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Quality Greek Restaurant in NoVa, DC, Baltimore?


I'm looking for good quality Greek restaurants in (1) Northern Virginia (2) Washington DC and (3) Baltimore. I know some people who like Greek cuisine and would like to take them to restaurants that serve good food but also have good atmospheres (I would prefer to not have to take them to typical greasy-spoon diners, though those types of places are enjoyable as well, depending on the occasion).

Your assistance is much appreciated.

Restaurants with Salad Bars?

I know of Ruby Tuesday, Tom Sarris New Orleans House and buffets such as Malibu Grill, Great American and Old Country. Are there any other restaurants in the DC area (preferably Northern Virginia) that feature salad bars?

Don Pablo's - Found old CH posts on it, so nevermind

Is DP any good? If so, do you have any recommendations for what I should try there - someone I know insists on taking me there.

Dec 29, 2007
gourouni in Chains

DC Area sports bars showing soccer on TV and serving decent food?

It's a tall order..but I'm looking for a DC area sports bar (preferably in Washington DC) that has the following constraints:

1. Is open on weekend afternoons
2. Shows English and/or International Soccer Games
3. Serves Decent Food

4. Has Dart Boards

From what I've gathered, the DC is a very international place but I'm not aware of any sports pubs that show soccer. Of course, I'm not all that familiar with DC yet.

good value French restaurants in DC area?

One thing about French restaurants is that I've never known them to be good values - if the quality is high, the portions are usually very small for the money. Are there any good value French restaurants in the DC area, and generally which French restaurants in the DC area would you recommend trying?

I've heard about a place on Lee Highway in Arlington called "Cafe Parisien Express" which I hear is a very affordable place - but I've heard the food is of uneven quality (some decent dishes, others not so much) and despite the charming appearance from the outside, it is more like a cafeteria from the inside.

I've also heard positive things about "Belgique Gourmande" and heard about a number of places with the word "Bistro" in their name, but too little specific info to match to each place.

Good Dinner Buffets in Northern Virginia or DC?


I want to take out some of my old college buddies visiting me here in the DC area to a few restaurants, including some good buffets where they can stuff themselves to contentment.

I'm aware of a buffet called "The Great American" in Alexandria, which isn't a bad place, probably a decent value for the money (it has a good selection of meats though it has a sloppy salad bar and the grease/oil used for fried foods has a flavor I don't like). Across the street is a good Chinese buffet I like, the Bamboo Buffet - I dont really have any complaints about it, as far as Chinese food goes it's very good for a buffet. I've only heard about the Malibu Grill, which seems to have earned several negative reviews from Chowhounders here, so I'll probably avoid it.

Are you aware of any good buffets, of any style cuisine (steakhouse, seafood, ethnic, etc), that you would recommend I try with my friends in the DC area?