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Is there really, a good place for pizza in Manchester NH?

We are looking for a puffy, crispy perfectly cooked pizza. Not lots of dough, just enough to have a little crispy and chewy texture. Then the perfect original pizza topping, pepperoni & cheese. Why is this so difficult to find? Had heard great things about Alley Cat, and did try it, but something in their ingredients just never sat well with my husband or myself. I got spoiled living in RI, where there was terrific pizza and spinach pies (can not find them around NH at all) on every corner. Some nights you just need the smell, taste and texture of the perfect pie. Not a hot greasy mess, which is what we have found on numerous occassions. We ended up eating Luisa's often, but it isn't exactly what we were looking for, it's just OK.

Any suggestions for a family owned local pizza place will be welcome. This would be for takeout, not sit down, like the 900 degrees or Portland Pie Company (though they are both very good).

Concord NH, need special place for Birthday Celebration

Help. Taking parents out for special 75th B-Day Friday, have tickets to Capital Center for a concert after dinner. Mom said, Thai, but recent reviews for local Thai restaurant on Main St were VERY poor. Can anyone suggest a nice/special spot for adults, pre-concert, that isn't too "date night", or filled with kids? Would like to treat to a hidden gem, but not familiar, since the economy tanked, we have been eating/cooking at home. 4 grown ups, but know that parent's don't like too spicy or too international. Suggestions from my fellow New Englanders?