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When a jaw is wired shut... (recipe request)

My son is in his 3rd day of his mouth wired and beeing that he ate everything in the world is has been very difficult for him to the point that he has been brought to tears. So today I made 3 different types of "blends" . Made chicken soup: I sauteed red onions in some butter then added water salt, garlic, celery and the chicken (I used drums sticks) brought it to boil and when chicken is almost ready I added carrots, peas, string beans and a hand full of rice. Let it simmer for a while so the chicken was falling of the bone. Then, let it cool down and BLEND.
I also made potatoe soup with the same sauteed onion/ butter at first, added water garlic and salt to taste. Bring to a boil then add the potatoes, simmer until potatoes are super soft. When done, I added a half cup of milk and 1 egg, quickly stiring so the egg can disperse. Let it cool down a bit and then BLEND.
Finally, I made a maccaroni, rice, broccoli and cheese soup. For this I boiled water with a little olive oil, added a little maccaroni and a hand full of rice. Let it boil until those 2 items are almost all the way cooked then I added a half cup of milk, a little broccoli and cheese (I used a "mexican blend" shreded already). Stir and let it cool down and BLEND.
For breakfast I made a yougurt, oatmeal, chocolate milk and honey shake with protein powder.
I also bought vitamins in capsule form and what I do is open it and added to the breakfast shake.
Since weight loss is inminet I'm thinking about fats like olive oil, avocado,butter to the "meals" I make for him.
Good luck to you all and if you come up with something good please share it with me.
At this point my mind keeps thinking what else can I blend?\

Oct 17, 2010
vpflatina in Home Cooking