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50th in Paris

I guess this has been asked a bazillion times already, but I am looking for somewhere special to celebrate a 50th birthday (mine) in Paris in August. Preferably somewhere outdoors, but not sitting on the sidewalk. We will also have teenage daughters with us, whose gastronomic sense of adventure has yet to reveal itself - so nowhere too upscale. I'm guessing a lot of places will be shuttered for the month also. I would welcome anybody's suggestions......

Jan 16, 2012
dampse in France

Beef cheeks


Beef cheeks

Anyone know where I can source these in the DC area?

Espresso in Rehoboth Beach?

Is it possible to get a potable cup of coffee in Rehoboth Beach? We've been going there for a few years now but haven't found anywhere yet - the French crepe cafe and the serious-looking coffee place on Rehoboth Avenue offered lots of promise, but underperformed. I can't believe this is a Starbucks-only town. Help!