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Where to buy Braun hand blenders

Is this a storefront too or just mail order? I too miss my Bruan immersion blender and my Braun coffee maker, both of which lasted over 15 years!

ISO verjus

Yes, I've seen it there as well.

Toronto Wedding Venue Help!

Enoch Turner Schoolhouse.

Thai food on the danforth?

Sarah's is really more known for beer than food. Love the acoustic Sunday afternoons.

Thai food on the danforth?

Definiitely Jean's.

Best deals on Halloween candy in Toronto?

There's a Kraft plant on O'Connor east of Woodbine and they sell individual bags of cookies and that sort of thing at their factory outlet store there.

Need cool restaurant for a group in the east end

New plaza? The east end is a big place! Which plaza?

Need cool restaurant for a group in the east end

Joe's? What's that?

Can you recommend a starch to serve with coq au vin?


Oct 20, 2010
jimmynickel in Home Cooking

Better Bulk at Woodbine & Danforth - anyone been?

I worry that they will overextend themselves trying to be all things to all people. Remember, they probably don't have the capacity to compete with The Carrot.

Celena's Bakery at Woodbine & Danforth opening Sat Feb 6th

She bakes fresh stuff every day, which is great because it's fresh, but if it gets busy, she can run out. The scones are superb, you can taste the butter. My neighbours are addicted to her muffins and loaves. There's soups too, if you can catch the butternut squash or pumpkin you're in luck.

Where can I find L'Anis de Flavigny candy in GTA?

Holt Renfrew used to carry it.

Hidden away, independent cafes, worth making a special trip to visit.

I love Red Rocket on Queen East. Pastries are hit and miss, but the rice crispie chocolate peanut butter thing is a hit. Good coffee, cool staff.

Celena's Bakery at Woodbine & Danforth opening Sat Feb 6th

Seriously, a whole thread on local bakeries and no mention of True Brew? Yes, they are a coffeehouse but damn they bake up some fine fine pastries - you can watch Sue do it and it makes the whole place smell amazing.