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Current Status of Wegmans in Landover and Crofton?

The Wegmans in Ithaca made my college years so much more awesome. There's just something about being able to get gourmet (or any) items at all hours of the night for a post-party or study-extravaganza feast that no other grocery store has been able to match. Not to mention that their produce selection is always on point and their organics aisle is also. And while I'm at it, the bulk aisles and the Mediterranean bar are above and beyond those of any other grocery store i've ever been to.. I've been making trips out to Fairfax every now and then to get my Weggies fix, but I'm looking forward to these new expansions!

Lunch for the new 9 to 5er in Bethesda (Wisconsin Ave and Leland)

I just started a new job in Bethesda, and though I am familiar with the area and its many restaurants (having grown up in Chevy Chase and gone to HS in Bethesda), I'm looking for suggestions for the best places to get a bite on my lunch break, which is about an hour long, which are also within walking distance to the office. I am already a fan of Moby Dick's and Don Pollo, amongst other places in the immediate vicinity, but I thought I'd throw this out there to see if any of you have suggestions. Remember, I only have an hour so anything more than a 15 minute walk away won't do much for me, nor will anywhere where I'm going to spend most of my time waiting for my food. Thanks!