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URGENT!! Need help as I am Cooking meal for a girl, I'm 17, please help

This is absolutely the most darling and thrilling thread I've ever read on this site. GO JAKE! And PLEASE let us know how it all turns out!

Sep 14, 2012
mynamehere in Home Cooking

Pizza Tray Works As All-Clad Lid

Thought I’d pass along a money-saving tip. A couple of months ago I scored an All-Clad MC 2 6-Qt. sauté pan at T.J. Maxx for $70. It retails pretty much everywhere for $265. Score! It has since become my go-to pan. Unfortunately, it came without a lid and most web sites want around $50 for a lid to fit the pan’s 13.5” opening. Not in the budget. So I recently took the pan to a restaurant supply store to hunt for alternatives and found the pizza trays. A 14” model, for a whopping $7, fit perfectly. You have to use a pot holder or tongs to remove it when hot, but that’s a small price to pay. Heck, maybe if I get to feeling crafty I’ll see if I can drill a hole in it and screw on a handle. I imagine the tray might fit other All-Clad pans with the same size opening.

Apr 10, 2012
mynamehere in Cookware

What is one tip that you learned about cooking that was simple but made a huge difference? [old]

1. Have handy a set of cheap, crappy steak knives that you can throw in the dishwasher for those times when you need a serrated tool for just one quick, inconsequential cut or to slice the plastic off something. Saves having to dirty/hand wash/damage your good knives.
2. Keep the freezer stocked with cubes of lemon and lime juice—and, separately, their zest—for when you can't run out for fresh.
3. The onion trick. Dicing an onion by chopping it in half vertically, laying on the cut side and making three or four horizontal slices, then a series of vertical slices, then just dicing away in a matter of seconds. The first time I was shown this I remember thinking, "this will change my life." And it has.
4. Fire is you friend. A cooking instructor once told me that the biggest mistake home cooks make is being afraid to use enough heat. She was right.
5. Miracle Whip is not a sign of moral weakness.
6. Just do it. Newbie cooks are scared. (I know.) Experience is the only thing that will make one confident, and later, brave.
7. Knowledge is power. Reading Chowhound helps make you confident and brave.

Oct 23, 2010
mynamehere in Home Cooking

How do you define trashy?

I confess: many years ago I made this for a summer picnic, only I recall subbing chunks of devil's food cake (Duncan Hines, natch) for the Oreos and adding a couple of layers of chopped up Heath bars. Trashy? Yeah, I suppose. But folks dove into it like they were all headed to the electric chair the next day.

Oct 23, 2010
mynamehere in General Topics