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San Francisco's Best Fried Chicken

When I think Fried Chicken, it ain't from California when I'm craving it. I'm from the South and this Chicken must be the bing pow of Fried Chicken. Because nothing beats Indy's chicken in Kentucky. Best ever.

Apr 11, 2013
jenniferfrance in Features

Recipe plagarism

I talked to a friend of mine that is a patent attorney. Recipes are not patentable nor can you copyright them. However, you can product the processes that you use. The process that you use to make said cake, that no one else can use but if they have another method of making it, it can work. I just started my own business last year, I had change some established recipes and alter some ratios to make them my own. When I asked and researched, recipes just aren't patentable alone and no one can reprint your recipes in a magazine that is protected by copyright law. So, go ahead and use your recipes.

Apr 11, 2013
jenniferfrance in Not About Food

Where to buy inexpensive whole vanilla beans?

I bought mine directly from the producers. I live in France and I get them from Madagascar through a shipper. I get 100 long vanilla beans for 45 euros. They are organic and they are really great. If you can find a place directly from Madagascar, it would be cheaper. I usually go to a chocolate show every year and they come from Madagascar and Tahiti with them. Maybe I should start a business shipping them to people in the US. lol

Mar 17, 2012
jenniferfrance in General Topics