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Best hibachi grill close to Baltimore.

Girlfriends favorite food for her birthday this weekend

Ideas for dinner near the DC Improv

Thanks everyone!

Ideas for dinner near the DC Improv

Thanks for the advice

Ideas for dinner near the DC Improv

I'm going on a first date to the DC Improv comedy club. Any suggestions for dinner close to the club.

Dim Sum close to Baltimore?

I love Dim Sum, but I havent found one since I moved back to the Batimore area. I live in Harford Co abd I am willing to travel for a good place to eat. I have eaten in NYC Chinatown and Boston Chinatown. Can anyone give some suggestions? Thanks

Best burger in Balto

I say The Dizz used to be Dizzy Izzies, very good food. I havent had a bad meal yet from them. Good hunting tell me what you find is the best.

The Dizz
300 W 30th St, Baltimore, MD 21211

Visiting Baltimore for a week

I have two for you to try.
1.Holy Frijoles in Hamden great fish tacos
908 W. 36th Street
Andy Nelsons BBQ everything is good. Fridays special BBQ catfish and BBQ rice
11007 York Road
good luck