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Hong Kong in November

My partner and I are going to be in Hong Kong in November for three days. I would like recommendations for "authentic" (though honestly I am not sure what that means) regional Chinese restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We are not interested in fine dining. We would like to eat in places locals frequent - small places, established places, stalls - anything really. The quality of the food is important (though admittedly I am not a Chinese food connoisseur.) I like seafood, noodles dishes and dumplings etc. Dim Sum recommendations would be great too. If possible, could you list the restaurant with the address or approximate location in the city etc.

Thank you very much.

Oct 06, 2010
gk2829 in China & Southeast Asia

Restaurant with a view (SEA)

I am going to Seattle with my husband on his 45th birthday next month. I want to take him out for dinner and he requested we go to a restaurant with a view. We won't have a car so we will be taking buses or taxis around town and we are staying in Belltown. He doesn't have specific food preferences and we don't need to go a fancy restaurant. All we need is a restaurant that services good food and also has a great view of the city etc.

THANKS in advance

Aug 18, 2007
gk2829 in Pacific Northwest