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Where can I find Kamut and Buckwheat in Montreal?

I have tried my local IGA and Provigo. I have tried two of the stores at Jean Talon that sell whole grains, but no luck so far.
I will check these stores out and revert back to you. Thank you for your replies !

Where can I find Kamut and Buckwheat in Montreal?


I love adding whole grains to my salads and specially love buckwheat and kamut. I have been unable to find these in Montreal so far. Does anyone know where I can get them?

Thanks !

Looking for paneer!

Actually, i just checked. Noor is on St Catherine and St Marc (between the stores Mediaphile and Croissanterie - Noor is not listed on google maps)

Looking for paneer!

You can find it at Noor on St Catherine. It is a bit west of St Mathieu (maybe 1-2 blocks, somewhere near St Marc) on the north side of the street.

best chocolates in montreal?

My absolute fave so far is Divine chocolatier on Crescent between Maisonnevue and Sherbrooke. I love their chocolates as well as hot chocolates and hot cocoas