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Another day, Another restaurant law suit

Are you required to pay people for the time they spend getting into and out of their work clothes?

Jan 24, 2015
hal2010 in Food Media & News

Fellow Diner, You Want to do WHAT to My Table?!

Yeah. depending on my mood I might have waited for them to finish shuffling the dirty dishes around then would have picked up the whole lot and put it back on their table.

All You Can Eat Lionfish, an over population solution

Gluten-free Lion Fish!!!!

Jan 18, 2015
hal2010 in Food Media & News

Vegetarian again, after many years, help with non-meat n potatoes! Plz?

Chili and stews with TVP and a good loaf of crusty bread are usually very satisfying. One of my favourite veggie meals is roast vegetables and falafel with hummus and tabouleh on the side and a zingy tahini sauce. Then there's all sorts of quiches and fritatas if you eat eggs. Make pizzas with store-bought pitas as the crust. Lots of Indian meals are vegetarian as well - saag paneer, channa masala, aloo gobi.

I often make enough for several meals and freeze the leftovers so I have something ready for those nights when there's no time to cook.

Jan 14, 2015
hal2010 in Vegetarian & Vegan


I'd get a hammer and break the glass. Use some pliers to pull the pieces out. I suggest you hold the jar with a towel or even a clamp to stop it going into the garbage disposal.

If worst comes to worst and some glass or the lid falls in you'll have to take the disposal off and empty it out.

Jan 14, 2015
hal2010 in Not About Food

What happened to Top Chef?

I don't know that it's a premise that has enough appeal to last for 12 seasons plus.

Jan 14, 2015
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Are you looking for spice blends, jarred sauces or fully-prepared dishes?

I usually cook from scratch but when I don't I've found the Loblaws or Patak's jarred sauces will do in a pinch, and the spice blends available in boxes at the South Asian stores are usually quite authentic-tasting. Iqbal Foods in Thorncliffe Park has a whole aisle of them to make anything from meat entrees to biryanis and veggie sides and desserts. They're about a dollar or two per box.

Mandatory municipal composting: how do you handle your food scraps?

I keep the bin in the garage. Whenever I have food scraps I pile them on a plate and take them out and dump them into the bin, which is lined with a compostable bag.

Jan 08, 2015
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Heinous KFC commercial

I always find the grocery store rotisserie chickens to be incredibly salty. It's all you can taste. Not sure if they brine them or just douse them in way too much seasoning.

KFC's "coleslaw" reminds me of broken crayons in a sweet sauce.

Jan 06, 2015
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Is Chowhound dead?

123 responses to "Is Chowhound dead?"

I guess not.

Heinous KFC commercial

Does the ad make any claim that the KFC is nutritionally equivalent to the rotisserie chicken? If not, I can't really see that it's deceitful. Just playing on parent's guilt and trying to claw back some market share from the supermarket.

May I vent? (living with a reasonably Chowish person who isn't quite a Chowhound..)

You probably could have gone out for a loaf of bread in the time it took to type that.

Sprouts in Toronto

I'm looking for somewhere with a good selection of sprouted grains/seeds/legumes or somewhere that sells seeds. ARZ has a good bean mix, bit it's a bit or a hike. I'm near Bayview and Eglinton.


The Case for Squared Pie

To maximize the perimeter of the pie, a long skinny pan would be best.16" long by 2" wide gives the same perimeter as 9" square and with those dimensions every piece would have 2 crust edged.

Ah, screw it, let's just make a strudel.

Dish poaching

I'd invent a really disgusting recipe for her and even offer to email it to her, then take something else.

Holiday Reads to Give & Get for Chowhounds

Sous Chef

Dec 17, 2014
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Thoughts on this?

The traditional 15-20% tip for wait staff has to put their wages well above any of the kitchen staff, though, doesn't it? I've worked in restaurant kitchens and I can't see how serving tables could be any less stressful or physically demanding than working a busy line.

Pay all staff a living wage and split any tips equally among them. The idea that customers should be strong-armed into paying a server's salary is ridiculous.

Dec 14, 2014
hal2010 in Not About Food

Le Creuset deal at The Bay

$160 for a 3.3L French Oven. Regularly $400.
December 14th only.

Top Chef Boston – Ep. #8 – 12/10/14 (spoilers)

Sorry to see Adam go. After last week's episode he'd confirmed himself to me as one of the most grounded and eloquent of the contestants. Sorry to see Katie go, too. She had moments of brilliance but in the end I think her hippie roots tripped her up with sourdough chowder.

I don't like George. Yet. A bit of a blowhard, like his business partner. He has the technique, but does he have the imagination?

Dec 12, 2014
hal2010 in Food Media & News

Globe Review of America in the Trump Tower

He's got a job that many people here would kill for. I can't help but think that the hate for him includes a good dose of envy.

Globe Review of America in the Trump Tower

He's done some good articles on the interesting little restaurants in the burbs and his selection of restaurants for the main reviews each week is quite varied. It's not all hipster hotspots. If he's not too familiar with a cuisine, he takes along a friend who is.

I think he's more adventurous than his predecessor and most of the critics in town.

Game changer on professional critics: restaurants band together to keep them out

Sometimes it's hard to tell which side is more pretentious.

Dec 03, 2014
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Birthday dinner - help!

I've enjoyed a couple of dinners at Bestellen. Never loud or too busy. Not super-fancy but cosy and they have a good charcuterie board and nice cuts of meat.

Cooking for diabetic...specialty (low-carb) ingredients in Toronto?

Low carb bread is rare, but these pitas available at many Loblaws are quite good.


They go stale quickly so I keep them in the freezer and take out a couple at a time. You can also toast them whole without opening them and spread with butter and no-sugar jam or peanut butter.

I just found that site by searching for the pitas and it has a lot of low carb products on it.

For noodles, there are bagged, low carb tofu noodles available in the produce coolers at many stores. Look for Shirataki brand.

And there's a good fried rice recipe out there, made from cauliflower. Cauliflower is a great substitute for rice or potatoes.

Globe Review of America in the Trump Tower

I think his statement was a bit tongue in cheek. He said the food was excellent. I won't forget this place soon and if I happen to be downtown for a business lunch one day...

Cafe Belong at The Brickworks

Stopped in for brunch and couldn't believe the prices. $27 for Eggs Benny. $4 for toast, but add $3 if you want butter and jam.

Food was good, service was OK, setting is lovely, but at those prices it will be a rare treat

American Thanksgiving celebrated on Canadian Chowhound Community Boards Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Sounds like a few Canadian restaurants are doing their interpretation of American Thanksgiving, Which veers wildly from the traditional in order to please the Hipsters.

Microwave v. 'actual' cooking on/in a stove/oven that is...

The heat, they steam, they parboil, they scooooore! Just don't rely on them to grill or fry or provide the perfect Maillard reaction.

Nov 28, 2014
hal2010 in Not About Food

Globe Review of America in the Trump Tower

Chris Nuttall Smith has given a few places no stars. If this place was anything like he describes it, and I have no doubt it was, then they deserve the rating. Sounds like Hooters for the billionaires. Let them have it.

Microwave v. 'actual' cooking on/in a stove/oven that is...

A microwave is just another kitchen tool and it's great if it's used right.

Nov 28, 2014
hal2010 in Not About Food