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Pink Burger. Huh??

Here's the's a total letdown....

I live a few blocks away and I'm always game for a new burger joint, so I was anxious. Bottom line, not good at all.

The burger is mushy with NO flavour at all and the sauces are generic at best. The fries taste like a batch from New York Fries, but way underdone.

Now, my real beef (pun intended) is the scam on the "make your own" burgers....they charge you for ANYTHING over 4 toppings! I had to pay $0.69 for mustard!!! (I have the receipt to prove it). I don't think that ketchup, mustard, mayo, pickles and onions is an order that warrants a "premium" surcharge.

Anyways, I could forgive all that if it was a great burger....but it's not. Save your time and go to Licks or South Street....both are infinitely better.