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Bar recommendation near Carnegie Hall

Thank you for all the suggestions everyone! As it is a very special occasion, not an Irish bar but I think I have decided on a cocktail at the bar of the London (as I am an english girl in New York and it fits my recital theme!)...we'll then move on...I want go to the King Cole bar so thanks for that rec...after all that, i'll probably need to go home and sleep for a month!!

King Cole Bar
2 E 55th St, New York, NY 10022

Oct 14, 2010
keziah in Manhattan

Bar recommendation near Carnegie Hall

I am performing at Carnegie Hall on Saturday afternoon and want to invite friends for drinks after the concert. Can anyone recommend a nice bar within 10 mins walk of the hall suitable for the will be early evening and I want to be able to sit and chat...

Oct 13, 2010
keziah in Manhattan