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Restaurant suitable for a rehearsal dinner for about 30-40 people?

I am looking for a nice but not too expensive restaurant for this event. The wedding and reception will be at the Gardiner Museum and we would prefer a restaurant that has a different ambience/style from the Gardiner, if you know what I mean! Any suggestions welcome. A private room would be nice. Thanks!

Weddings at the Berkeley Church

yes, not much care was being taken of the venue. a huge mirror that was sposed to hang up in the fieldhouse had been taken down to repair a leak in the wall behind it and was never put back on the wall, but was left at floor level leaning against the wall behind the bar. i hope that by now it has been hung up properly. the next day i went to bring back the flowers and in the kitchen behind the bar there were clouds of fruit flies flying around!

Weddings at the Berkeley Church

My daughter got married at the Berkeley Fieldhouse in Aug 2009.
Jessica, our co-ordinator, and Nathan the chef were good to work with, and the food was tasty. Overall the wedding was a happy and successful event. but there were some things where I felt disappointed.

Weeks before the wedding whenever we went to the venue for meetings, one of the doors in the women's washroom near the fieldhouse was coming off its hinges. I mentioned this to the staff repeatedly. I was assured it would be repaired for the wedding. The day of the wedding, when the guests were using the washroom, the OTHER toilet stall door was coming off its hinges, and was difficult to open and close. I told the co-ordinator about it more than once and the staff present were not able to repair it. It was coming off its hinges the whole evening. I found this very embarrassing.

The appetizers were supposed to be passed round immediately after the ceremony. They were only served about an hour after the ceremony ended. There was another wedding in the church next door and I think they waited till it was over before sending the servers over to our wedding. Again, not what we asked for or what we paid for.

When we first saw the venue during the winter, there was snow covering the garden. By the time we were making final arrangements, in the summer, there were a lot of weeds growing in the garden and it looked quite un cared for and over grown. I asked about this and some weeding was done but not all the weeds were pulled out. Also, during the winter an outdoor light on a post was damaged and bent over. i asked for it to be repaired and they just removed the light completely leaving the post bare, and not matching its pair on the other side of the path!

My feeling is that the owners are not paying a lot of attention to maintenance of the place....maybe they do not want to put much money into the venue as they are hoping to build a condo building over and around the church and are waiting for permission to do so, but so far their application has been rejected by the city.

Thanks to the good will and sociability of our guests, we still had a great wedding, in spite of the problems above.

Afterwards I wrote to our co-ordinator to tell her about the problems and she wrote back saying "Thanks for the feedback." No apologies or mention of a partial refund (even a small one!) to make up for the problems.