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fatty cue vs fette sau


Aug 29, 2010
millerd in Outer Boroughs


There are alot of options, depends on what type of food and environment you are interested in. Just a few options could include:

Brooklyn's Chinatown - Metro Cafe is good
Middle Eastern in Bay Ridge - Tanoreen is an option
Dresslers in Williamsburg
Any of the excellent pizza options in Brooklyn - Di Faras, Lucalis, Motorino ... there are more.

There are too many possibilities to list, in too many neighborhoods worth exploring

575 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

7523 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

319 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Aug 10, 2010
millerd in Outer Boroughs


I had the best steak of my life, the bistec alla florentina, at Perseus in Florence.

More info in my trip report here:

Jan 22, 2010
millerd in Italy

Gastropub type food/atmosphere near Brooklyn Museum?

I'm not sure if what you are looking for exists within walking distance. However I would recommend considering the following in Prospect Heights along Vanderbilt Ave.

Beast - has a few decent beers (nothing special), and food that may qualify as gastropub fair.
Cornelius - has very good cocktails, some beer, and good food.
Vanderbilt - I haven't tried it, but supposedly has good drinks and tapas, though I've heard they are expensive for what you get.

I don't know about the Sunday hours for any of these, so you may want to call ahead.

Jan 15, 2010
millerd in Outer Boroughs

Trip report - Rome, Sorrento, Florence

My wife and I just got back from a 9 night trip to Italy. We spent 3 nights in Rome, 3 in Sorrento and the surrounding area, and 3 in Florence. We had a terrific time, and ate some very good meals and a few disappointing ones.

Being from New York we have access to and have tried a wide variety of Italian food, so we thought it made sense to focus on what we thought Rome would do well, specifically traditional rather than contemporary food. Our selections were based in large part on David Downie's Terroir book, unfortunately we were generally disappointed.

On Friday, our first night, we ate at Matricienella. We shared a fried artichoke appetizer, which was oily and bland. My bucatini amatricianna was very good, one of the better pastas I had on our trip. My wife's gricia was not very good at all. We shared a roasted veal dish, which was a special, but it was overcooked and flavorless. Service was friendly and good.

Our second night was at Paris in Trastevere. It was the most disappointing meal of the trip, especially considering it was one of the most expensive. My carbonarra was mediocre. My wife tried their amatricianna, which had no spice and little pork. I had fried veal meatballs, which were ok; the flavor and texture was nice, but it was a one note dish. My wife had beef stew; I don't recall the exact name of the dish, it was decent. Our desert was a chocolate ricotta cheese cake which was cloyingly sweet. The service was friendly but rather slow.

We decided to try a gelato place recommended by Downie's book near the Vatican, I think it was called Gelato de Gracchi. We tried hazelnut, pistachio, a chocolate and something else. Except for the pistachio, it was not very good. The texture was good, but the flavors were suprisingly dull.

On Sunday night we tried Osteria Quercia (sp?), which is near Campo de' Fiori. We had walked by it in the afternoon, and it seemed popular with a mix of locals and tourists, and the food and menu had looked good, so we gave it a shot. I don't recall all that we had, but I remember that it was good. It was more reasonable than our other dinners, the service was good, and overall the best value we had in Rome.

We spent the next three nights in Sorrento, making day trips to Capri and the Amalfi coast. The whole area was beautiful, but did seem more tourristy than I expected. Given this impression, we didn't want to spend much money on the more expensive restaurants, such as Caruso and Il Buco, which seemed to cater to tourists. Instead we ate at more casual pizzerias and such, which were generally unremarkable, but we did enjoy Pizzeria Aurora in Sorrento.

Our last three night were spent in Florence, where we had by far the best food of our trip. From the snack shops to the finer restaurants, the menus were more diverse, the quality was higher, and the cost lower than in Rome or Sorrento.

We stayed in a wonderful B&B just north of the central area of the city called Relais Villa Antea. The rooms were both large and yet cozy, as well as quite attractive. The service was especially wonderful, the owner gave us a booklet of personal recommendations of attractions and food, which turned out to be wonderful.

On her recommendation on our first night we went to Perseus, which was the best meal of our trip. This is a traditional Florentine restaurant, which was boisterous and fun and full of mostly locals. Its specialty is beef, and their bistec alla florentine, was without question the best steak I have ever eaten! It put Peter Lugers to shame. We also had a gnochi that was very good. The house wine was a good chianti, and the service was very welcoming.

The next day we had a lite lunch at Osteria de' Benci, which was also recommended by our hotel. We only shared a few small things, most notable was the drunken spaghetti. Which was a noodle infused with red wine. I wouldn't have it often, but it was quite good and unique. The place was very pleasant, and I had the impression that the other items on the menu would have been quite good.

That night we had reservations at Osteria Tourbouni. This is an ambitious and very professional restaurant. It was more contemporary than any of our other meals. We had a cheese tasting, 2 pastas and shared a lamb dish. Everything was excellent, including the wine and service.

The next day we snacked at a few small shops in Oltrano and at the central market (which I highly recommend that anyone visit).

Our last night we went to Pizzeria Lo Spera. A small pizzeria in a residential neighborhood recommended by our hotel. We got there at the right time as it quickly filled up with locals and a few tourists. The pizza maker had won a world championship pizza making competition; and it showed. The pizza was more Napolian in crust style, but there were a huge variety of topping options. If I had more time I would have explored many of them. This may have also been our cheapest meal, 2 large pizzas and a half liter of wine were under 20 euro.

I hope to return to explore more of Italy, especially the smaller Tuscan towns, and northern Italy.

Nov 03, 2009
millerd in Italy

Tempo closing

Last night I went to enjoy one final dinner before they close. It was a great as always, and they were very gracious.

It seems the word is out, they were very busy. So anyone who would like to enjoy one last fine meal there should call for reservations.

Jun 05, 2009
millerd in Outer Boroughs

TEMPO update.

In terms of overall quality, service, atmosphere, and value, I think Tempo is the best restaurant in Brooklyn.

I have been almost a dozen times over the past 3 years, and I have yet to be disappointed. The food has always been exceptional. It seems they recently added some new items to the menu, and they are as good as any others. And the service has always been gracious, helpful and professional.

I went on Sunday, mistakingly thinking restaurant week had already started. It had not, but since we had arrived at 6:00, we were able to order from the $19.95 three course menu. There were also half priced bottles of wine, and even free glasses of sangria. A fantastic deal!

I think there are many excellent restaurants in Brooklym, including Al Di La, Dresslers, and many more. But in terms of overall experience and value, nothing seems to compete with Tempo.

Mar 25, 2009
millerd in Outer Boroughs

Sandwiches in Park Slope?

Bierkraft sandwiches are great. At least they can be, its really up to what choose to put on it. But they have a huge range of excellent cheeses to choose from, for sandwiches I really like the English cheddar.

The meat selection is not as large, but what they do have is very good, I like the serrano ham.

The bread is very good, and there is a wide range of toppings you can add, including avocado, and very good mustards and other condiments.

$9 may sound expensive, but considering the quality of ingredients and the size (they are large), it is a bargain. They also come with a bag of chips.

Along with tempo, and snice, bierkraft is my favorite place for sandwiches in the slope.

Feb 19, 2009
millerd in Outer Boroughs

Best Burrito in NY?

I agree, Taqueria de los Muertos is one of my favorites, probably the best burrito in Brooklyn I can think of. It also has good tacos. And it clearly has the coolest name.

Jan 17, 2009
millerd in Outer Boroughs

Family dinner on Vanderbilt, kind of near Atlantic?

You could consider Beast. They have a wide range of american style tapas, and a good selection of vegetarian options. Not much on the latin side of things, but some stuff that may be closer to bbq. The price is in the right range, though some of the dishes are smaller and meant for sharing.

There is a back room you might be able to reserve if you have a large party.

The biggest downside is that the service gets slow when it gets busy.

It is on Vanderbilt, at Bergen I think.

Dec 06, 2008
millerd in Outer Boroughs

Fish tacos in Park Slope?

Another place I would recommend checking out is Chavellas in Crown Heights, on Grand near Prospect Pl.

Its a small, inexpernsive, but nice Mexican place with really good food. The menu tends towards Mexican rather than American-Mexican. No burritos, but good tortas, tacos, quesadillas and more. They have fish tacos, but I haven't tried those.

Nov 22, 2008
millerd in Outer Boroughs

Fish tacos in Park Slope?

If you are considering looking outside Park Slope, there is a pretty good place in Prospect Heights on Washington called 'Taqueria del los Muertos'.

Aside from having an awesome name, they have very good burritos and tacos, including the fish tacos. Their menu and style is pretty similar to La Taqueria in Park Slope, but I think the food is better.

Oct 29, 2008
millerd in Outer Boroughs

Best Sandwich in Slope/Carroll Gardens?

I think there are several good options in the the slope. As several people have mentioned, Tempo makes great sandwiches.

Snice has several good vegetarian/vegan options.

City Sub is good for basic deli options.

Bierkraft can make a great sandwhich with your choice of meat, cheese, and othetr toppings - lots of good options to explore.

I had 2 bad - awful experiences at Press 185, I would not return.

Sep 22, 2008
millerd in Outer Boroughs

Anniversary in Vancouver

My wife and I will be in Vancouver in late September for our anniversary and I am looking for somewhere special. Ideally it should be romantic, but not stuffy, and have great food. We like most cuisines. Something unique to Vancouver would be especially appreciated.

I would like to keep it under $200 for the 2 of us, including drinks (we don't have expensive taste in wine).

Thanks for the tips.

Vegetarian spots in Park Slope

i second the snice recommendation. i've been several times in the past couple weeks, and everything i have tried has been very good. all sandwiches and salads are $7.50, so its quite reasonable.

another good place with alot of vegetarian options is Hunan Delight on 6th and Union.

May 30, 2008
millerd in Outer Boroughs

B'way and Fulton--lunch options

alfanoose has really great middle eastern.

May 19, 2008
millerd in Manhattan

Barrio Park Slope

My wife and I tried Barrio on Friday and thought it was very good, maybe even great.

We loved the red salsa they provide, it has an unusual flavor I couldn't put my finger on. The guacamole was very good. My wife tried the chickeb enchiladas which were good. I tried the puebla pork, which was great - the peanut mole was really nice.

The service was very friendly, and actually quite fast, especially considering the place was rather full.

I hope they add a few more items to the menu over time, as it is somewhat small.

May 19, 2008
millerd in Outer Boroughs

Tempo report 5.3.08

I agree completely. I have been to Tempo many times now and each time it has been very good to terrific. And the week day prix fixe it a great deal.

May 04, 2008
millerd in Outer Boroughs

park slope top ten

I tried Burrito Bar once and thought it was awful. I've tried Los Pollitos and liked it, I would nearly include it on my list. I haven't tried Maria's but have been curious.

I usually get take out at Taqueria, but on a couple of times that I've been to the sit down side I've had specials that have been very good that were not available at the counter.

Santa Fe isn't too bad either, though a bit generic. I was disappointed in Chile's and Chocolate.

Feb 06, 2008
millerd in Outer Boroughs

park slope top ten

Tempo Presto on 7th closed, but the one on 5th is still open.

Bar Totto and Taqueria are more basic kind of places. But I like them for what they are; very good everyday neighborhood places, and very good values. I wouldn't want to compare them directly to Tempo or Al Di La. I included them in my top 10 based on the type of restaurant they aspire to be and the need they fill. But I can understand why other people would think of their top 10 differently.

Feb 05, 2008
millerd in Outer Boroughs

park slope top ten

I'm surprised noone has mentioned Taro or Tempo yet. Anyways here are mine in somewhat rough order.

Al di la
Tempo Presto
Bar Totto
La Taqueria
Hunan Delight
Long Tan

Feb 04, 2008
millerd in Outer Boroughs

Btwn Pk Slope, Bk Heights & Wsburg - Need Dinner Spot

I think Fort Greene is probably your best bet in terms of convenient neighborhood with decent options for food. I like Luz, which has very good pan Latin food. I also like LuLu, which is French bistro style with good burgers and some more upscale options too.

There are a number of other options along Dekalb as well, such as Ici, Chez Oscar, Bonita and more.

Any more info on price range, cuisine or atmosphere you are looking for?

Jan 11, 2008
millerd in Outer Boroughs

Sripraphai - Your Favorite Dish(es)

I haven't seen it mentioned much, but I really like the the pork w/ thai eggplant. I order it 'thai spicy' and it is quite hot.

Oct 30, 2007
millerd in Outer Boroughs

Appetizers and drinks in Williamsburg

Maybe relish on N 3rd and Wythe. Here is an afternoon menu,

Maybe not as lite as you want, but they do have good drinks, and its a good atmosphere for hanging out.

Sea or Planet Thailand also might work, the Thai food is only mediocre, but would otherwise fit your bill.

Sep 20, 2007
millerd in Outer Boroughs

Best Sushi in North Brooklyn?

I wouldn't call it "knock down, unforgettable", but my favorite in those neighborhoods is probably Gen, on Washington and Bergen. Its a friendly, small Japanese owned place with some interesting menu items. Its nothing amazing, buts its good and a good value...and there's not much better in those areas (though I am not familiar with sushi in Carrol Gardens).

Mar 30, 2007
millerd in Outer Boroughs

Looking for hidden gems in Williamsburg/Greenpoint

Don't know that its hidden, but i think the Brooklyn Pizza Gallery on Havemyer near n 8th is underrated and overlooked.

There are a few cheap mexican places towards the north end of Manhattan Ave. in Greenpoint that probably qualify.

I think the Frankin Corner Shop, on Franklin and Huron (or India?) is a great place, with an awesome cuban.

Siam Orchid on Metropolitan, not hidden, but tiny and often overlooked, probably has the best Thai food in the area.

There are some good Italian places, such as Cono's on Graham ave, that are worth checking out. Some people swear by Frost Restaurant, but my 1 meall there was not so good.

I don't really know East Williamsburg/Bushwick very well, but there are probably some places out that way.

Mar 30, 2007
millerd in Outer Boroughs

Best Cubano in Brooklyn?

The Cubano and the Franklin Corner Store is absolutely, without a doubt, the best in Brooklyn. Possibly the best in the city.

Mar 28, 2007
millerd in Outer Boroughs

Brooklyn Sushi place with nice atmoshere for bday dinner

You could consider Blue Ribbon Sushi in Park Slope. I think Taro is a better value for the money, but its not a very nice space. Blue Ribbon Sushi is very good, though a bit expensive for the quality - but for a special occassion it may be worth it.

Mar 10, 2007
millerd in Outer Boroughs

Locanda Vini e Olii: is it worth it?

no, the food is not worth it. my one meal was disappointing - 4 people and nothing was very good, and some of it was barely mediocre.

Mar 09, 2007
millerd in Outer Boroughs

Convivum Osteria OR Locanda Vinii e Olli???

Much prefer the food at Convivium, neither were very noisy.

Mar 08, 2007
millerd in Outer Boroughs