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2-3 inch corn tortillas for soft tacos

Anyone know where i can get 2-3 inch corn tortillas for soft tacos? Kind of similar to the ones they have at grand electric.


list of "age-appropriate" pubs/bars/lounges in Toronto for Chowhounds who are over 30

Spirithouse at the corner of portland and adelaide, 400+ spirits available and a outstanding cocktail list

Good restaurants near food and wine show Saturday nov 19

Thanks Charles!

We are actually going to the show early around 3ish and finishing up around 7.

Good restaurants near food and wine show Saturday nov 19

hey fellow hounds!

Any recomendations on where we should eat after the show?

Thanks everyone!

Poll: Would you eat a dog


Nov 08, 2011
k_collin in General Topics

Carpano -- now what?

sorry October 29th

ISO Cocktail Condiments

just giving you a heads up i was in chapters today in the eaton centre and they had "mix, shake, stir" on sale for 9.99$
Really good deal these are all the drinks from Danny Meyer's restaurants ie gramercy tavern, jazz standard etc.
In my opinion its a great book and if you are interested in cocktails this would be a great buy!


Carpano -- now what?

yes the restaurant has been sold, the last service as Carpano was on November 29th. My understanding is there's going to be a 2-3 week turnaround and it should reopen as a new restaurant with a new concept.

New To Ontario and I need some help finding some items

one of them is called "Oriental harvest" it is in the basement on the west side of spadina just north of dundas street

Beef cheeks

find a italian butcher and ask them to order it in for you.

ISO Cocktail Condiments

byob near the corner of queen st and shaw. They should have everything you would need.

2011 Food and Resto CLOSINGS

yes it is true about Carpano, the restaurant has been sold and will be reopening in a couple of weeks. Not sure what kind of cuisine / pricepoint.

ISO : Cheap Chicken

second for O Nosso Talho

ISO Resto Supply store not- Tap Phong,GTA area

try booga on ossington or SAS mart? in kensington market ( not sure where it is just found out about it myself)

looking for a great pub for monday night football

Sorry forgot to say "downtown toronto" Thanks

looking for a great pub for monday night football

hi everybody! im looking for some recommendations for a good pub to watch some football on monday night.
An added bonus would be if they have some good craft beer and great food!

Thanks Hounds!

rod bowers

ouch, i stand corrected

rod bowers

he's opening a place on college street where the old il gusto restaurant was

Purple flesh (not skin) yams

these yams are from the philapines i have found fresh ones @ oriental harvest on spading, they also have frozen purple yam puree ( or they did 3-4 years ago)

Cheapest Steaks and Ground Beef in TO

i second the portuguese butcher,

Have eaten meat from there before and its good.

Also a 2nd location on bloor

When is the lobster season?

hey caineroad season is mid june - july

i have used them at a couple of restaurants that i have working at, always great quality.

Dark Chocolate - Your Favourite?

amedei chuao or porcelain are my favorites, you can find some bars at shefflers in SLM. You can also order them online @

Heading to Ottawa this weekend ..... Where should I go?

sweetgrass aboriginal bistro, domus, or play
these are all good choices in my book

PEPSI Throwback- have you seen it?

i found the "throwback" is not a sweet and is missing a little zing that the new pepsi has. Also bought my case @ sobeys on dupont

The Butcher Shoppe - What do you buy there?

try beef cheeks ( these are great for braising)
Frozen baby back ribs ( they come in a case of 7 racks normally costs about 40 bucks or so)
beef back ribs
they carry rabbits, ham hocks, duck breasts, cornish hens all sorts of stuff. Use them all the time.

Which Toronto resto has the best WHITE truffle menu right now? Help!

i believe buca is serving white truffles right now. Last year they were serving "Parpadelle el burro" with fresh shaved white truffle

ISO Ingredients

they are at the stonemill bakery on the lower level