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vintage stoves?

I am a restoration contractor by trade, save huge amounts of what other folks throw away. My first or second apartment had a 1930s Detroit Jewel as its kitchen appliance offering. The owner of the building told me to put it on the porch for Goodwill and she would send over a new stove. The new stove lived on the back porch until I moved away with the Detroit Jewel. I haven't had a stove newer than that decade since I upgraded to a red Chambers C four years ago. We own a derelict elementary school packed with architectural junk, old plumbing fixtures and vintage stoves.

I would love to be in communication with paducahrider with all my questions about making old stoves have a continued life. The men that I work with have little patience in trouble shooting something that requires four men to move--they are much more inclined to give up on a vintage stove and throw it away because they don't know how to fix it. I was totally intrigued with the explanation of the modulating thermostat. Be in touch if you are still scanning this site. Thanks.

Oct 21, 2010
vintagesupply in Cookware