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Red Velvet cake in Westchester

You might have to drive 20 minutes but Sweet Lisa's in Greenwich makes the best cakes!!

Jan 17, 2011
UBC in New York State (exc. NYC)

Burlington: Need Thursday Lunch Spot!

VT Pub & Brewery on College St is a good choice, my favorite place in town is the Stone Soup, no wine here though! Oh, on Bank St the old Macdonalds has become a great place, this is the place for you based upon your post, cant remember the name of the place though, its right across the street from Henrys diner...

Stone Soup Cafe
795 Congress St, Portland, ME 04102

Nov 12, 2010
UBC in Northern New England

Crazy Good Pork Sandwiches!

I recently had a pork sandwich from Porchetta's on 7th st. between 1st & 2nd ave. in the East Village, wow, if you haven't, and you love pork & pork bellies, give it a go!

Nov 02, 2010
UBC in Manhattan

The Blue Fountain, Hopewell Junction, NY

I'm looking for a cozy little place to take my staff out for lunch, does anyone have any insight on The Blue Fountain? If not, perhaps a referral to a great wood fired pizza joint in the Pawling to Poughkeepsie area, Rt 55 or Rt 44 corridor??


Oct 21, 2010
UBC in New York State (exc. NYC)