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dog-friendly in Charlotte, NC

Dogs are allowed on the patio of Philosopher's Stone in the Elizabeth neighborhood (I think it's on 7th St? That or Caldwell). There is also a Dog Bar in the NODA neighborhood where dogs are welcome.

Jun 30, 2010
Chocolate Toe in Southeast

Silk - Soy Milk - Spoilage

I TOO had this problem and just never did anything about it! Sort of new to soy milk, I bought light vanilla Silk soymilk three different times. EVERY time, it "curdled" weeks before the expiration date. Got goopy or something. I just tossed it, and eventually quit buying it.

Feb 18, 2010
Chocolate Toe in General Topics

Greenville/Greer - Help me find a fun lunch!

Adams Bistro on Pelham Road is great, so is Corporate Deli nearby

Jan 03, 2010
Chocolate Toe in Southeast

Costco 'samples' - why?

Sample vendors at any store are put there to sell product. At places like Whole Foods, it's often the product creators in there manning their stand trying to grow awareness of what they make. I have a friend who does this with their bottled salad dressing. Today I was at WF, tried some creamy horseradish on smoked salmon i NEVER would have bought (Make own horseradish) but it was SO GOOD and on sale, I bought some. Otherwise, never would have looked twice. It can be a great marketing tool when done right.

Dec 05, 2009
Chocolate Toe in Chains

Recs for Downtown Charlotte Restaurants for client dinners

Ratcliffe on the Green, Alexander Michaels, Zink.. but if you're in the Westin, definitely Ember.

Oct 25, 2009
Chocolate Toe in Southeast

Lunch in Greenville, SC

Adams Bistro on Pelham Road is great. Big variety.
Corporate Deli on Pelham Road is more deli, but also very good. Also like Napoli and Olympian on Woodruff Road.

Oct 07, 2009
Chocolate Toe in Southeast

charlotte recommendations for maybe the south park area

Red Rocks Cafe on Providence Road is not too far from South Park and has a huge variety.

Friday Fun Question - Burger Toppings at Big Daddy's (or anywhere really...)

hummus and red peppers on turkey burger

Sugar Free Dessert

Harris Teeter does have the Murray's cookies, and I think in the bakery section some sugar free angel food cakes and others fresh baked. The BiLo in Greenville SC carries sugar free desserts of all kinds in the bakery (brand is Isabellas); not sure if the Charlotte BiLo does.

Aug 31, 2009
Chocolate Toe in Chains

Greenville,SC Two Nights

Yes, Flat Rock Grille is a chain. Not bashing, but I wouldn't go there. Prices don't really justify what you get.
Napoli is great. Little Italian/Greek place down near the Five Forks end of Woodruff; the Olympian is same kind of food and actually the same area too.
Travinia (Italian) on Woodruff has a nice bar area/scene. We also love Boston Pizzeria (for the pizza) or Henry's Smokehouse for BBQ (more laidback/takeout)

3 days in Savannah

Gotta say, we tried The Breakfast Place for breakfast this morning and Tybee Island and I am not one to complain, but their waitstaff was pretty rude. Just things like telling us to "please get inside and not let all the air conditioning out" and pausing and giving a 'look' when we asked for extra creamer, things like that. Sure they are busy, but it's an overall feeling in the whole place, not just one waiter.

On another note, had dinner/drinks at a kind of laid-back bar and Irish pub called McDonough's in Savannah. Great burgers from what I hear (I didnt have one of those) and awesome sweet potato fries.

Aug 04, 2009
Chocolate Toe in Southeast

Lunch places in Charlotte

Fenwick's on Providence Rd.... though may only be dinner, not sure. Big Daddys I second, or Bedder Bedder & Moore.

New and good in Greenville, SC

Another good one I have had a couple times is Adams Bistro on Pelham Road. They have huge portions, creative food, mostly under $10.... a great lunch place; not upscale but still quaint and really good. Great salads, wraps, sandwiches.

Late Night Food in Carrboro/Chapel Hill

oh... i loved some late night Cosmic Cantina (FRanklin St, Chapel Hill) during undergrad.

Cheeseburger in Charlotte

Big Daddy's on East Blvd

California Pizza kitchen- opinions?

I went in a CPK tonight for the first time in prob 3 years and had their new Morroccan chicken salad. It had avocadoes, butternut squash, beets, cranberries, chicken and peanuts. For someone who's not a huge CPK fan, I thought it was a great salad with a great champagne creamy dressing. Their salads are pricey, but it was good..

Jun 20, 2009
Chocolate Toe in Chains

New and good in Greenville, SC

Not sure if anyone has mentioned this place, but we tried Napoli on Woodruff Road (near Five Forks) the other night. I thought it was great! Not a high end place, but it serves Italian and Greek - VERY similar to Olympian Grill. Great family atmosphere and decent prices - HUGE< HUGE portions. MIne could have served 3. We had calzone (about $8) (spinach and ricotta), Hawaiian pizza, and a salmon salad (around $9). Worth a try.

Sunday breakfast - Gvl SC - Woodruff or Pelham Rd

IF you have time go to Stax Omega diner on Orchard Park, off Haywood. Great food/breakfast/cafe/bakery.

Greer/Greenville - Soccer lunch -

Right at Pelham and I-85 is Macaroni Grille, Logan's Roadhouse, and Schlotzkys Deli, among some others. On Woodruff Road yes GAtti Town (not the greatest pizza) TGI Fridays Atlanta Bread, a new pizza place called Happy Pie, Moes, and a China Buffet

Need sushi rec in Charlotte NC

I definitely second Koishi. It's great sushi... but it is in an old Pizza Hut, so if you are looking for atmosphere and ambiance this is not your place.

Everyday dining for a new Charlotte, NC resident

I read in the Observer today that Mac's Speed Shop just opened a 3rd location in the Steele Creek area.
Other than that I am partial to (not in Steele Creek but not too far) the Roasting Company and Penguin.

Someone explain Charlotte grocery store pricing?

Well, quite honestly, between all the buy one get one frees, weekly (great) specials, double coupons every day up to a dollar, and occaisonal triple coupon weekends, I plan my shopping accordingly and actually do REALLY well at Harris Teeter. I think they are expensive, but if you shop them right, you can do fine. Their produce is by far the best I have seen around here, no comparison. Plus I personally know their fresh foods guy and I know his commitment to that chain...

Dinner in Charlotte: Not fine dining, not a dive, not a chain...

Admittedly I am not an Asian food connosseiur (did I spell that right...) but had Baoding for the first time today and LOVED it! I even got a healthy option - shrimp steamer... veggies were perfect, shrimp were even more perfect. I tried not to eat all the brown rice (carbs, ya know) but it was perfectly sticky. Also had edamame. Very impressed... not bad prices for lunch either.

My favorite fast food breakfast is at

Bojangle's chicken biscuit with ketchup and some hashbrowns on the side. And I"m done. aaaaaaaaaaaaahhh.

Feb 08, 2009
Chocolate Toe in Chains

You can’t say No to Nonna’s - Charlotte

What is this place near? In a shopping center? I saw the address but dont know off top of head what's close to that.

New York Pizza - Charlotte

That place on East Blvd inthe Harris Teeter shopping center... Little Village or something??? ...closed. I can't even remember the name.

Jan 26, 2009
Chocolate Toe in Southeast

Tips for a Relaxed, Tasty Restaurant in Charlotte

I just got the crabcake sandwich, which was on a croissant which seemed like it was fried in butter to make it extra crispy. (good, just not the healthiest I'm sure). As a side I got the sweet potato hash, which seemed like cubed sweet potatoes to me. My companion had trout - it was really good. We had calamari to start, which was your typical calamari. Overall, it was good... but there were VERY few diners in there. Granted, it was a Monday night. But at 9pm we were the only ones remaining in the restaurant. The food was decent - I do love the atmosphere though.

Tips for a Relaxed, Tasty Restaurant in Charlotte

GW Fins closed??? Whaaat???

Relating to the topic at hand - had dinner tonight at Pewter Rose Bistro. Very relaxed, comfortable, and great food at a decent price.

Lunchtime pizza buffet in Charlotte?

Doesn't Pizza Peel up in Cotswald area have a lunch buffet? I've seen people outside holding sandwich boards advertising it. There's also Eatza Pizza on South Blvd, but I can't tell you anything about either one. There may be a Cici's on Independence Blvd.

Concord NC: Anything good?

Did anyone see that article in the business section of the Observer about that new restaurant, T1, I think (in Huntersville, near Concord)... you order electronically through a screen, and you can hook up your i-pod, and there's all these other high tech gadgets. Guess they have no servers? The owner is a techie. If anyone goes, please do report.

Dec 11, 2008
Chocolate Toe in Southeast