. Lots of fresh, inventive salads/vegetables/fruit with a middle eastern influence to takeaway. Re-heating not required. The pictures in this article give you an idea
Choices change daily and should last a couple of days ok in a bar fridge.

Cured meats, cheeses, tinned fish etc from Lina stores/I. Camisa (both Italian in soho) or the Spanish who are known for their long life tinned goods from Brindisia at Borough mkt, (Neals yard cheese also across from them) or R Garcia & Sons - Notting Hill

Wholefoods keeps similar hours to waitrose and m&s, and is preferable when I don't have access to cooking facilities.

If you can give a rough location of your hotel, there maybe some late night choices nearby others can recommend?

Oct 22, 2012
damien76 in U.K./Ireland

Last minute trip advice

Seems like they're now available from a few more locations as well.

Tried any from the Hawksmoor or Harwood arms? How do they compare to St John's?
They look real good:

Oct 14, 2012
damien76 in U.K./Ireland

Last minute trip advice

This lists michelin starred set lunch prices in the UK
Arbutus at approx £18 per person is roughly a mile from Bloomsbury

Big UK museum/galleries tend to have quality dining options relative to other countries. The swan at the globe is recommended as an alternative to the tate modern restauraunt, its right next door and has a bar

Donuts are best from St Johns bakery, sat mornings only, get there early and have a coffee from Monmouth, then onto Tate Modern?

Oct 14, 2012
damien76 in U.K./Ireland

Artisan Bread Shop with Sourdough Starter to buy - Central London?

Ebay seems the easiest,

but Poilaine just off Victoria definately bakes on the premises judging by the heady, intoxicating aromas in the shop. Their pastries are great too. St johns, maltby street, sat mornings on the other side of London is a close second for my favourite bakery, especially for doughnuts.

Each are worth a visit in their own right, but phone ahead for the starter.

Oct 12, 2012
damien76 in U.K./Ireland

Three Ramen Places, London

I was at Ippudo for dinner last week and it was pretty dark and loud, it kind of reminded me of meat liquor?

Not sure whether we have enough of a Japanese population here to get a great ramen scene?

Oct 09, 2012
damien76 in U.K./Ireland

Copita (D'Arblay St)

Ended up going in the evening (Friday). The patrons seemed to interpret tapas in a British way, by 8.30pm people were only drinking.... Have quite a severe hangover from mistakenly joining in.

Really liked most of what we had when we did eat at the beginning, with plenty of inventive vegetarian choices for my partner. In particular the sweet and sour onions with sobrasada & parmesan was great.

Only criticism was that I found the ajo blanco unbearably salty, which is probably authentic (?).

Oct 06, 2012
damien76 in U.K./Ireland

Chocolate Shop(s) in london (not chocolatiers)

Your right to be wary about being ripped off, there can be a massive disrespect of ingredients in the UK, in particular when it comes to optimal storage.

I'm sure its several kilo's of valrhona chocloate in whole foods kensington that is wrapped in cellophane or plastic tubs and left lying around the shop floor from one month to the next.

At least if you do manage to buy from a chocolatier there's a good chance its been looked after properly.

Oct 04, 2012
damien76 in U.K./Ireland

Copita (D'Arblay St)

Thanks you helped make up my mind, Copita is part of the american express/foursquare/londonrestaurantfestival promotion running at the moment. I'll be having an almost free lunch their tomorrow with my partner (we both have amex cards)


Oct 04, 2012
damien76 in U.K./Ireland

London/Edinburgh Next Week.

keep an eye out for pre theatre and lunch menus if your trying to save money, both of these are great value, well regarded and within strolling distance to theatre land:

£15.95 for 2 courses or or 3 courses for £17.95 at les deux salons

or £18.95 for 2 courses or 3 courses for £20.95 at Arbutus (run by the same people and has a michelin star

May 14, 2012
damien76 in U.K./Ireland

Canadians visiting London

I'd consider that hotel to be more of a Westminster location. If your willing to get to the Angel and Crown for the pub experience a place recommended alot on this board is the Anchor & Hope pub near waterloo station which is an equal distance but would involve a nice stroll along the river.

Personally i'd be too tired after a long flight and would reserve a table at the Harwood Arms (michelin star pub) and taxi there and back to the hotel.

Dishoom is a good spot, have a look at the thread on here to make the most of your menu choices.

Not sure what would be of interest in Notting Hill on a weekday evening unless your looking for something of a particular interest. Portobello market which runs off it is less crowded on Fridays.

Apr 24, 2012
damien76 in U.K./Ireland

OXO cubes - What other choice is out there?

Well my time constraints and it being a vital element when I do get round to cooking has led me to keep up the search.

The beef stock was so thick i had to carve it out of the tub and into the pan with a spoon and made a delicious sauce without almost any effort. While their lamb stock was good there maybe some slight variations in batches. They also have a dark chicken stock which I've yet to try.

You can get it from their Twickenham shop, their online shop or sometimes Ocado. Their other produce is uniformly excellent and supplies restaurants such as the Ledbury.

Apr 22, 2012
damien76 in U.K./Ireland

St Johns doughnuts, eccles cakes and bread, the best in London?

I seem to remember a King recommending that method. Guess i'll be having a good old fashioned toast off soon to try it all out.

Apr 20, 2012
damien76 in U.K./Ireland

Food trucks and Street Meat website/map

Thanks its a bit of a trek for me, what kind of hours do they keep if I'm over that way?

Apr 20, 2012
damien76 in U.K./Ireland

St Johns doughnuts, eccles cakes and bread, the best in London?

Excellent idea I picked up some toasting bags from Lakeland that let you make toasted sandwiches in a regular toaster, its time they got tested.

Apr 20, 2012
damien76 in U.K./Ireland

St Johns doughnuts, eccles cakes and bread, the best in London?

Well I finally made it to Poilane as suggested by Limster above and I think it gives st johns a serious run for its money for the title.

Located in a beautiful little shop/bakery the fresh bread smell was really heady and intoxicating when I picked some breakfast yesterday morning.

It has the additional benefit of normal trading hours and is located moments from Victoria station if pastries are needed for a trip. Though it's a a more pleasant walk from sloane square.

Apr 20, 2012
damien76 in U.K./Ireland

fine foods shops, London

If your after the best olive oil it has to be new season or as close to as possible. A lot of olive oil in the shops is usually quite old and therefore stale. Although difficult to find in London, Brindisia in Borough market is currently selling some. Personally I find R Garcia on Portobello rd more reasonable for Spanish goods.

Selfridges food hall, although expensive, can have some excellent and extensive choices. Not to be missed are their raw milk products and the new st john bakery section.

If your taking up the recommendations for Lina stores and Camisa in Soho try also nearby Gelupo (an ice cream parlour that has a small food emporium at the back).

Apr 14, 2012
damien76 in U.K./Ireland

Outstanding pastiera @ La Gelatiera, Covent Garden, London

Thanks for the heads up. I had chocolate at dri dri which was excellent but really think the milk chocolate at la gelatiera beats it for chocolate intensity.

They also had some more outlandish favours such as san marzano tomato with mozzarella, would be interested to know if anyone's tried?

So much good ice cream in London so little time....

Apr 13, 2012
damien76 in U.K./Ireland

London - Best Chinese-style roast duck in Queensway, Bayswater?

Sir I salute your hard working belly! As someone who suffers from a vegetarian partner your posts have made a great introduction to Chinese cuisine. I'll definitely be trying the Gold Mine duck when I come to London on Friday.

Jan 14, 2012
damien76 in U.K./Ireland

Your Current London Faves....

Not sure if its worth a trip alone out to Camden, I liked some of the sprinkles they used on the ice cream at Chin Chin. It's fun watching your ice cream being made with nitrogen by someone in a Lab coat but not sure whether it added anything to the actual ice cream or whether it was as good as some of the places mentioned.

Nov 27, 2011
damien76 in U.K./Ireland