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Hi folks,
I enjoy a good ice cube every now and again (fine whiskey, optional) and I'm trying to find a local store that sells high quality "classic cubes." These are cubes that usually are carved from a large block of ice and thus are very clear and pure. A few bars I've been to use them (Whistler, Violet Hour I think...), but I don't know if they're available in a supermarket. I looked up Lang Ice but it looks like all their vending is on the south side.
Anyone know of high quality ice available in the near north / Wicker Park / Bucktown /LoSq area?

Mar 03, 2012
juliechicago in Chicago Area

O'hare Airport Dining

Frontera in Terminal 3 is awesome. They do tortas, molletes, and salads , super fresh, and served wroth a smile (rare at airports, I find).

Jan 11, 2012
juliechicago in Chicago Area

Food-Celebrity Halloween Costumes: Sexy Michael Pollan and More!

How was Sandra Lee left off this list?!? You need: Blonde wig, tacky color coordinated tablescape, and a big bottle of booze. Voila!

Oct 14, 2010
juliechicago in Features