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Bermuda for New Years

Pretty much agree with all here. Beau Rivage would be a great bet for NYE. Relatively small and wont have all that forced jollity. Great food as well. Transportation can be problematic NYE so if you decide to stay at the Fairmont I would head for Newport Room. Although they are selling it to the crowds heading for the amphitheater, you should be able to book a table and take your time.
Remember that Jamaica Grill is take out rather than a dinner house. Also Hamilton might best be avoided NYE as it does get busy! Have fun.

Bermuda - new lunch trucks

Not tried it but I think it may be more ice cream stuff and cold drinks. Tio Pepe, close by, while is busy is not my favorite. Another mystery in the Bermuda line-up of eateries: some good pasta dishes but otherwise very pedestrian. Inexpensive local fare can be had over at Bermy cuisine at Heron Bay. This is casual 'diner', but daily dishes are good. Licensed as well. Menu not the all encompassing type you'll find at Upper Crust.

Bermuda - new lunch trucks

The hot dog cart in Par La Ville is also very good and reasonable. On a nice day they have a seating area which makes for a pleasant lunch. Have also tried the BBQ cart but the fault here is the menu -it is way too large for a proper truck operation. This seems to be a problem here with local dining as they want to serve everything at the expense of serving a few things really well. I sampled the BBQ ribs (I had assumed they would be pork but were beef) and they were just OK. Some of the best eating can be found during the day between Cafe 4, the Asian Thai take out/eat at tables buffet just beyond it going into Beluga, and Beluga. A lot of sushi, but some other great heat dishes all at good prices. This is lunch time/day only. For take out the Upper Crust (Flatt's and Warwick Workmens) has one of those 'everything' menus, but the Indian and Thai style curries are particularly good and offer value for eat in.

Bermuda restaurant suggestions for a wedding dinner

A place along the beach or with views would be perfect. I would suggest the Lido complex at the Elbow Beach, either upper terrace or lower, at Mickeys. The food on the upper terrace at Cafe Lido is slightly more elegant but you are right on the beach either way. In Southampton, the Reefs has a wonderful terrace and sophisticated food; and in Paget there is Beau Rivage at Newstead with fantastic views of Hamilton Harbour and sophisticated southern French cuisine. All these venues would arrange a set menu or any other special requirement you wold like for a wedding party. In Hamilton, Harbourfront again has a nice terrace for outside dining and a good international menu although Harry's at the other end of town has great food but you will be inside, so for a summer wedding not optimal. Good luck!

Back to Bermuda

I'm guessing that at 64 it would be in the $30 median, with some in the 25-30 range, others just higher. This is typical pricing. At Cambridge expect to pay a few dollars more, but the breezes menu is mostly fish, so prices tend to be higher.

Back to Bermuda

Yes, they are alive, and yes, they are ancient sea thingies!
Across from Salt Rock is Somerset Country Squire. Nothing exciting there -burgers, maybe a decent curry. Maybe you could get a good fish and chips, English style. Pretty sure it would be imported fish, lots of batter.....
64 at Port Royal is good for dinner.
For a special evening walk over to Cambridge Beaches. If you call you might get a table out by the beach for al fresco, which can be nice. Mostly seafood.

Back to Bermuda

Firstly welcome back! Places are somewhat limiting in the West End, however I would recommend Freeport Gardens at the entrance to the Dockyard. Great local fish/fish cakes. Very casual 'local' eatery with fair prices. Frog and Onion pub in Dockyard while not being overly gourmet does make a few nice things; the house made savory pies are always good (steak and kidney; chicken; shepherds) and they have good, locally produced beer and ales. Salt Rock Grill, Country Squire are both just OK. Woody's is again very casual -more of a bar at times- but you can't go wrong with a fish sandwich from there. Other than that, consider taking the ferry from Cavelho Bay or Watford Bridge into Hamilton for a late lunch/early dinner (early because they stop running early!). Enjoy your trip.

Recommendations for restaurants in Bermuda?

If I were you, cash them on board and pay cash at restaurants. If you use the TCs you will need either a passport or photo i.d. You will be given either Bermuda or US dollars -they are interchangeable. Check on board as I would assume the purser would cash out any Bermudian currency left over.

Recommendations for restaurants in Bermuda?

Interesting because I have also done research into Bermudian foodways and have written and put quite a bit into the Bermuda archives on the subject, so let's not get to Bermudians here....What I said I stand by, but by telling me to go and change it is not the answer. Bermuda either wants to create and maintain a cultural food identity, or it does not. Me opening a restaurant is not the answer, but the sort of response one tends to get on the island. I was at the Black Horse yesterday which serves great local food. Where else can one get hash shark or mussel pies and conch stew SERVED IN A RESTAURANT.Pretty limiting. There is an answer, but it starts from the top; through culinary competitions; showcasing local foods and cuisine at Government official dinners; expanding on the idea created by Fresh (Elmore Warren) on Father's Day - a Court Street BBQ cook-off with locals showcasing rubs/sauces/sides; perhaps getting (god forbid) the Bermuda College to sponsor a local culinary event....So, there are things we could do collectively.

Recommendations for restaurants in Bermuda?

LOL> Yes, personal recipes are the answer. Some of the old cookbooks are useful but they include too many foreign recipes incorporated into them so you have to go through a lot of weeds. A really good reference book on local cooking is Traditional Cookery in Bermuda, compiled by Thatcher Adams. A real nice mix of British/Island/Bermudian interpretations and done in an unusual longhand style. The dishes here on seafood reflect some of the oldest traditions of Bermudian cookery you might find.

Recommendations for restaurants in Bermuda?

All true, but I don't really lump supermarket buffets in with the same category as restaurants. I know Herbie Bascome, but the SP is not a magnet for local cuisine either. And based on the responses here (see above) a tourist asks a questions about eating local, and we list sushi, Italian, Indian, etc. All good, but hardly what I would call a round-up of Bermudian cuisine.
And I am not sure about the accuracy of suckrock stew keeping many of us going during hard times....yes, it was there, but I think today it is more of a romantic vision of how bad things were for people.
Yes, I think there is an opportunity for a local cuisine eatery for both tourists and locals alike or simply a place in operation taking advantage of branching out a little. Of course different chefs have tried at different times, but in all honesty these are dishes kept for the home diner more than a 'going out' scenario.


You will be in the Dockyard. There are eateries in the immediate area which are good but not necessarily Bermudian in cuisine. The best bet if you are looking for some local flavour would be Freeport Gardens, sticking to local fish. The place is unpretentious. This time of year freshly caught Wahoo, tuna, and rock fish are generally available, all best served pan sauteed. Fish sandwiches are another local treat, eaten with coleslaw and pepper sauce. If you plan to leave the West End, head to Hamilton and there are many eateries offering a wide range of fare, but alas while good, there is not much island flavour.

Recommendations for restaurants in Bermuda?

At issue is the fact that (almost) all restaurants are owned and staffed by people who come from outside of Bermuda and they do not have a traditional connect with local foodie culture. Year-round there should be places that serve up cassava pie and breads; plantain; beef stew; fish stew; pawpaw (baked, mashed, casseroled; spice cakes and banana breads; loquat, tomato, pawpaw and prickly pear chutneys; Surinam cherry, Bay Grape and other types of sweet jams and jellies. Then, allowing for greater outside influence there wold be some West Indian style curries.....As has been said, many of these dishes are eaten only in private homes -but many of them should be available year-round in restaurants. I understand the chefs at Harley's (Hamilton Fairmont) are turning out some local style dishes with some success.
Suck rock stew. Avery poor and meagre dish. Suck rocks are the trilobite animals you can see on rocks at the medium water mark. These can be pried off and boiled...and boiled...and boiled, perhaps with green pawpaw to tenderize, mixed with veggies at hand and served as stew. It was never a widely eaten dish!

Recommendations for restaurants in Bermuda?

And so, the disappointment of Bermuda eateries. A visitor asks and all we can really do it list: Italian, Indian, sushi venues, sandwich cafes, and pub style places. The list is a good one, but standing back we can see how limiting Bermuda really is in terms of food it can offer tourists. I would never go to, say, Jamaica and seek out a sushi place, or Italian. Devil's advocate here. In any event Duncan, enjoy your stay.

Southampton, Bermuda Recs?

Well, just more difficult to find! Again, Black Horse would have it regularly. Oddly, some of the gas stations have take away items which often include mussel pie. But this is the odd thing about Bermuda -actually finding local food!

Southampton, Bermuda Recs?

Latitude 64 is good, but go for dinner as it is located in the golf club house. Tio Pepe is popular with the locals but I don't recommend it for special dining. Go for pizza or pasta. It is a few minutes by bike from the Reefs. Henry VIII also popular; there is some good sushi here and live entertainment (piano and songster) but the main menu is disappointing. If you are here over Cup Match (July 28/29 you must go to the game and try a range of local specialties: conch stew; fried fish; hash shark; mussel pie.

Casual in St. George's, Bermuda?

Don't forget the Blackhorse over in St. David's -still excellent chowder and fresh fish.

2 Nights in Bermuda - Staying at Fairmont Hamilton Princess

Barracuda Grill for seafood. It is an inside dining option as are most restaurants in Bermuda, so they do not take advantage of the summer sunsets, etc.
Bolero, French Bistro, it does have a small balcony (for smokers and others) overlooking Front Street and the food is consistently good. Harry's certainly for a drink and snack late afternoon, early evening.
For high end hotel dining (only if you can take the Fairmont water taxi) try either the Newport Room in the main hotel or the dockside Waterlot Inn. The former is modern French style cuisine and excellent; the latter a steak house with very good beef. Both located at the Fairmont Southampton. The boat trip back and forth would be a great added bonus.

Bermuda events

Nothing comes to my mind. Of course, if you haven't been a visit to the Black Horse is well worth it. The best authentic fish chowder in Bermuda, and all around good fish eating place.

Bermuda...Tribe Road Kitchen is...(aka The Barefoot Baker)

Did my first visit and liked what they have done to the place. It was busy with a certain crowd and several young'uns. Agree with the fish sandwich. I didn't realize it had been pre-assembled or I would have tried something else. Nice idea, but the slaw made it all a little soggy. Kirsten let us try her chocolate brownies -rich and delish. The main things to look out for here will be the fresh baked pastries/pies/breads. I am from the school that for $10-13 a sandwich should be made fresh. Saw Ben as well, so this is a family operation! Wish them best of luck.

Lent in Bermuda

In Hamilton I would recommend Muse on Front Street opposite ferry dock: also try at the other of the street The Beach, a casual bar operation with decent food and great prices. For a mid range in Hamilton also try Mad Hatters, on Richmond Road and a 5 minute walk from Front. Freeport Gardens in Dockyard can serve up Bermuda fish in a casual atmosphere, as can Lobster Pot in Hamilton -but stick with the fresh, local fish here and don't worry about the sides...they do the fish well. Trattoria in Hamilton for pizza.

Bolero Brasserie Bermuda bistro dining

A favorite of mine, Bolero will be introducing its new menu next week (Feb 14) for those who love French brasserie fare.While I will miss the sweetbreads, they will continue to run out the black pudding hash, a new truffled eggs en cocotte dish and a bollotine of foie gras "Waldorf" -anyone's guess. Entrees range from a friendly leek and goat cheese tarte tatin, a crab pappardelle combo, classic veal Viennoise -I am thinking schnitzel- to grilled venison cutlets. Moules, lamb rump, calf's liver and a cheese fondue round it all out. It reads well and I am pretty sure chef Jonny Roberts can deliver. Stay tuned.

Bermuda - Wadson's Farm Stand

Great news. I would also gather that Judith will be selling her range of breads (gluten free, etc) granola and other baked goods she has been offering at the Farmers market.

Bermuda...oh brother...more sushi at Plaza Cafe now

So I checked it out as well. Sushi aside, the core concept is Middle Eastern. This is being brought to us by the original people behind Cafe Cairo, and rather than eat-in the main drive seems to be take-out. What can really work here is the variety of interesting vegetarian options (the salads; dips; etc) common in this cuisine. The shwarma wrap was good, and the falafels (house made) worth a bite. After 5 they offer 50% off everything -it is sold by weight- so a nice idea for a home graze while getting the Apple TV up and running.

Bermuda...oh brother...more sushi at Plaza Cafe now

I think Philip Barnett (Bermuda Restaurants -Latin, Pickled Onion, etc) is head of the Chamber's restaurant division. Yeah, it's about time we had some upgrading. Fact is Bermudians eat what they are comfortable with, it's just that comfort food hasn't moved beyond sushi, mac and cheese, potato salad, and stir fries. Hate to say it, but I am even getting tired of Bolero's menu although it is the only different one in town. Brains! Frogs' legs! Black pudding! St. George's? Stop by the airport to collect your sushi from the Boulevard Cafe. Culinary kudzu is good.

Bermuda...oh brother...more sushi at Plaza Cafe now

More sushi. Good grief. I thought we had ridden that wave to the beach.

Bermuda - Harley's

Also not dined there in quite a while. It is a mid-range hotel dining facility with the usual good Fairmont standards, so competent but not over the top. Having said that the hotel is walking distance from a wide range of eateries in the City of Hamilton. Dining will not be a problem!

Bermuda - Rumour has it...

OK. There are some issues but Muse has only been opened 2 weeks. I think it will always have some service issues given the lay-out, but it has to improve. The food I find good. I will give it a couple of months before moving on. And the chef is not JC but as above Chef Garcia. He is creating the menus and food.
Any other reports from new eateries around town?


Is Lahore Tikka still worth visiting or is there another great Indian in the neighborhood I should try?

Bermuda - Rumour has it...

The main bar is on the third floor and it is worth checking that out early evenings. Still small though.