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Dragon Dynasty Closed

If it's the same place I'm thinking of, we were there a little over a year ago for dim sum. The food was mediocre, and we were surprised at how busy it was (maybe inconsistent quality?). At the time, we figured it must have been the location.

dishes that wow, Toronto 2015...

Grilled fish at The One That Got Away on King St W. Incredibly moist, fresh, and flavourful. Enjoyed more than entrees I've had at more upscale establishments. Accompanying salad was very tasty as well.

Chinese Food in London, Ontario?

Congee Chan is still good and busy - fairly extensive menu at

Macau Restaurant has taken over the former Ken's space on Wilkins Rd in the south end. We tried a couple of dim sum dishes and they were tasty and seemed freshly made. Cantonese chow mein was good as well.

Fieramosca, Il Posto, Opus, Oro and Pangaea

I attended an event at Oro within the past year. What I had was well executed with no complaints about the food or service, although I do not remember much about the dishes themselves (which tends to be the case when I am treated to this type of cuisine, being someone who seeks more savoury, strongly flavoured food).

I do remember that I particularly enjoyed the dessert, which might have been the flourless chocolate torte, looking at their current menu. Sorry, not much help :p

Dining and shopping in London, 2014

Thanks for the tip. Haven't been either, but over the phone it sounds like they do a smattering of dishes - dim sum items mainly consist of har gow and siu mai, with some Northern specialties (red bean), noodles = singapore style, etc.

Alphonso and kesar mangos at Freshco

Thanks for the tip. Also went to Freshco @ Parliament/Dundas today - there were a few boxes left of each variety. Alphonsos in particular were picked over, but got a box that is ok for eating right away (typing with one hand).

Dinner in London ON

Abruzzi has been good. Can also suggest for casual fine dining.

Another new kid on the block - 'Yang's' Chinese Cuisine, MARKHAM

Early bird does not apply this weekend (Mother's Day) - hurrying turned out to be unnecessary! However, this mild disappointment was balanced by excellent pineapple BBQ pork buns brought out from the kitchen, just as good as Landmark's.

Chinese Food in London, Ontario?

Tried Beijing next to Greyhound, not impressed.

With change in Green Tea ownership, Congee Chan seems to be the restaurant bustling with Asian clientele nowadays. The congee is indeed always fresh and good.

Eating London?

The new congee place is doing quite well - a number of staff have migrated from Green Tea. Hearty authentic fare.

Went to Blu Duby a couple of times some while ago, and the mains were well executed, especially considering the prices. Desserts are not made in house, and personally I would skip if going again.

Eating London?

You can see the nice new digs here:
Haven't tried them at the new location yet.

ISO of best dim sum in scarborough/Markham

Thanks for the Landmark recommendation. Indeed it was in general better food and better value than pretty much all the places we've tried downtown. Standout was the pineapple BBQ pork buns (even if the meat was a bit fatty).. saw a plate on most nearby tables - fresh out of the oven with generous crust, the bun was almost melt-in-your-mouth. Only thing I wouldn't get again were the mango salad shrimp rolls - shrimp was crisp but the rolls mostly consisted of mayonnaise.

Best Chinese BAKED buns in GTA?

Ok, tried Furama's baked BBQ pork bun and found the pork too stringy and not BBQ-like enough. There were onions if you like them, but many restaurants do a better job.

On the other hand, enjoyed the fried curry beef bun and baked BBQ pork bun at the bakery directly across from Kim Moon (unfortunately I don't have the name). Less fillings, but at good value (3 for $1) and thought the flavour of the curry beef was good.

I don't want to make premature judgements based on one visit alone, as I did note Lucullus was quite busy - if you enjoy egg tarts it'd probably be worth the visit.

Best Chinese BAKED buns in GTA?

Was also disappointed by Lucullus except for the egg tarts which seem to be their specialty. Perhaps things have changed in the past year? Curry beef bun was too salty. Pineapple bun top layer was thin and soft. BBQ pork bun had generous filling but nothing memorable. Wife cake greasy.

Currently not aware of any all-round excellent bakeries downtown, but you can give Furama (248 Spadina) a try. Pineapple bun top here was crisp and thick. Sponge cupcake a little dry but otherwise decent flavour.

Early Bird Dim Sum

Also wanted to say thanks for the recommendation. Very good portions for the price (even their weekend and holiday pricing is quite reasonable compared to other restaurants) - ordered a $6 plate of noodles with our dim sum and had to take most of it home, completely filling our rectangular styrofoam container.

The taro cakes were chock full of taro pieces, and the best I've had in recent memory. Other items were decent and not overly greasy (a common pitfall of dim sum). Pumpkin corn congee was unique. Not sure if this is standard or a welcome gift, but tea and lychee jello were free. Cordial service. Will return.

London Ontario cheap and cheerful?

Well, the Barakat will certainly help with the 10,000 calories per day :D

London Ontario cheap and cheerful?

Congee Chan has just opened at Wonderland and Beaverbrook (between Sarnia and Oxford), across from The Athletic Club and Angelo's.

Extensive menu, not just congee (of which there are 41 varieties) and noodles (which were both good), but also BBQ and main dishes (Cantonese style).

Reasonable prices.
Spacious restaurant with new and modern decor.
Bustling with Asian patrons on the weekend.

With 3 Asian supermarkets for a city of this size, there is no longer a drought of Chinese food in London ON!

Asian Grocery Stores in London

A competitor to United Supermarket has opened in the Sears Outlet plaza near Oxford/Wonderland, named Food Island or Foodland (name seems to vary). Lots of people checking out the wares on grand opening weekend.

Chinese Food in London, Ontario?

I think weekends only, but best to call and check:
(519) 451-9880

Chinese Food in London, Ontario?

I have never seen New Tai Hu mentioned on these boards, but came across it on the internet when searching for other dim sum restaurants in London. Reviews were good, so we gave it a try. Overall quite good - standouts were shrimp rice roll (outstanding with silken roll texture, crisp smooth crystal-like shrimp, and slightly sweet soya sauce) and congee (obviously fresh, with generous amount of seafood). Singapore noodles were tasty - could have used a little more wok hay, but generous portions and the shrimp were again very well prepared. Turnip cake a little too cake-like, no discernable strips of turnip, but otherwise decent. Service extremely cordial. Dim sum menu had all the standards. Would suggest checking out if you are looking for another authentic Chinese restaurant to try in London.

New Tai Hu Chinese & Thai Cuisine
1625 Dundas St, London, ON N5W3C3, CA

Chinese Food in London, Ontario?

Recently went out for Chinese again, and Green Tea dim sum is still good. Place was packed with asian people. Also second the recommendation for Kambie - dinner was well executed with enough "wok hay" in the dishes.

Just signed up in London

Green Tea for dim sum + Chinese. Heard good things about Macau for dim sum but haven't been yet. Anyone familiar with any of the Ethiopian restaurants in town?

A visit to Montreal's Chinatown bakeries

Lacking a Chinese bakery where I live, upon arrival in downtown Montreal, I went in search of a good curry beef bun (baked, not fried or puff pastry).

First stop was Jade Garden - there wasn't much selection left at this particular time of the day. Picked up some fried egg noodle squares in honey (sak keh mah), which were overly greasy. I did not try the white sugar cake myself, but was told it was meh.

Second was Harmonie Patisserie. The baked curry beef bun was ok.. dough a little chewy, and the filling tasted too much of beef and not enough of curry for my taste.

Last was La Legende Patisserie. I thought the curry beef bun here was near perfect - the top of the bun was glazed and baked to a luscious brown, the dough was soft and slightly sweet, the filling generous with a few slices of onion, the curry flavour strong and with a lingering aroma.

Clear winner: La Legende Patisserie. I returned and bought three more curry beef buns for the trip home. Pineapple bun and taro bun were also quite enjoyed. My companion found the blueberry butter cake a bit dry, but I liked the pound cake flavour.

We also tried a couple of restaurants in Chinatown. Keung Kee was recommended here and we thought the fried fish and egg noodles were well done and justified the reputation on CH - there was a 30 min wait when we arrived. Ruby Rouge's fried rice and hot pot lacked wok hay, and the dining room was mostly empty.

ISO Fresh Edamame

Fresh edamame was to be had at the Masonville farmer's market in London ON last year. Hope it comes back this year.

Is there a good dim sum restaurant in London?

IMO Green Tea Asian Cuisine (on Wonderland, just north of Southdale) is currently the best dim sum and Cantonese-style Chinese food in London. I would recommend giving them a try (dim sum on weekends only).

I don't think any dim sum restaurants in London have carts, but on the up side, you get your food delivered hot and fresh to your table.

What's your favorite comfort soup of all time?

Chicken corn soup (found at most Chinese restaurants) is a favourite of mine - love the sweet little niblets of corn.

Asian Grocery Stores in London

Update: United Supermarket has recently opened 1062 at Adelaide Street North. Decent size, fresh produce, take-out items - like T&T but on a smaller scale.

Warning on a couple of horrible tasting products!

Unfortunately, I've always been disappointed in T&T's bakery and ready-to-eat hot foods. The items look appetizing but don't live up to their appearance...

Dessert and coffee in London?

Not quite comparable - one is chocolate orange cake with chocolate icing, the other is chocolate cake with orange icing.

London ON updates?

Have been to Abruzzi once and it was good. Dinner entrees run towards the higher end of your range though:

Would recommend a newer restaurant, Green Tea Asian Cuisine, over Hong Ping. Authentic Cantonese and very well executed. As a plus, it is located in the south end (near Wonderland and Southdale).