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Please return your shopping carts, you lazy bum

I was at my local supermarket yesterday after work. As I was leaving the parking lot at 5:15 p.m. the cart corrals were full. In fact, they were overflowing. They stacked carts were halfway into the travel aisle so many people had returned their carts there. And I don't think I saw more than two stray carts in the lot. That was very unusual to see that many carts parked in the corral. Maybe this thread had some impact on that!

Would acid cause grainy whipped cream?

I think by adding the balsamic vinegar you essentially curdled it.

Main Street Kitchen in Manasquan preparing to open

I've been watching, and the signs are up. It looks like they are getting closer to opening. Does anyone know what they will be featuring?

The Shrimp Box?

I'm on the Mr. Shrimp bandwagon too! Simple, fresh and delicious.

Beloved picky guests


Eating Corn On The Cob--What's Your Style???

Cooked in the microwave for three minutes, then the end cut off, and squeezed out of the husk. Insert zyliss corn holders. Add a pat of butter for every three rows, and salt. Then typewriter style from right to left! Add more butter, and continue.

Favorite Defunct Monmouth County Restaurant

Yes, the bear claws were the best! And I had my wedding cake made there, I wish I could have another slice of that piece of heaven! But Le Chalet at Sea Girt Crossroads always did nice cakes too.

New Oreo Thin Cookies

Where did you find them? In the supermarket or a convenience store? (Yes, I have to try them!)

Shogun Legends in wall

I went on Wednesday night with two friends. I really enjoyed the kimchi, though a little more fermentaion would have been nice. The pork steamed dumplings were very tasty in a garlic sauce, but very tiny. We got five in the serving. The shanghai eggplant scallop/shrimp topping was good, but the eggplant was slightly undercooked for my taste. There was no sauce on it, as advertised in the menu.

I had the crispy whole fish, and my friends both had the rack of lamb. They enjoyed their lamb immensely. The fish was terrific, very flavorfull and the presentation on the plate was great. But I think the chili sauce that was served with it was just a plain bottled sauce. That was disappointing.

The ambiance is very nice, but service was disappointing. Our server never asked if we wanted sides with our entrees, and I forgot all about it until the entrees came. By then it was too late. When they cleared the dinner plates, he took every single plate off the table and stacked them high in his hands. He had a tower working, and I thought if he drops all of them it was be a huge mess. When he brought out extra spoons for the dessert, he literally tossed the spoons on the table.

For dessert two of us had the banana tempura, and the other peanut butter something or other. The banana tempura was disappointing. The "tempura" around the banana was very doughy and almost impossible to cut into smaller pieces with the spoon. It was quite tough. Presentation was nice, with vanilla ice cream in the middle, but the taste and lack of a light tempura batter just didn't do it for me.

All in all, for those a la carte prices, and atmoshere, I expected better. It wasn't the worst meal of my life, I'm glad I went with good friends and we had a fun night. But it's not going to be on my regular rotation of fun spots to return to over and over again.

Trenton - DeLorenzo's Tomato Pies (not DeLorenzo's Pizza)

I went to Delorenzo's Tomato Pies on Sloan Avenue for the first time ever last night.

We arrived at 7 p.m. and got seated after a very brief wait. We had a total of three large pies: white with broccoli and spinach; half pepperoni, half sausage; and sausage and mushroom.

My favorite was the sausage pizza. Great sausage, the sauce really suited the topping, and I loved the crust. So I ordered an extra pie to go. Plus they had birch beer, one of my favorites that you rarely see anymore.

I'm glad I finally made it there, and it's on my list of places to return. More sausage pie please!

Do you drink tea?

I like iced tea, and I love lemons. I used to put a whole lemon in my iced tea. Then I decided to just start making Arnold Palmer by the gallon. I steep two of the big Luzianne tea bags for 24 hours in the fridge in a gallon of water. Then I add one sleeve of Crystal Light lemonade (which is for a half gallon). Homemade Arnold Palmer ready to go, and no hot kitchen.

In the winter I drink a hot cup of tea mid-morning. I like the Irish tea Lyons, in the green box. I heat up the half and half so the tea doesn't get cooled down, and add splenda too.

I don't drink coffee, but I'll never refuse coffee ice cream!

Amy's Baking Company is finally, pretty much, kind of, closing.

This is the story that just keeps on giving!

Need a nonstick pan recommendation for an induction range

Thanks all for your suggestions. I'm off to do some comparisons, and hopefully when my kitchen is finally finished I'll have a couple of new non-stick pans in my new kitchen cabinets!

Updates from the Shore - Summer 2015

I have to concur! I recently had the key lime pie, which had a tasty graham cracker crust. Very refreshing! And they made me a strawberry blueberry crumble which was fresh, not too sweet and just right. It's nice to have them in town.

The tiny pies are also good for one if you are not into sharing, or two if you are feeling generous!

Need a nonstick pan recommendation for an induction range

I am in the middle of a kitchen remodel, and I have a new induction range. I thought all of my cookware was compatible, but when I tried out my Calphalon nonstick, they didn't work. So I'm looking for a mid-priced 12 inch frying pan. What are you happy with?

Why am I such a bad baker?

As you have found out, baking is tricky. Here is a complete guide to making chocolate cookies just the way you want them. Kenji explains how all the ingredients react to each other, and you can tailor the recipe to get that ooey gooey goodness you desire.

Current restaurant pet peeve

When I place my order for my food, and ask for extra butter with the order, please don't tell me to ask you again when you deliver the food!

Your favorite non-food-related items that get tons of use in the kitchen

You can also crumple the parchment paper up (gently of course), and then uncrumple it. That will keep it in place too!

pork roll... TAYLOR, of course!

I would dice it, fry it in butter and add it to a quiche!

Jacques Pepin at the Count Basie Theater on October 31, 2015

I just got an email saying that Jacques will be at the Count Basie on October 31st. A great alternative way to spend Halloween!

Baking pie crust tonight for Saturday?

I am always stressed for time, and like to do things in advance like baking the pie crust a day early. I have done the same thing. I bake it, and let it cool completely. Then I wrap it so that it is airtight, and leave it on the counter until I want to use it the next day. But I really mean completely cool, before it gets wrapped!

Updates from the Shore - Summer 2015

So I dropped in today. It smelled great in there, and I noticed huge beautiful coffee cups ready to be filled. I was almost swayed by the bourbon pecan pie, but that would have meant that I would have to eat it all myself, since DH doesn't care for it.

So I picked up a mini strawberry rhubarb pie. I must admit, I'm usually a crumb pie person. Top crust doesn't usually thrill me. But this crust was tasty, and I really loved the fresh filling. It was the right amount of juicy, but not runny. And it wasn't a candy sweetness, but you could still taste the tartness of the rhubarb. Definitely a winner for me!

I asked if they had any quiches, but they said not yet. After they get settled though, they are going to have them on the menu. So that's another thing to look forward to.

I also finally got to check our Mr. Prime over on South Street. All of the meats in the case looked lovely. I picked out two bone-in pork chops to cook on the grill. He promised amazing, and they were!

If it's not raining when I go home tonight, I predict that I'll be making another stop to pick up tonight's dinner. Maybe the NY strip or the ribeye...hmm...

Thanks MGZ!

Updates from the Shore - Summer 2015

Woo hoo! I will drop by today! Thanks for checking.

Eggs the way you like them

I like the idea of cutting the toast up, and mixing in the poached egg. Next time I'm going to try it that way. Maybe I will get a little of that delicious yolk on everything!

Website for recipe organization and storage?

I used to keep all of my recipes on 3X5 cards in a nice oak file holder. But I outgrew that. Then I printed out all my recipes and kept them in a three ring binder. I have them separated into different categores. That has worked out well.

But the problem is, I am not a planner. I devise my meals by going to the supermarket and picking my ingredients on the spur of the moment, depending on what looks good and what's on sale. I would invariably miss a couple of key ingredients and have to go back.

So I now use Evernote. I have been slowly adding all my recipes that I cook most often. I have it on my smart phone, and as long as I have internet I can see all my recipes. I can search according to ingredients, and instantly come up with my favorite recipes. I can also access it on my computer and iPad. I'll typically put my Ipad on a stand in the kitchen with the recipe on it and cook from that.

As an added bonus, when I bring a dish to a party, I can immediately email the recipe for someone who wants to give it a try. It's working well for me.

Updates from the Shore - Summer 2015

I called there yesterday, but got no answer. So I swung by today, and saw that they are closed on Tuesdays (today), but were supposed to be open yesterday. I guess I'll try again tomorrow!

Need a better sous vide container to cook in

Is that a styrofoam cooler?

Ground Cherries, Yee Haw! Now what?

Oops, I totally missed that. In fact, I didn't even realize that they existed in that state.

Need a better sous vide container to cook in

I think I'm going to go with the Cambro idea. I can cut a hole in the top for the circulator to cut down on evaporation. And if I'm doing a long cycle, maybe I will just wrap a towel around the outside for a little more insulation. I like the bubble wrap and peanuts ideas too.

Need a better sous vide container to cook in

I have the Anova sous vide stick. And I would like to use it, but I want to have a good system to use it smartly. Using a pot, the water can evaporate out the top, so I have resorted to using plastic wrap. But then, I'm thinking that I lose a lot of heat out of the uninsulated pot. This bothers me, especially if I'm going to do a 48 hour short rib recipe. I haven't yet, but I will shortly.

What do you use to cook your sous vide recipes in?