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gyro white sauce [moved from Manhattan board]

Dianne,what you have just described is classic Haligonian Donair sauce,a la King of Donairs,Quinpool branch.Will you next be giving us the recipes for Newfie Flipper Pie or the gravy at Smoke's Poutinerie? Just sayin',eh.

Sep 05, 2013
kencod1 in Home Cooking

Shang-Chai Closing/closed?

I'd suppose, but for those of us who are not of the ChoSen variety,meh.Funny story- many years ago (20+ for sure), a group of colleagues and I, NYC Speech Improvement teachers all in District 32 (Bushwick) lost our supervisor to a heart attack. He'd survived,but chose to retire.A supervisor from D21(Midwood/Borough Park was assigned to help us out. Wonderful lady,but I'd never seen someone so frightened to walk 20 feet from her car into a school.Last meeting of the year is traditionally held in a restaurant amenable to the predilections of the supervisor;s staff.Well, most of her 'girls" were Orthodox,so Shang Chai it was, in that little triangle off Flatbush and R.Pardon me for saying, but even at the time,I was already spoiled by the then-nascent Chinese bounty of Flu Shing, and positively blanched at whatever silliness those little rabbinical students were bringing us. The following year promised more of the same, so a colleague and I feigned having to attend a retirement luncheon for a fellow teacher and instead went to Randazzo's for scungilli and calamari.Many times over the years, I'd passed the place in commuting, stopping only once to pick up a copy of the takeout menu to include with a packet of memorabilia given to my colleague on Her retirement.Now, I am also retired, as is Shang Chai, apparently.Maybe you folks could go for a Super Snack, or perhaps even a Chap a Nosh!Oy,vey, Ess a Bagel!

Jan 01, 2013
kencod1 in Kosher

Rawlicious Puts the Rawr in Raw Foods

Having "bidness" in that area later today,I'm inclined to give them a try, though I've never before tied raw vegan.Hey, you only live once!

Aug 28, 2012
kencod1 in Features

highlights of a 5 day visit to Halifax and Mahone Bay in August 2011

I'm sure you'll return- more for the folks than the food,'cos it's hard to find better!

Nov 29, 2011
kencod1 in Atlantic Canada

Restaurant Shake Up in Halifax

You mean to imply that King of Donair is not a fine dining establishment? Well, the folks over on Quinpool will be gobsmacked!
Go on! Ever gorgeous!

Oct 18, 2010
kencod1 in Atlantic Canada

Favorite Hotdog Toppings

An old Jewish deli fave- brown mustard and potato salad., or the Cape Breton "whistle dog" wrapped in bacon, w melted cheese, yellow mustard and a slice of dill pickle.

Oct 16, 2010
kencod1 in General Topics

Want to experience true Atlantic Canada

Not on a culinary note, but if you'll be in that area, do take a slight detour over to Blue Rocks-definitely worth the time! The haddock braemar entree and bananas foster dessert are fab @ Candleriggs, and,if available, for a true maritime treat, try the cod tongues and cheeks @ Magnolia's.The, back to Spadina for some lanzones and to Yonge for some tongue,eh?

Oct 15, 2010
kencod1 in Atlantic Canada

Want to experience true Atlantic Canada

Hoping this is not coming too late, but 2 recs for places within reasonable driving range of Halifax would be, imho, the Candleriggs on the Lighthouse route just before Peggy's Cove- great local seafood, continental and Scottish, even, and a bit funkier, the quirky Magnolia's grill in downtown Lunenburg. great for showing off the local seafood and produce in inventive, nonpretentious fashion. Ye shan't regret it, they're Some Good!

Oct 14, 2010
kencod1 in Atlantic Canada