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Saying "No" to oil in baked goods

I like substituting butter. The only difference I ever notice is that the crumb of the item is usually a bit more tender. But for me, that's not a negative!

Would You Name Your Kid Nutella?

I know someone who gave their son the middle name "Danger." They thought that his friends would think it was cool when he was older.

What I Want When I Go Out

Aw, shucks! I would seek out that kind of music! I do understand, though. I'm a banjo picker, and I never inflict my music on folks unless they ASK for it!

How to present deviled quail eggs?

Well, Christmas Eve was a success, and I'm happy to say that my quail eggs turned out fabulously! Thanks for all the suggestions. I ultimately decided to serve them on spinach leaves, topped with caviar.

I was worried that I would overcook them, because they are so small (and cute!) I put them in a pan and covered them with cold water. I brought them to a boil, and then covered them and took them off the heat for four minutes. Then I transferred them to an ice water bath.

I was worried about peeling them, so I took them out, cracked them a little bit to hopefully get the water between the membrane and egg, and then put them back into the ice bath.

When they were completely chilled I peeled them. I had trouble with one or two, but basically they peeled easily. (I also had purchased them a couple of weeks ago, so they weren't "new" eggs.)

I finished them like regular deviled eggs, and they were very tasty. See my final photo, they tasted good!

How to present deviled quail eggs?

Wow, plenty of great suggestions! I love the idea of leaving a few unshelled, because they are so pretty. That will figure in part of my presentation. As to the actual plating, I'm going to have to mull these ideas over, and make a decision. I will take a photo and post it.

Christmas Dinner: in charge of turkey and ham and mashed potato -- but traveling 5 hours to get there, arriving just 2 hours before scheduled dinner time

Please keep coming back. The majority of us DO want to help! And I think that you'll be contributing a delicious array of carefully prepared food. Don't let those negative comments get you down! We really are a wonderful community of people with lots of ideas and ways of working out dilemmas like yours.

How to present deviled quail eggs?

My family always has an assortment of finger foods on Christmas Eve. This year I want to add a little twist. I'm doing regular deviled eggs, and I have a platter to serve them on. You know, the kind with the egg shaped dents in it.

To do something a little bit different, I have decided to also make deviled eggs using quail eggs. I'm going to top these with some Russian Osetra caviar.

My question is, how am I going to serve these, in all their tiny cuteness? All of the food will be on the dining room table, so I need a way to showcase them on that table. I am thinking that they will tip over if I have them just on a flat plate.

Orange juice concentrate

What is the recipe you are using? My concern is that by using orange juice, the sauce/marinade would be too watery and less flavorful because you are using something more diluted than concentrate. If you are cooking now, maybe you could reduce the orange juice to concentrate it?

Where can I buy caviar in Monmouth County?

Thanks all. I got Osetra caviar from Whole Foods over the weekend. It's a tiny, tiny jar, but I'm hoping for a BIG impact on my deviled eggs on Christmas Eve!

Where can I buy caviar in Monmouth County?

Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm on a mission and have a destination!

Where can I buy caviar in Monmouth County?

I am starting to put together my Christmas eve menu, and this year I am going to include deviled eggs made with quail eggs. (Check out the Home Cooking thread of deviled eggs this month!) I want to top them with caviar, since our evening is very fish centric. But I have no idea where to buy, or what kind to buy. I don't want it to break the bank, but I don't want to be disappointed either. So I'm open to roe instead of caviar if it tastes good! Where should I go shopping in Monmouth County or just over the border to Ocean County?

Pressure Cooker for a harried mom who is afraid of pressure cookers

Or alternatively to putting the cooker in the fridge, just put all your prepped ingredients in a bowl or ziploc bag, and then dump them into the pc when you get home.

Whole Foods coming to Wall in late 2015 or early 2016!

Whole Foods to move into Brielle Sports Club's Wall storefront

WALL TOWNSHIP — Brielle Sports Club will be closing its Wall location at 1933 Route 35 on Dec. 31 to make room for a new Whole Foods Market.

Whole Foods is expected to open a 40,000-square-foot supermarket in early 2016 in the Allaire Plaza at the corner of Allaire Road and Route 35.

Got this news alert from the Coast Star on Wednesday, 11/26. So it sounds like it is going to happen, finally!

Turkey Defrosting Disagreement

I'm sorry to say that there is no way your turkey will be thawed in time to cook for dinner tonight. I think you should cook another protein for the meal, pop the turkey into the fridge to continue defrosting and cook it another day.

Rule #1...always...

Make sure there is nothing in the oven before you turn it on!

Proper freezing for make ahead party dishes

I have to disagree on not refreezing raw meat. Sometimes I have the best intentions, take a piece of meat out of the freezer and let it defrost in the fridge. Then life intervenes, and I end up not needing it. I just toss it back into the freezer, with no bad consequences.

looking for a diff. stuffing recipe

I have never liked sage and sausage stuffing. I don't know where my Mom got this recipe, but it's a fruit based stuffing that for me pairs really well with the turkey. When I first made it for my husband, he didn't think he would like it. Now he won't eat turkey without it!

1 package Pepperidge Farms Herb Stuffing
4 stalks of celery, finely chopped
3 shallots, finely minced and sautéed
1 can crushed pineapple, including the juice
1 can water chestnuts, chopped
2 apples, diced
2 oranges, diced
2 lemons, diced
1 stick of butter

Cook down the giblets and save the liquid for extra moisture, if needed.

A pinch of:

Celery seed
Poultry seasoning

Mix all ingredients.

I am a person who stuffs the turkey. Love that added flavor. But recently, I have just been baking a turkey breast. I split the breast and lay it flat over the stuffing. That way I get the turkey drippings into the stuffing.

Anyone else preorder the Anova Precision Cooker?

Like you, I am anxiously awaiting shipping! I keep seeing ads for it on Amazon, and I'm hoping that they aren't shipping those orders before mine!! Now I have to decide what I'm going to make first. So many choices...

Kelly's and Clancy's Tavern in Neptune are twins!

Oh, that is terrible! We were a party of two, and we sat at a table. In addition, there were other couples sitting in the booths. It's too bad they never responded to you.

Kelly's and Clancy's Tavern in Neptune are twins!

OK, so maybe you knew this, but I had no idea. One of my favorite sandwiches when the need presents itself is the mini reuben at Kelly's in Neptune. But depending on when you go, it can be hard to get a table. Plus, it's always really loud in there with the TVs blaring. Yes, I know it's a sports bar, but I'm going for the reubens.

Instead of braving the crowds and wait at Kelly's, last night I went to Clancy's Tavern, 25 South Main Street, Neptune. It's a newer and updated Kelly's, complete with the exact same menu. As you would imagine, there were 20 million TVs, in the bar area and also in the table area.

We walked in at prime time, and were seated immediately. The table area was nice, and is separated from the bar area by a wall. There are TVs in the table area too, in case you REALLLY need to be watching the game. But the volume is not on, thankfully. This acted as kind of a buffer, which I appreciated. And you get your choice of booth or tables.

We ordered our mini reubens and yes! They were exactly like the ones we get at Kelly's. We even had our bowl of popcorn.

If you are jonesing for a reuben and are worried about the wait, give Clancy's Taven a try. We were not disappointed and will be back.

foil and parchment paper

I used to have that same problem of my rolled parchment paper rolling up. But i just don't have room for flat sheets of parchment. So I still buy the rolls and pull out whatever size sheet I want. Then to stop it from rolling up, I simply crumple it up. I do that to the whole sheet, and then I just gently open it back up and smooth it out on the counter. All those crumples stop it from rolling up ever again, and it doesn't tear or rip either!

Recipe ideas for picky husband?

It took me a long time to start to like onions in my meatloaf. I finally figured out that I had to give them a quick saute in butter, and start to cook them down, so that I wouldn't bite into almost raw onion. That was a major turning point for me!

How to get hot fries at McDonalds:

If I am going to McDonald's, I always go inside. If they are cooking a fresh batch of fries already, I always ask to have my order pulled from the fresh batch that isn't ready yet. I'm always polite, and tell them I don't mind waiting until they are done.

If I go at an other than lunch/dinner time, I don't have any qualms about asking them to cook some hot fries for me. They may sigh a bit, but they will do it. I'm always polite, and thank them for doing it.

If they aren't hot, I won't eat them!

Sep 25, 2014
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Red Bank Redux

OK, so I had a chance to try Bagel Oven. Took me once around the block to find it, but I did. Now, I love anything loaded with carbohydrates and fresh. But boy, is their bagel over the top great! I loved the crunchy crust, and the warm interior. Did you see the lady parked in the municipal lot, eating her way into a carb coma last week? OK, 1 bagel wasn't enough, I needed two. One right after the other. They were that good. And yes, I DID travel with my own cream cheese to dress it up exactly the way I like! Yup, that was me! Bagel Oven wow!

Mashed potato recipes

No matter what recipe you choose, you should always add the butter to the mashed potatoes before the milk. If you add the milk first, the potatoes will absorb the milk, and the butter can't get absorbed into the starchy potato. But when you add the butter first, those fat molecules combine better somehow, and then you don't end up with butter not combining. I read this first at America's Test Kitchen. My potatoes always come out delicious. (I'm in the 8 ounces of butter to 2 pounds of potatoes camp.)

Andrew Zimmern coming to the Count Basie Theater on August 1, 2014

Here's the cupcake with the fried worms on it.

i hate plastic squeeze bottles for heinz ketchup and Guldens mustard

I too hate the Gulden's bottle. But mainly because they don't put the little "valve" on it, like they have on the Heinz ketchup bottle. The Gulden's comes pouring out after I have shaken it up, and I end up wasting so much mustard! It's really annoying.

Mac and Cheese

Yes, for me, the roux always meant less cheese flavor. Now with no roux, I get the total cheese flavor that I want! Sodium citrate all the way!

POLL: Do you prefer your scooped ice cream in a cup or cone?


Blue cheese dressing recipe?

I am a blue cheese lover! Now that summer tomatoes are here, there is nothing better than blue cheese dressing on freshly sliced tomatoes. Or on bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches, imho!

I have never heard of beer in the dressing. I make mine with blue cheese, mayo, Worcestershire sauce and lemon.