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Suggestions for great ethnic markets, please...

OK, here's the best I can offer:) Some are chains, but I just list ones I've been to

Asian- Hong Kong Supermarkets- one in River Edge, one in East Brunswick on Rt 18
Asian Food Market- Rt 22 in Plainfield
Rt 27 in Edison has one too but I can't remember the name

Indian- anywhere on Oak Tree Rd in Iselin- Subzi Mandi, Bhavani Cash&Carry, Patel
Subzi Mandi- Parsippany

Italian- Corrados- Paterson and Wayne
Pastry shop- Westfield

Russian- On Rt 18 East Brunswick about a mile past the Hong Kong Supermarket
Also Staten Island has a decent one

Spanish- Universal Meat Market- Linden- name is deceiving cuz its more of an overall grocery

Phillipine- Noypi- Pompton Lakes
Phil-Am- rt 27 Colonia

Indonesian- Indonesian Grocery rt 27 Rahwayish area

International Food Warehouse in Lodi used to be AWESOME but now their selection is pretty limited

Hope that helps u:)

Oct 18, 2010
youatewhat in New Jersey