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Where to buy pomegranate jelly?

That's CMB Sweets. And it's yummy.

Golden Gate Bakery - Pastry maker passed away

Oh, I must have missed it (I tried searching too). So the question is - where do we get our tats now?

Golden Gate Bakery - Pastry maker passed away

I don't know if this is breaking news, but I heard it from my brother's MIL last night that GGB's pastry maker recently passed away. According to her, the don tats are no longer worth getting as the pastry is no longer flaky. Unfortunately, I have no other info because of the language barrier between us. I don't know what other pastries have been affected either. Has anyone been there very recently?

Donut madness: Bob's, Rolling Pin, Donut Wheel

There's a Chuck's Donuts in Belmont that makes my favorite Glazed Raised. They're large and substantial, with more of a chew than others. It isn't overly sweet and has a nice yeasty flavor. Now that my brother has moved from Belmont, there isn't much reason to visit from Berkeley, so I haven't had one in awhile.

Chuck's Donuts
641 Ralston Ave

FPFM a rant and a rave

Oh geez, I guess I didn't read that first paragraph too well because I went to the Marin Sun website to see if they actually sold dog meat. To my relief, I'm just a careless reader.