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American Chinese with atmosphere?

Well, maybe someone will chime in with a review. While atmosphere is nice, it has to go along with good food.

American Chinese with atmosphere?

Does it fall into the "old-school" category referenced above when it comes to the food? The building definitely screams character, that's for sure.

American Chinese with atmosphere?

You know, it might just be that I've never tried the American Chinese at the authentic places, because I'm too busy trying the authentic menu items.

Also, I have to say that the Szechuan places I've been to are a little lacking in atmosphere - Grand Szechuan does ok, but the weird vastness of the room and the tv with sports on isn't spectacular.

So, I'm definitely NOT looking for "old-style" Chinese food (tasteless, gloppy chow mein, etc.), and I am looking for the black lacquer, red lantern look.

ETA: Nice atmosphere that's not necessarily Chinese-restaurant cliche would also be fine.

American Chinese with atmosphere?

Yep - we're already big fans of Szechuan in Roseville, but, in this case, looking for something different.

Best French (style) Pastries

Last time I had a baguette from Breadsmith, it was a less a baguette and more a soft Italian loaf in the shape of a baguette. Not something I'd recommend.

Rustica seems to be most people's go-to for baguettes. I love Salty Tart's baguettes, but I like a denser crumb and fewer air bubbles than many people, so that's what you'd be getting there.

But, in general, you're looking at the usual suspects being mentioned elsewhere in this post - Patisserie 46, Sun Street, Rustica, Salty Tart.

Dinner and a movie

Casablanca and make Moroccan food - I mean, I know it's an American bar, but still. Tagine is lovely.

Aug 21, 2015
gildeddawn in General Topics

This chicken is still good, right?

Well, check the "use by" date on the package - what does it say? If it's within 24 hours of that, you're almost certainly fine.

Either way, I use chicken five days later under the circumstances you're discussing all the time. But it's all about the "use by" date.

August visit - 1 lunch, 2 dinners - how are my choices?

All right, so, got back today and wanted to file a report.

Lunch on Friday at Tsujita (the Annex, actually) - it was awesome. Beautiful silky broth on the Tsukemen, and really good bouncy chew on the noodles. I got a tea egg in mine, too, because why wouldn't you? I did fail to account for how filling it would be, though, and was tragically unable to finish, even though I didn't order a large.

Dinner on Friday ended up being Superba Food and Bread, because I waited too long to reserve at Gjelina. But, that being said, we really enjoyed it. Started with charred levain with butter and chives - man, if I lived in L.A., I feel like I'd buy their bread all the time. Then had the trout with almonds, green beans, and melon vinaigrette. Very nice - deceptively simple flavors wrought, I think, from a great deal of thought and complexity. The melon vinaigrette was more like a straight puree, but the beans were dressed with something salty and tangy (more like what I would think of as a vinaigrette), that was a really nice contrast. Had dessert, too - their take on the ever-present budino (the only one I've had, but it seems to be on a lot of L.A. menus, because of Silverton in town, I assume) was delightful - salty, creamy, sweet - just great. And my dining companion got the hazelnut "moonpie," which he didn't love, but I thought was pretty amazing - really great textural contrasts and just enough salt to bring it to life. A manager or owner or something like that came to ask how we liked the trout, too, which was a nice touch. (I guess they'd just recently changed the preparation.)

Dinner on Saturday at Luv2Eat - more of a hole-in-the-wall than I was expecting (which was fine, I just didn't pick it up in the threads), but really awesome food. We got Crying Tiger Beef, Hat Yai Fried Chicken, and Crispy Pork (Belly) with Chinese Broccoli. Killer, guys. It was all just great. That crispy pork belly was melt-in-your-mouth perfect, the chicken was flavorful and juicy, the sauces were hot and funky and gorgeous. The owner and chef there came out to ask how we like everything, as well, and seemed so genuinely thrilled to hear how great her food was. She was adorable.

Anyway, great trip with great food. Thanks for all your help!

American Chinese with atmosphere?

Interesting. Sounds like it's got a lot of character.

American Chinese with atmosphere?

We've seen it and wondered if it's any good - so hard to tell with strip mall places. Some gems, some terrible.

American Chinese with atmosphere?

Exciting - I've never even heard of it, and it's ridiculously close to us. I'm definitely going to check it out. Thanks!

American Chinese with atmosphere?

Anyone have anything else to add? I know I said anywhere in the Metro, but Minnetonka's a bit farther than I'd like.

American Chinese with atmosphere?

I love authentic Szechuan as much as the next Chowhound, and I've staked out the places for it pretty well at this point, but where is there really good American Chinese in the Cities?

I've had a look through old threads and Evergreen and Rainbow seem to be the leaders, but there hasn't been much discussion in a while.

Anyone have a nominee? Ideally, there'd be a nice enough dining room that it would make a pleasant dinner out, as well.

Anywhere's fine, but we're in Roseville, so closer to the northeast corner of the metro is easier.

August visit - 1 lunch, 2 dinners - how are my choices?

I'm responding to the posts I've seen on here and just trying to figure out what's great, so, by all means, yes, I'm interested in other options.

Jul 31, 2015
gildeddawn in Los Angeles Area

Great food mid-afternoon Saturday

From your description of Custer, sounds like you could hit up Red Cow for some fancy burgers with interesting takes on ingredients. They're open all day, so no issue with timing there.

Eggs Go AWOL, And Bakers Scramble For High-Tech Substitutes

Yeah, but it seems to be on the downswing here, at least, because a month ago I was paying $3.89, and I got the same $2.69 price yesterday. Same store.

Jul 24, 2015
gildeddawn in Food Media & News

Good salad bars?

Yeah, I mean, honestly, I feel like grocery stores usually have the best ones - Whole Foods, Kowalski's, and Lund's all do a nice job. Probably the co-ops, too, but I don't know firsthand.

Raspberry desserts

Make raspberry mousse! Really shows off the fruit and is delicious and refreshing on a hot day. You can even freeze it, which makes it more like a fluffy sorbet.

MSP New Szechuan restaurant where China Jen (Roseville) was - anyone tried it?

Did it have big chunks of roasted jalapenos in it? We had one like that, as well, that was "Stir-fried chicken with roasted chilies" I think.

MSP New Szechuan restaurant where China Jen (Roseville) was - anyone tried it?

I agree! We've recently moved to Roseville and are now in delivery range of Szechuan, and I have to say, it's been really lovely. I didn't expect to have a better Chinese delivery option in Roseville than Saint Paul, but lo and behold, Szechuan. We really love their rendition of Dan Dan - seems like fresh-made noodles? And have also enjoyed the Fish with Szechuan Sauce (similar to Quick-Fried Crispy Fish at Grand Szechuan).

Can you elaborate on "spicy crispy chicken"? I don't see it listed on their menu online, and I'd love to order it. Could it be "Stir-fried hot and spicy chicken"? Any guidance?

August visit - 1 lunch, 2 dinners - how are my choices?

Thanks for all the replies - this discussion is really helpful!

Jul 14, 2015
gildeddawn in Los Angeles Area

August visit - 1 lunch, 2 dinners - how are my choices?

I wish there were lunch on Saturday, but that's the work day, so it'll be whatever random catered food we get from the client. Alas.

These notes are very helpful - thanks!

Anything you love at Gjelina or Luv2Eat, in particular?

Cassia looks interesting, but a bit formal - how casual is it?

Jul 14, 2015
gildeddawn in Los Angeles Area

August visit - 1 lunch, 2 dinners - how are my choices?

Talk to me about Father's Office - I can't seem to find a menu, but I thought I saw a post that said it was super beer-centric. What's the food like? Is conversation comfortable, or is it more of a loud bar kind of scene?

Jul 13, 2015
gildeddawn in Los Angeles Area

August visit - 1 lunch, 2 dinners - how are my choices?

Why not?

Jul 12, 2015
gildeddawn in Los Angeles Area

August visit - 1 lunch, 2 dinners - how are my choices?

Coming for a quick work trip in August, but seeing friends while I'm here, and going out to lunch and dinners with them. That in mind, I'd like to keep the plates under $30, for sure, and preferably even lower. One friend, also, isn't a fan of things that are too adventurous, though he's assured me he's willing to try some new things (including Thai) - still, it'd be nice to have a few safer options on the menu. So, here's what I'm thinking, after doing some research. I'm staying in Santa Monica, by the way, and my friends have cars, so we can get around, but looking to avoid super long drives (and I don't want to put them to a bunch of driving trouble). (I understand Friday night could be an issue, especially.)

In general, I look for great ethnic that I can't get in MSP (our Thai and Mexican aren't spectacular), and a bit more casual feel - not looking for white tablecloths and candlesticks. But anything really great is assured at least my consideration. (With the exception of shellfish. Just not my jam.) Good cocktail menu is always nice, but not a must, and I'm not terribly discerning when it comes to wine, though I like off-dry and somewhat sweet whites and sparkling wines, as a rule. Not a beer drinker.

I'd also take recs on great ice cream (though it's hard to beat the ice cream in the Twin Cities) or doughnuts (especially in Santa Monica), which I understand are something of an L.A. specialty. (Or other stand-out desserts.)

Lunch on Friday - Tsujita
(Pretty definite on this, because I haven't had Tsukemen since Rokurinsha, last time I was in Tokyo, and it was awesome.)

Dinner on Friday:
Mozza Pizzeria
Luv2Eat Thai

Dinner on Saturday:
Same options as Friday

So, what do you think? Are those three worth going to? Which two should I pick?

Other options I considered:
Stella Rossa
Fritto Misto
M Street Kitchen
Border Grill

Jul 12, 2015
gildeddawn in Los Angeles Area

Purchase veal?

They usually have it at Lund's - always ground, usually shank, and I think they keep frozen, pounded cutlets, as well. There are, I'm sure, better sources in the Cities, like Clancey's, but no personal experience there.

Good balsamic vinegar locally?

Cook's of Crocus Hill has a ton of different ones, and lets you taste a lot of them. Pricey, but if you're looking for a lot of variety, they've got it.

New Kitchen, ideas

I don't think you need to get stainless just because everything else is. Also, I don't know if you have a stainless sink now, but they have a tendency to always look dirty, in my opinion - especially the polished ones. It might not be the kind of thing that bothers you, but it's worth considering.

Jun 29, 2015
gildeddawn in Cookware

Critique my Vienna and Salzburg picks, pls

I would also add - don't miss Cafe Tomaselli in Salzburg for coffee/chocolate and cake in the afternoon, ditto for Demel in Vienna. We absolutely loved both - though Tomaselli is perhaps the more charming of the two. I recommend what was translated to us as "Coffee Cream," but I think was Kardinalschnitte.

Jun 27, 2015
gildeddawn in Europe

Pork chop help!!!

Ditto to all previous advice - brine first for a half hour (mix 4 tablespoons of salt with 1 quart cold water in a Ziploc until dissolved, then drop in pork chops), remove chops and pat dry with paper towels, then coat a skillet with a film of olive oil, heat over medium-high heat, and sear until done (probably, as suggested above, about two minutes a side).

Jun 16, 2015
gildeddawn in Home Cooking