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New "Burmese Cafe" in Jackson Heights

Interesting. This thread (started last November) lasted longer than the restaurant (which I liked and seemed to be fairly busy whenever I went).

Nov 21, 2007
James L. Rogan in Outer Boroughs

Late-Night Indian Food in Jackson Heights...

While there were at least two other options (Kebab Cafe & Roti Boti), I was REALLY hungry late last night at decided to go for the late night buffet at the newish 'Khan Baba Restaurant' on
7415 Roosevelt Ave (right outside the 74th Street exit).

Now, it's no Mina--not by any stretch--but it seemed better to me than the other, sorta samey buffets that litter Jackson Heights.
Just from the physical layout of the place, it's much brighter than pretty much all the dingy, dark buffets out there.

Foodwise, they had a tray of freshly cut ginger, garlic, and hot peppers (so I was able to spice up my food)--I haven't seen that at any of the other places. And sure, at 2:00AM, most of the food was lukewarm, but they have a larger selection than any of the other restaurants out there. More specifically, they offered three different kinds of bread, three different kinds of rice (including 'sweet rice'), over a dozen main dishes, and a half dozen desserts. The late night price is just $7.99, and it really hit the spot... I definitely don't think it's worth the dinner price (something like $13!), and it's not worth going out of your way for, but if you have a buffet craving and it's not dinner, it's a much nicer place to eat than all the other cramped buffets out there.


Aug 01, 2006
James L. Rogan in Outer Boroughs

Queens Pizza Tour - I need help!

I used to think 'Ariels' in Sunnyside (around 46th street) had excellent slices, but I moved away a long time ago and haven't been there for 3-4 years (and haven't heard much on this board about it, so it mihght have gone downhill)


Jul 31, 2006
James L. Rogan in Outer Boroughs