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Fortina opening in Rye Brook

As long as they keep the same people in Armonk.....don't want to lose our chef and guys. Love it just the way it is.

Sunday night dinner in Sorrento for a large group?

daGigino is a relaxed neighborhood restaurant we've been to a couple of times. Brick oven pizza, pasta,etc. Food fresh and delicious.

Apr 05, 2014
Doreen in Italy

Stone Mannor Hawthorne, NY

OK folks. Has anyone eaten here. Just came across it and I guess its the old Tino's. Menu mostly steaks but would like some feedback before even considering it. Thanks.

Where to find achiote paste in Lower Westchester?

On Central Ave in Hartsdale. Same strip mall as TJMax, there is a Mexican restaurant and market. probably there.

Haven (Pleasantville)

Does anyone know what happened to Haven in Pleasantville (it is closed) and where Chef Dan Petrilli will be cooking.

Milan -- Lunch at Peck, or at Peck Italian Bar?

Peck is a beautiful Italian "deli/bar" We stayed right next door in Hotel Spadari. Upstairs are tables and chairs. We had drinks there one night. The food does look beautifully prepared, so it might not be a bad idea for a lunch. I prefer a Italian trattoria or pizzeria myself. But certainly enjoy a visit there.

Oct 04, 2013
Doreen in Italy

Best restaurants in Taormina, Sicily

We were there in May 2013. The best restaurant is up the "Hill" from taormina in Castelamora, Bocciola. Take the local bus 10 min to this tiny town and ask anyone. Its a lovely setting overlooking mountains right across from the Duomo. Ask for Carlo. Best "FRESH" fish in all of Taormina and delicious pasta's made by his Mama.

Oct 04, 2013
Doreen in Italy

Beet recipes for a hater?

Wash them and roast them in foil, as you would heads of garlic. Drizzle with oil & s&P. Roast at 359-375...depending on size 30-45 min and longer if necessary. I then dice or slice and serve as a salad with sherry vinegar and oil. To me they are the best this way.

May 09, 2013
Doreen in Home Cooking

Frosting ideas for chocolate cake

Alex G. from food network makes a great yellow cake with brown sugar frosting. I've made it several times and my family loves it. I think its callled Simple birthday cake. Check it out.

May 09, 2013
Doreen in Home Cooking


Please share favorite places you've eaten and what we shouldn't miss seeing. Grazie

Mar 22, 2013
Doreen in Italy

I need a meat and pasta recipe and a little inspiraction [Moved from Italy Board]

Why not try Ground Lamb Ragu. Very easy. 1&1/2 lbs ground lamb to 1 lb pasta. Saute meat, drain off most fat. Add 6-8 garlic cloves. 1 can (28oz) crushed tomatoes, 1 cup white wine, oregano and s&p and simmer for 30 min. Its's an old Katy Sparks recipe. Can't remember the name of her restaurant but it was great. Hope this helps. you can double

Mar 22, 2013
Doreen in Home Cooking

Pranzi [White Plains]

Hey folks. Been hearing good things about Pranzi in White Plains. Wanted to know your take. Any info appreciated. Thanks.

Local Mexican has new chef [Armonk, NY]

We live in Armonk and Mariachi has been here for years. Recently we saw a sign "new chef" new menu. Last night we had dinner and it was really good. The new chef is a culinary graduate who has created a menu that is very authentic Mexican.....not just tacos etc. I had a chicken soup with chile and a mexican herb (pasticho)? that was very interesting. My husband had chicken with a mole sauce. Everything was freshly made....not microwaved as is the case in other places. "Johanna" has only been there a week and is very passionate and really cares about the food. Something we've been looking for for a while. Give it a shot. Great margaritas too.

A & P on 119 Greenburgh

Noticed recently the closed A&P has a sign that says Greenburgh Farmers Market. Anyone have any info on this. Someone told me it is becoming a Fairways. Thanks.

Where to find Italian Ladyfingers (Savoiardi) for Tiramisu in Lower Westchester

Any A & S pork store or really good Italian deli should have them. Otherwise Arthur Ave.

Last Restaurant Before First Baby

I agree with you about North. X20 only more special in the price. Congrats. My daughter is also 37 weeks. I think I'll suggest spicy mexican to get the ball rolling.

Tutor City Convivio

Does anyone know if there is a new restautant in the old Convivio site? Loved that space. Thanks.

Jul 19, 2012
Doreen in Manhattan

New Asian on Wheeler Ave [Pleasantville]

Has anyone eaten at the new Asian restaurant (old Jackson/Wheeler). Heard Sat at the farmers market that it opened 2 weeks ago. Thanks.

12 days in Italy. Too ambitious?

My suggestion is to relax a bit with your restaurant choices. You miss so many local, out of the way magnificent memories when you try to plan everything ahead. To us that's half the fun of finding unchartered unknown little town gems. Have a wonderful trip.

May 30, 2012
Doreen in Italy


H ad a really good lunch at a super cute place in Hastings, NY ..... Juniper. Check it out.

Day Boat Cafe

DBC has been closed with a message saying they will return March 17th. Never happened. Does anyone know what's going on there? Thanks.

Favorites in Perugia/Lucca

Thanks Dave for your insights. You second night, is the restaurant called Pasqualino? Sounds like the kind of place we like.

Mar 30, 2012
Doreen in Italy

Favorites in Perugia/Lucca

Please share your favorite dining experiences in Perugia. It will be our first time there. Lucca we have visited several times and know well, but anything out of the touristy area would be appreciated.

Mar 24, 2012
Doreen in Italy

anything new in Aruba

Please share your favorite aruba dinner spots. thanks.

Westchester Venue for Small Wedding

The Pleasantville Country Club (Unique Affairs) is a very nice venue for a small wedding. They can definitely accomodate 40-50 and it has a large porch (for cocktails) that overlooks the course.

Planning a rehearsal dinner in WestChester

Moderne Barn is so loud, you wouldn't be able to hear each other. They have an upstairs but its not a private area. Flying Pig is closed. We had a rehearsal at Opus in Armonk. They do have a private upstairs.

Bridal Shower Mid-Westchester

I had my daughters bridal shower at the Pleasantville Country Club (Unique Affairs). The food is great and they have a lovely porch which overlooks the golf course.

Gougere Secrets

I have made them, baked and then frozen them and they were fine. Just defrost in frig and put in 300 oven to warm.

Dec 05, 2011
Doreen in Home Cooking

Last I heard [Port Chester]

One of the last things I read on here about ARROSTO was that it was sold, closing.. Any new scoops on this place. Really liked it in the past. Thanks.

Grocery shopping in milan

Peck is great a major gourmet deli/prepared foods. It is near Hotel Spadari.

Nov 07, 2011
Doreen in Italy