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Where can I find Boston's best and freshest fried haddock plate?

Well I have to say that I have tried Burke's in Quincy and the Pleasant. Both were terrific. Last week we ate at Yankee Lobster and we were disappointed. The portions were small and the haddock wasn't flaky. We will give the Drydock a try.

Where can I find Boston's best and freshest fried haddock plate?

Where in the Boston area can I find a descent fried haddock dinner. This is Boston and there should be an abundance of seafood shacks and restaurants around but you really have to travel to the Cape or north of the city to find the best fresh seafood. Legal, Neptune and Jaspers are way too expensive. A neighborhood place with good seafood like the Red Wing in Walpole but closer to Boston is what I am looking for.

Where in Boston can you find turkey legs?

In Disneyworld there are vendors that sell just turkey legs. Is there anyplace in Boston where I could find a fresh cooked turkey leg?

Best Margarita... Quincy, South Boston, Randolph...

Looking for a restaurant or lounge south of Boston that serves a good Margarita on the rocks...South Boston, Quincy, Randolph. It's been difficult...searching every weekend. Please any suggestions would be appreciated!