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Petit Fours Toronto/York Region???

That's great thank you so much! Do they let you choose what colour they come if you special order them? I always like white ones at Christmas.

Petit Fours Toronto/York Region???

THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!! I can't wait to give them a try!

Petit Fours Toronto/York Region???

Do they sell traditional petit fours? (small sponge cake topped with fondant, usually decorated with piped flowed - about the size of a quarter)

Petit Fours Toronto/York Region???

I am looking for somewhere to get petit fours in York region...but would go to Toronto for them. I typically get them from Kessler's Swiss Bakery in Richmond Hill but they have gone on an extended holiday and I wanted to get them for a party in November. Thanks so much!

New Years Eve In Philly

I am travelling with my husband from Toronto to Philly from December 30th-January 3rd. We're going primarily to watch an eagles game but thought it would be fun to spend New Years there too. We are staying at the Hotel Palomar and will not have a car. I have NO CLUE where to look. We are in our 30's/40's and love to go out for fabulous food, primarily Italian/Mediterranean/Spanish/American. I'm looking for somewhere I can go for dinner on New Years at around 8ish and spend the entire evening there; hopefully with live music/dancing...not to be confused with a nightclub. We don't want to go anywhere we'll feel old. LOL! I love all kinds of husband on the other hand is a picky Italian who thinks no one cooks better than his mama. So no Asian food and no places where the portions are ridiculously small or he'll complain all night! LOL! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Also, any suggestions for the other days and nights would be great too!!! Thanks so much!

Oct 19, 2010
melgreco in Philadelphia