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Tell me about cheese rinds in soup,please.

Alton Brown in his Winter Vegetable Soup recipe uses parmesan rind to give a "meaty" flavor to his vegetarian soup.

You can watch the video on YT or get the recipe on Food

Sep 13, 2013
cereme in Home Cooking

Chowdown Countdown on Travel Channel

I have been watching the Top 101 places to Chowdown on the Travel Channel. I can only I am dissapointed. They picked Munchies in Sarasota, Fl. as one of the top places? Come on!
Just because they make a deep fried Twinkie. Munchies has 200 items (I don't know exactly but they have everything and you can't be great at everything.) Plus most items I have seen come out of the freezer, yum!

Others are on there because they make a 5 lb burrito, 15 lb hamburger. This is culinary excellence you would travel for?

Some of the places I would really want to go to but you have to take it with a grain of salt. I imagine if I traveled to all these palces I would be deeply dissapointed having done so.

They don't even have a place with a pork tenderloin sandwich out of the midwest.

They need to tighten up.

Aug 20, 2012
cereme in Food Media & News

First visit to Sarasota and Tampa

the BTW places i mentioned are not expensive. You can go to the salty dog for a sandwich and beer for under $20.

El Toro Bravo is not expensive either.

The Italian places I mentioned are not real costly either. You can still get Fettuccine Amici at Cafe Amici with chicken, sun dried tomato and a fresh Alfredo sauce for $12.95, my favorite.

Many of these restaurants are open for lunch. If you can swing it you might want to try them then. You still get great food and atmosphere just smaller portions.

One thing I do is go to the hot dog vendor at the post office on Ringling Avenue. Buy a couple great bratwurst. Then go down by the water either at Island Park, South Lido Park or on John Ringling Causeway and eat your brats. You can do that for under five bucks and its a nice time.

Mar 10, 2011
cereme in Florida

Bella Bella in Tallahassee

Went to Bella Bella last night.

Overall a nice place, decent atmosphere. I ordered the crab stuffed mushrooms caps. they came back ten minutes later and said they didn't have the crab so the gave me the other instead. I would have like to been asked but I said o.k.

The herb goat cheese stuffed mushrooms were very good.

I then had the Caesar salad which came with the meal and it was mediocre at best.

Then they brought out the Chicken Parmesan which was quite good although the tomato sauce was quite tangy to almost vinegary. I would order the pasta ala olio next time.

Finally I had the cannoli for dessert. The BEST cannolis I have had in a long time if ever.

I would go back to this restaurant. I ate dessert, appetizer and meal for ...$29.00 before tip.

I'll go back. Next time I'll try the soup instead of the salad.

Mar 09, 2011
cereme in Florida

where can I buy good stone ground grits?

Grits is a dish made from stone ground corn. Polenta is dish made from stone ground corn.

to buy "grits" in the store you need to see STONE GROUND on the label otherwise they are "Franken-Grits" and you don't want them.

You can usually buy stone ground corn at the local natural foods store in bulk. These make good Grits and are as good as any of the special order grits that I have found. They are course ground, usually, so you need to cook them a bit longer than stone ground from the store.

I have had the best luck with Dixie Lilly with stone ground on the label. but everyone carries the instant crap these days.

Everyone should be educating their grocer as to stone ground. At least carry one real "Grits" maker!!!

Mar 07, 2011
cereme in Southeast

Great Breakfast in Southwood!

I have eaten at Angelette's Cajun Kitchen in Southwood several times.

The Eggs ala Duane, the Bananas Foster French toast and the Shrimp and Grits have all been great.

The BF French Toast is the bomb! The best french toast I have been served in a restaurant probably ever.

The owners are a cook meets waitress love story, they both went on the manage the same restaurant and now have stepped out on their own.

Great, authentic Cajun and some really great breakfasts.

Mar 04, 2011
cereme in Florida

First visit to Sarasota and Tampa

By the water (BTW) Includes the Old Salty Dog on city island. Marina Jack Bar outside.
Both good for a lunch stop, sandwich and a beer and you sit just feet from the water. Marina jack has a valet.

Turtles on Siesta Key also waterfront and medium priced.

Higher end includes Michaels on East, Ophelia's, The Bijou, Roessler's Flight Deck.

The most consistently great food in Sarasota has been Italian: Cafe Amici, Mediteraneo, Cafe Baci and others, have been consistently great for years.

For Mexican the only place in town is El Toro Bravo on Stickney Point Rd. The owner is Reuben and his wife, you will meet them if you go there. Excellent salsa, rellenos, fajitas.

Bakeries you should visit are Ce'st la Vie on Main. They are a sidewalk cafe, serve breakfast and lunch, fresh croissant, baguettes, chocolate chip rolls and great coffee.

Paisano's Italian bakery has fantastic cookies, pignolis, corchidates, almond crescents and awesome biscotti. The cherry chocolate chip and the dried fruit are my favs.

Simon's on US 41/ Tamiami Trail is excellent for breakfast/ lunch.

Buddha Belly donuts on the corner of Main and US 301 supposedly has phenom donuts. I have never been but I have it from a reliable source.

So there is it tis, these are family-owned restaurants that have been consistently good for years (Buddha Belly is newer). I hope you enjoy your stay.

Cafe Baci
4001 S Tamiami Trl, Sarasota, FL 34231

Roessler's Restaurant
2033 Vamo Way, Sarasota, FL 34238

The Old Salty Dog
1601 Ken Thompson Pkwy, Sarasota, FL 34236

Marina Jack
2 Marina Plz, Sarasota, FL 34236

Mar 04, 2011
cereme in Florida

Staying in Reunion area, Orlando - Ideas Please

It is a little far but if you go towards cocoa beach i hear the Fat Snook is great for seafood plus.

Fat Snook
2464 S Atlantic Ave Ste A, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

Mar 04, 2011
cereme in Florida

Tallahassee, where is best Chinese?

!Bamboo house is gross. I had the mongolian beef last night and it was GREASY!

I read a review by a girl on this site yesterday and she said the same thing. she went twice and it was greasy both times.

Feb 25, 2011
cereme in Florida

More current Tallahassee restaurants

the head chef at Avenues at 115 Park Avenue in Tally, has a foreign name like Andre or something like that.

I had the Pepper Speckled Shrimp appetizer for $15.00. It is served like a Spanish Gambas Alijilo, except instead of garlic they used red pepper. Shrimp in an oil, butter and pepper sauce.

The shrimp were big and firm and slightly overcooked. I eat a lot of spicy food but for the average person they are probably too hot. I question why you would serve this and not at least offer a garlic version. Since no one else really seems to offer that dish anymore.

Anyway they have a great, served brunch saturday and sunday 9:30 to 2:30

Feb 24, 2011
cereme in Florida

Georgio's in Tallahassee

I had an attorney recommend this place to me. I have never eaten there (the one on Apalachee).

I referred a lady there who eats out all the time and she loved it. She had the surf and turf and thought it quite excellent. This was around the first of February, 2011.

I don't know if the other people are talking about the one on Thomasville road or not.

Feb 24, 2011
cereme in Florida

Looking for a bakery around Venice, FL

I like Paisano's in Sarasota on Stickney Point road.

they have great cookies and all kinds of other stuff, bread, italian deli items.

I love the pignolis, the chorchidates, and the almond crescents.

You can go to C'est La Vie on main street in sarasota for authentic croissant and french breads.

Feb 23, 2011
cereme in Florida

Any new places good in gainesville?

Miguel's Vintage Room is one of the top restaurants not around a long time. That is on Main street just south of University. I think they still have happy hour specials so you can try them out a little cheaper.

706 is good but been there a while. the Chop House has reopened on exit 390 in Gville and considered a top spot for steaks.

Mildred's may have gone down for whatever reason you think but I have continuously gotten the most cordial service every time I have gone. I have never been in love with the menu but the atmosphere and friendly, attentive staff have always brought me back.

Feb 23, 2011
cereme in Florida

Best of Sarasota's hidden gems

For Mexican the best in Sarasota is El Toro Bravo on Stickney Pt. Road. Rueben is the owner they came from New Mexico and do a great job.

It is a little hole in the wall place but the owner cooks and comes to greet you.

They do excellent rellenos, fajitas and salsa.

Feb 22, 2011
cereme in Florida

Missing Gusti's

I looks like it closed in that late 90's circa 98. There is a Gusti's restaurant supply in Ronoake, I don't know if it's any relation.

My boss and I went to Gusti's on a business trip. We didn't know anything about any restaurants. We ordered the Escargot in garlic cream sauce for an appetizer. It was the best damn Escargot I have had ever. We used French bread to mop up the sauce.

Never have I seen anything that good before or since. It had been a special so when we went back two years later we couldn't get it. But I will always remember.

Where to find jalapenos that are actually hot

I will say for the record if you want to find hot jalapeños, the best consistently hot ones I have found are La Victoria Hot Nacho Slices.

Yeah they come in a jar, with a light brine (Not real vinegary), many times still quite firm and always very hot.

You can buy them at the grocery store usually in the ethnic food section. If you don't see them ask your grocer.

If you look inside the rings you will many times see red and many seeds, like packing them in. These are what the hottest peppers have.

Feb 17, 2011
cereme in General Topics

Where to find jalapenos that are actually hot

Grow your own and let them ripen on the vine. Growers pick veggies green and then gas them to get them to change color. Jalapeños need to ripen on the vine. the longer they go the hotter and redder they get.

You cut a smokin hot jalapeño open and you see red and lots of seed density.

You can tell the hotter ones by the leathery skin and the tan "stripes" in the dark green. If you cut a really hot one you will see red. sometimes you will see red coming through green skin.

Store bought product does not get to "cook" on the vine and therefore jalapeños don't get a chance to build that heat.

If you want hot jalepenos find heirloom seeds and grow your own. I can eat habaneros from publix straight. My boss gave me some habbies off his bush at home. I made it into a sauce. If you just stuck the tip of a spoon in that sauce it would warm a bowl of chili.

You want hot. grow your own and let them ripen on the vine. Organic or heirloom seeds.

Feb 15, 2011
cereme in General Topics

Eat samples.. buy nothing.. is that bad/rude/stealing?

If you are legitimally shopping with the intention of buying then you are not obligated in the least to feel guilty or make a purchase.

I do the same thing at fresh market. Especially during the holidays when they have hot cider. Some days they are out of things, crowded etc. Other days i spend big money.

Jan 03, 2011
cereme in Not About Food

Ethnic Foods in coastal area north of St. Pete,.Clearwater, Tarpon, etc.

Years ago food network, travel channel etc would highlight ethnic restaurants and shops in the Tarpon Springs area and south.

Particularly around christmas time. There were eastern block or greek restaurants that made
holiday treats. One looked like profiteroles made into a christmas tree.

They were famous for it and shipped them all over the world.

There were others like that in that area. Ethnic communities where greek and other delicacies could be found.

I have not been able to find any of it on the web.

Dec 27, 2010
cereme in Florida

Good Tex-Mex in Tampa Bay?

It is nice to see El Toro Bravo in Sarasota make the list. This is still the best mexican in Sarasota.

Rueben was a successful restranteur in New Mexico for years before coming to south florida. He knows his chilies!

Dec 27, 2010
cereme in Florida

Ocala Eats


The best barbeque in Gainesville is at Dave's BBQ off exit 390 a few miles. Also Backyard BBQ in Newberry florida is good.

There is a brazilian steak house in Ocala called Ipanema which is is supposed to be very good. I believe it is all you care to eat and therefore not cheap.

The chop house for steaks right at exit 390 in Gville is a top place.

Cuban in Gville is at La Fortuna, according to several cubans I know, that is there favorite.

Mexican at Mexico Lindo at Archer Rd. and Tower Rd. in Gainesville is the best currently.

I know you said Ocala but Gville is close.

Good Luck

2023 S Pine Ave, Ocala, FL 34471

Mexico Lindo Restaurant
7070 SW Archer Rd, Gainesville, FL 32608

Dec 27, 2010
cereme in Florida

The Staff of Life

As I said in my original, I have not tried the bread. I buy the cookies and biscotti etc.

There is no bakery that is a master of all things. I said the pignolis the corchidates, and the biscotti are fantastic.

However october is the worst month of the year to go there. Traffic is way down and the product can tend to sit a little. I was dissapointed last time I went but again it was not the best time.

I would be very interested to hear from you or fishbreath what you thought the best bakery in sarasota is?

The best bread I have found in florida is at the Uppercrust in Gainesville. They also make many other wonderful things. Lemon butter tarts, peach chausson, cream scones. And they rock year round.

I have had new yorkers drive an hour to get to paisano's, bought a hundred bucks in cookies and almost had them eaten by the time they got home.

Once again I would really be interested what you find better? Hostess Twinkies?

Dec 27, 2010
cereme in Florida

The Staff of Life

OK Grunga,

You have on main street C'est La Vie, french bakery with breads, croissants and casual dining inside or on the sidewalk.

Pastry Art is also downtown but I am not sure of their bread selection.

Near the intersection of Clark/ Stickney Point Rd. (I block west) you have Paisano's. Arguably the best bakery on the planet. Try the pignolis or the corchidates. I have not had their bread but there cookies, biscottis! oh my god the cherry chocolate ship or the mixed fruit biscotti! heaven.

They do italian deli items and pizza by the slice also.

I am a foodie and a pastry hound and this is my bakery. Also in that strip mall is El Toro Bravo, the best mexican in Sarasota, the owner is Rueben, tell them Doug sent you.

Oct 13, 2010
cereme in Florida