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Holloween themed food

If it's not too late to add to your menu, I once made stuffed mushroom "dead spiders"
You stuff the mushrooms with whatever you ususally stuff your mushrooms with, then you put 8 notches around the outside. In these notches you cram whole shrimp without the tails so that they are curling toward the center of the mushroom. Make sure they are in there tight because now you dip them in egg and douse in bread crumbs and deep fry. Put them in the fridge for about an your uncovered before frying so that the crumbs stick. they end up looking like dead fried spiders all curled up!! everyone loved them. This year I'm going to try them using stuffed jalapenos instead of mushrooms. Happy Halloween!!!

Oct 19, 2010
LJSerpa in Home Cooking