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Government says it's okay to eat some food 12 or 18 months after its sell-by date

It's "Best before" not "Poisonous after".

I've found yogurt will last 2-3 months after the date. I toss it if it goes blue or red, but not before.
That bagged salad mix, on the other hand, usually has really optimistic dates on it.

about 14 hours ago
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The "Food Babe" Blogger Is Full of Shit

Having just undergone major surgery I can confirm that mainstream medicine is quite aware of the benefits of a holistic approach to health. My cardiac rehab includes nutritional counseling, a stress management course including meditation and lots of exercise.

about 14 hours ago
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The Ontario Restaurant Policy Discussion

That's not much of a prize.

I want the inside scoop on where I can line up for 2 hours to be seated at a picnic table and served small plates at large plate prices while listening to music at 110dB and buying $20 "cocktails" with a real rusty nail and some elderberry leaves in them?

I'll leave a $5 tip per drink. I promise. Those full-sleeve tattoos are expensive, I know.

Rude treatment at Khao San Road

" If you were running a busy restaurant, and a group of 4 came in, demanded to sit at a table, saying that another guest is running late would you sit them? Say 45 mins later, that guest still isn't there, and they haven't ordered, and you have a lineup 90 minutes long, what would you do? "

But that's not what happened in the two cases I noted.
Four people came in and were told their 5th guest wouldn't be allowed to sit with them if they sat down. In they end they were put at a 4 top with the 5th on the end. If they'd let them sit immediately, they wouldn't have lost anything and might have gained a 5th sale when the 5th arrived. If they just refused to seat them and waited for another 4 top to arrive, they would have wasted valuable precious table time, inconveniencing all of the people who had ever eaten there and losing $19.73 per 15 minutes while that table sat empty.

And in the second case 6 people were seated at a table but 2 place settings were removed! So those 2 places sat empty. Where's the business logic in that?

As I said, it sounds petty and spiteful.

restaurants that don't take reservations, that will seat you before the rest of your party has arrived

Swiss Chalet

The "Food Babe" Blogger Is Full of Shit

The fact that she's not only ignorant but factually wrong about almost everything she talks about isn't a turn off? Her air travel article could have been written by a slow grade 5 student.

Rude treatment at Khao San Road

"the hostess removed 2 place settings and told us that 6 of us could eat together and the 2 latecomers would have to eat separately"

"She said if she seated us, we would be put at a table for 4 and that the 5th wouldn't be allowed to join us...we were seated at a table for 4 with an additional chair pulled up to the end."

Sounds like they're just being spiteful when they lean on this "policy". In both cases the parties could have been seated and their guests could have joined later without losing any seating opportunities for the restaurant. Or maybe it's a real trial pulling an extra chair up to a 4 top for the 5th person? And removing already laid out place settings to make a point? Unreal.

People have certain expectations when they go to a restaurant and this policy is certainly not in the realm of any reasonable expectations. I'm not buying the argument that it enhances the dining experience for everyone else, either. I hope they read each customer the lengthy rules and regulations of the establishment whenever they take a reservation.

Please interpret this menu pricing....

Looks like a hell of a lot of money for kebabs.

Apr 20, 2015
hal2010 in Not About Food

Hidden gem brunch

L'Avenue Bistro on Bayview does a great brunch and you can almost always get a seat if you walk in, or they do reservations.

Why delicious Indian food is surprisingly unpopular in the U.S.

I can make wings, nachos or burritos at home for a few bucks. Doesn't stop people spending $20 a plate for them at their local.

Familiar foods are worth something. But nobody wants to try a $50 experiment in Indian food if they have preconceptions about it that don't fit with their preferences.

Apr 17, 2015
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Rude treatment at Khao San Road

I think I've had the pleasure of being served by him. He can very deftly walk that tightrope between familiarity and discreet, unobtrusive service that is so rare.

The "Food Babe" Blogger Is Full of Shit

Sleeping with your head on a railroad track would probably make you smarter than the Food Babe.

Apr 17, 2015
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Rude treatment at Khao San Road

Charles - Does he work at Nota Bene now? Looks familiar.

Why delicious Indian food is surprisingly unpopular in the U.S.

Could be due to a heavy hand with the ghee or oil.

Apr 16, 2015
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Rude treatment at Khao San Road

Don't they always tell you whether you want to know or not?

"Hi, I'm Tiffany and I'll, like, be your server tonight!!!!"

Also comes with a happy face on the bill.

Don't let your Debit/Credit Card out of your sight when dining. .

I'm always surprised at how far behind the US is in debit and credit card technology. I assume it's because of the decentralized, private banks? I've found it's easier to use a Canadian debit card in India or Cambodia than the US.

Or try buying gas with a Canadian credit card when they are looking for a zip code tied to the card number.

Apr 15, 2015
hal2010 in Not About Food

Ital Vital Rastarant - West Indian Creole vegan cuisine

This place was featured in The Star's Life section recently and I dropped by for lunch today. It's very good West Indian vegan take-out.

I had the Full Spread which includes a bit of everything on rice and peas and/or noodles. Dishes included stews of okra, broad beans, and chick peas, sweet potatoes, greens plus some delicious faux beef in a brown sauce plus salad! You get a lot of food for your money. There's one small table if you want to eat in, but it's really set up for take-out. Cash only. Very friendly service.

It's located on Pharmacy south of Eglinton in a small commercial strip just south of the industrial area.

It will be a regular stop for me for lunch.


What's your ??????????

He said he'd rather not give it out, then got a guilt trip from the employee. Stores shouldn't be asking uncomfortable questions about personal information when doing a simple transaction.

Apr 10, 2015
hal2010 in Not About Food

easily transportable vegan dishes

Any vegan casserole or stew could be heated up in her oven or on her stove.

Splitting up the Ontario board

I think the board(s) for everything else would be a ghost town. I've been to some of the more rural US boards to research traveling and they don't get much traffic at all.

The visibility from the busy Toronto board is valuable.

Apr 08, 2015
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Are you the main shopper/cook at home?

I don't ask anymore. And I make doubles of anything freezable, so I have spares in the freezer for those nights I don't want to cook.

I do a big shop once a week and pop back to the store for fresh fish or more produce every other day or so.

Pasta is a good backup for when you run out of ideas, so I rarely plan to make it. It happens enough anyway.

The "Food Babe" Blogger Is Full of Shit

"When your body is in the air, at a seriously high altitude, your body under goes some serious pressure. Just think about it – Airplanes thrive in places we don’t. You are traveling in a pressurized cabin, and when your body is pressurized, it gets really compressed!"

I'm speechless. When flying at altitude, an airplane cabin is maintained at a much lower pressure than at sea level. She's just making this stuff up as she goes along.

The popularity of Swiss Chalet seems to be waning in the GTA. Thoughts?

We call it 'Chicken in a Drawer' or 'The Drawer' for short. Take a close look at the guy cutting up chickens when you're at the takeout window and you might see why.

How Do You Celebrate Easter?

I go to the store the week after and gorge on discounted Easter candy.

Apr 06, 2015
hal2010 in Food Media & News

Alton Brown on the End of Meat as We Know It | WIRED

"People and countries are worried about what they eat and trying to fool them into eating fake food is never going to fly."

Meat substitutes have been around for centuries, most notably in countries which are really flying now. China, for example.

Apr 04, 2015
hal2010 in Food Media & News

The popularity of Swiss Chalet seems to be waning in the GTA. Thoughts?

As someone who worked at the first Kelseys, I'll second that. I don't recognize the place or the food. And that particular brand is in trouble as well.

The popularity of Swiss Chalet seems to be waning in the GTA. Thoughts?

It's one of those rare culinary institutions that Canadians can call their own, like Tim Hortons. But it's no longer "Always so good for so little"

The popularity of Swiss Chalet seems to be waning in the GTA. Thoughts?

Plus the replacement of Toblerones with Lindt in the Festive Specials is a transgression which can never be forgiven.

The popularity of Swiss Chalet seems to be waning in the GTA. Thoughts?

it used to be a safe, dependable standby for inexpensive family meals. The prices have gone up way past the rate of inflation and the quality has decreased.

Some of their new menu items are downright nasty. Don't ever order fish and chips there.

Market Shoppers: Get out of the quick check out line. You have too many items...

They also need special lines for people with coupons. In Toronto most of the grocery stores do price matching and people come in with half a dozen flyers that they wave at the cashier, or worse, flip through pages on their phone to get their 10 cents off that soup.