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Good choice for solo meal?

Will be in town staying at Paris and would like a nice dinner alone on first evening before company arrives. I'm considering L'Atelier, Sage and American Fish.

If doing L'Atelier would ordering 3-4 small plates suffice for dinner. I looked at menu and doing that would run about $125 vs $159 for their Seasonal Discovery Menu.

If anyone has input please add. And am open to other suggestions walking dist to hotel that is good for solo diner

Sep 26, 2013
Gmale64 in Las Vegas

Good steaks in San Antonio?

I hear you! I also limit going to steakhouses and prefer to find a chef run joint where there is some creativity and flavors that make you go "wow".
And I;m getting better at cooking steak at home. Fired up some whole foods ribeyes tonight and new method worked great

Feb 14, 2013
Gmale64 in Texas

El Pollo Regio and/or Best Mexican Chicken

I think this is a chain and yes it is good chicken. Marinated then grilled. Served with corn tortillas/rice/beans/grilled jalapeno.

but what kicks it up are the sauces. Espcially the green sauce that is creamy yet spicy. Excelllent food for fast food. Better than most full service restos.

Feb 14, 2013
Gmale64 in Texas