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London Pre-Theatre Dinner near Apollo Victoria Theatre on Wilton Road

Sounds like we would be better going for a later lunch when we are out and about and then just go for dessert and a glass of wine after the theatre.

Feb 14, 2008
MacBrown in U.K./Ireland

London Pre-Theatre Dinner near Apollo Victoria Theatre on Wilton Road

Looking for an interesting restaurant to go to before the theatre on Saturday March 1. The theatre is the Apollo Victoria Theatre on Wilton Road. Any suggestions??

Feb 14, 2008
MacBrown in U.K./Ireland


My husband and I will be travelling to Paris for five days in March. A client of mine recommended L'Ambroisie and my search of the Board for postings on this restaurant indicates that it is pretty much universally highly recommended.

I tried to look on their website to get an idea of cost but there is no information on the site at all. In fact, you can't even enter the site. Can anyone who has been there give me an idea on the cost for two for dinner (appetizer, main course and dessert)? Also, is it likely that we would be able to get a reservation if we phone right away for an evening March 6-11th??

Feb 04, 2008
MacBrown in France

La Cremaillere

Went to this restaurant in Quebec City on the recommendation of a friend and it was fantastic.

The food was delicious, the wine menu was great and the service was wonderful.

We took our 7 and 4 year old with us and the waiter treated them like royalty. We ordered a duck appetizer for them to share and rather than just bring out an extra plate for us to divvy up the appetizer, they brought out two half portions on individual plates that were fully decorated.

HELP: Suggestions for Quebec City - leaving tomorrow!

Thanks so much. Very helpful.

HELP: Suggestions for Quebec City - leaving tomorrow!

Looking for some good restaurants in Quebec City. We are staying at Loews Hotel on cours du General de Montcalm and will be walking for the most part - though will cab it for a really good restaurant. We will have our seven and four year old with us but they are very well behaved in "fancy" restaurants. Any suggestions, as soon as possible, would be greatly appreciated!

La Belle Province with young kids

Travelling to Quebec City and Montreal next week with a seven and four year old. They are used to going to "fancy" restaurants so we don't need to stick with fast food and can take them to nicer restaurants without annoying other restaurant goers. Looking for non-touristy restaurants to try in both cities. Any suggestions??

Quebec City and Montreal Restaurants

My husband and I are going to be in Quebec City for five days at the end of August. We are looking for some great restaurants that we can take our kids to. They are 7 and 4 but are used to going to "fancy" restaurants and behave very well (not like at home!!). Any suggestions for non-touristy places to go?

We then move on to Montreal for five days. Any suggestions for Montreal?

Also, does anyone know whether they will cork your bottle of wine and let you take what's left home? They let you take your leftover wine home in Alberta but I'm not sure about Quebec.